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Anna Berreiter (GER)

Anna Berreiter takes a good lead towards Ivanova and with a good run her silver shouldn’t be taken away. But the track has spoiled the mood for so many here. But not riders! She’s doing really well again, gets through the difficult sections well and can’t believe her luck at the finish. Tears of joy flow as she rips the visor off her helmet. Silver is yours for sure!


Tatyana Ivanova (ROC)

Now it’s about the medals, because only starters are on top. Tatyana Ivanova starts. There’s a small mistake right away and she loses straight from her lead. With 0.353 seconds it goes into the last third. That should actually be enough and it’s enough! Ivanova struggles but pulls through 0.302 seconds and secures the medal. The joy is great and a loud scream echoes through the ice channel.


Hannah Prock (AUT)

After the third run, Hannah Prock is just behind the medal ranks. Nerves will also play a role here. At the start she still lacks strength and leaves something behind. She is initially able to maintain the lead over Egle, but in the last third she is at a disadvantage and falls behind her teammate by a hair’s breadth.


Lisa Schulte (AUT)

Lisa Schulte is the next Austrian. Her lead over her team-mate melted immediately and she was behind halfway down the track. She fights back great, but after contact with the gang she falls behind Egle again.


Madeleine Egle (AUT)

Madeleine Egle was considered the main competitor of German athletes before the Winter Olympics, but the track in Beijing has caused her some problems so far. With a good performance, however, the medal is still possible for them. A good and error-free ride succeeds and it passes Taubitz. But is that enough for a big attack on the top 3?


Eliza Tīruma (LAT)

Eliza Tīruma is seventh after three rounds. She also loses quickly in the direction of Taubitz and she goes into the last section with just 0.073 seconds. Will she be able to save the leadership? No! At eight thousandths, she falls behind the German by a hair’s breadth.


Verena Hofer (ITA)

Verena Hofer is the next Italian to start and her start time is also really good. But that doesn’t do her much good, because then comes the gang contact and crossers. She no longer has any speed and she is also falling back in the intermediate ranking. More than sixth place does not jump out.


Andrea Voetter (ITA)

Andrea Vötter has the best start time, but that doesn’t help her either and she is the next starter in the field, quickly using up her lead towards Taubitz. The run is good, but a blunder before the finish costs you again and she also falls behind Maag. Her expression of history shows that she is not entirely satisfied.


Natalie Maag (SUI)

Natalie Maag is the only Swiss woman to fight her way through tobogganing and was able to improve again in her third run. How are things going for you now? She has a decent start even if she is not one of the fastest. Your distance to Taubitz melts but unsurprisingly quickly. With second place in the end, she can look back on her performance with satisfaction. She clenches her fists on target and grins broadly at the cameras.


Kendija Aparjode (LAT)

Kendija Aparjode doesn’t have much to do against Taubitz. She keeps fighting with her sled and it doesn’t take long before the gap to the Germans is there. Aparjode missed the finish by 0.726 seconds.


Julia Taubitz (GER)

Of course, Julia Taubitz’s turn in the final run is much too early for her taste. After her fall in the second run, she now has to put in a good run and shake off yesterday’s disappointment. And she succeeds! With a time of 58.358 she shows another decent time. This means that the attack towards the top ten could at least still be possible.


Trinity Ellis (CAN)

Trinity Ellis gets through the top better than the athletes before her, but then comes the combination of curves that has spoiled the mood for so many female lugers. She climbs back onto the sled, but the lead is gone and she also falls behind Farquharson.


Elina Ieva Vitola (LAT)

Farquharson has already overtaken two athletes and Vitola won’t be able to stop her either. The young athlete really hits the top and has no chance of picking up speed. After the blunder, she falls back to fifth place by 1.7 seconds.


Natalie Corless (CAN)

Natalie Corless is the next of three young Canadians in the final. She is tender 18 years old. Like Zöggeler before her, Corless made the big mistake early on and from then on had trouble closing the gap again. But that’s almost impossible on this track. With a deficit of 0.848 seconds, it falls back to third place.


Nina Zoeggeler (ITA)

Her father is one of the greats in this sport. Daughter Nina has her problems shortly after the start and the lead over the American is already gone. Now she has to show a sparkling clean ride to get anything out of it. But nothing works and there is more and more backlog. She crosses the finish line 0.577 seconds behind.


Ashley Farquharson (USA)

Ashley Farquharson isn’t the fastest at the start, but can easily maintain her lead over the Canadian and continues to increase it over her run. At her first Olympic Winter Games, she sets a new best time in the fourth run and so she is really happy with her performance in the end. She was 1.1 seconds ahead of Hodgson.


Makena Hodgson (CAN)

Is Makena Hodgson coming through better now? After two falls in front of her, things aren’t easy for the Canadian, of course, but she’s doing a good job and, apart from one major mistake, the ride was decent. At the finish you can see the joy of the success. With a big smile, she tucks the sled under her arms.


Aileen Fresh (KOR)

Aileen Frisch should not be unknown to many, after all she started for Germany until 2015. After she briefly ended her sporting career, she has been at the start for South Korea since 2017. For them, too, it’s about preparing again for the relay and getting to know the track again. And she too nails it in the curve combination 13/14! Luckily she pulls herself together again, but the mistake will not have given her confidence.


Tove Kohala (SWE)

Tove Kohala of Sweden starts in heat four. Like many of the first athletes, her big goal was to make it into the top 20. Everything else is now primarily an encore. The 21-year-old starts really well, but then she slips off the sled! Luckily nothing happened and she gets through the timekeeping with her device, which gives her at least one result.


20 starters in the fourth run

After the third run, the field of lugers was reduced to the 20 best athletes of the competition. In the last run, the races will be run in reverse order of the list of results. This means that the worst athlete starts before Geisenberger, who is currently the leader, finishes the race.


Maag wants to keep top ten

Lone fighter Natalie Maag had fought her way up to tenth place in the third run. A position she is certainly keen to maintain, as a top ten result would be a good result for Maag in her first Winter Games.


Even Egle already knocked off

Madeleine Egle was treated as the big competitor of the German lugers, but the Austrian is already far behind after a fall in her first run. She starts the last run from position six. Before the big decision, the best Austrian is Hannah Prock, who may still be able to attack in the direction of bronze. Lisa Schulte is a good fifth.


Taubitz has to bury medals

Julia Taubitz experienced a difficult day yesterday. The 25-year-old, who was considered one of the top favorites and had been in the lead in the first run, fell in the second run and slipped face down through the finish line. With a gap of more than a second, the chance of a medal was gone.


Also Berreiter good at it

With Anna Berreiter, a second German is very high in the medal course. After three runs, Berreiter is in second place, 0.330 seconds behind Geisenberger. Tatyana Ivanova of the ROC is currently third with a respectable distance of 0.826 seconds.


German female lugers in the role of favourites

Since the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, the gold medal in the women’s singles has always gone to Germany. So it’s no wonder that the favorites come from the German team again today. The top candidate is Natalie Geisenberger, who won the individual gold medal at the last two winter games. She leads the classification after three runs and set the new course record in the third run.


Warm welcome!

Welcome to the live ticker of the women’s luge decision at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games. At 2:35 p.m. the decisive fourth run begins!


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