Liverpool FC | Turning point in the corona test scandal – Klopp takes a stand

Liverpool FC attracted attention with a noticeable number of false positive tests. Apparently the “Reds” are not in trouble. That causes incomprehension among the league rivals.

The Carabao Cup game between Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC had to be postponed after a double-digit number of corona cases in the ranks of the Klopp team. In the end, however, it turned out that only one player was actually infected.

However, this high number of false positive tests cannot be statistically explained. Observers suspected that the “Reds” were cheating to get a break in the tight schedule. Therefore, Liverpool had to fear an investigation by the EFL, but as the “Sun” now reports, the top club is now in no trouble. The competition in England should not be happy with this decision.

Apparently, Liverpool relied on a different provider of the tests in the past week than is usual. Only the positive test result from Trent-Alexander Arnold was confirmed.

Liverpool: Head coach Jürgen Klopp takes a stand on the test chaos

At the press conference before the game against the Gunners (Thursday, 8:45 p.m.) head coach Jürgen Klopp commented on the controversial situation. “It was a positive test. If you then have the chance to do another test a day or a day and a half later and it is negative, you have to do a third one,” explained the 54-year-old and continued: “Between that We cannot use the players in the first and second, as well as the second and third tests. ”

According to Klopp’s statements, the club should have assumed that the first result was correct. These versions will probably not completely convince the competition.


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