Live ticker – (Winter Olympics – Pursuit (12.5 km) 2022)


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12:20 p.m

Triathlon for Bronze!

Behind Fillon Maillet, three athletes rejoin the track at almost the same time and fight for the two remaining medals. Eduard Latypov goes out again after a mistake together with Tarjei Bø and Lukas Hofer. Nothing comes after that for a long time!


Fillon Maillet on course for gold!

Is that strong! Quentin Fillon Maillet starts shooting first, putting pressure on Latypov and knocking out all five targets! The athlete of the Russian Olympic Committee reacts promptly with a mistake and has to go into the round. Gold for France is almost certain!


duel for gold

Eduard Latypov is next to Quentin Fillon Maillet! Together, the two come to the last shooting and now duel for gold!

12:15 p.m

All Germans in the top 16

The podium is out of reach but as a team Germany are doing a solid job. Behind Roman Rees (6th), Benedikt Doll is ninth despite four shooting errors, Philipp Nawrath is 13th, Johannes Kühn is 16th.


Leitner best Austrian

After Simon Eder now has two tickets in his account, Felix Leitner (1 mistake) is currently the best ÖSV athlete in 19th position. Simon Stalder is the best Swiss in 24th place.


A mistake by Rees

Pity! Roman Rees doesn’t have good conditions either and books his first mistake. Nevertheless, he remains in a good sixth place. With a deficit of over a minute and a half to Fillon Maillet, Latypov and Hofer, all of whom had no mistakes, precious metal should no longer be an issue.


Fillon Maillet and Latypov pull away

What bad luck for Johannes Thingnes Bø! As soon as the Norwegian has finished shooting, the wind dies down completely and the following athletes have much better conditions. Quentin Fillon Maillet and Eduard Latypov riveted all the windows and went back on track as the leaders. Hofe and Tarjei Bø follow half a minute behind, Johannes Thingnes Bø is a minute behind!

12:09 p.m

Three penalties for Bø!

Strong gusts of wind sweep the mats as Johannes Thingnes Bø tackles his shooting. The Norwegian waits a long time, but still fires three times wide! That’s 450 extra meters for the leader.

12:08 p.m

Bø expands again

Johannes Thingnes Bø extended his lead again on the track. The Norwegian can now afford another penalty loop against Fillon Maillet. If the wind is currently blowing into the stadium again, there could be a few more tickets in standing. This is going to be really exciting!


Rees clean again!

Roman Rees is now the DSV ski hunter with the best chance of winning a medal! The 28-year-old shoots again zero errors and is now sixth! However, the gap to bronze is still a minute. Benedikt Doll also remains flawless this time and follows in eighth place. Nawrath and Kühn are in positions 22 and 23 after misses.


Latypov on bronze course

Of course, the rest of the field has also caught up a lot. After another spotless shooting session, ROC athlete Eduard Latypov is still in third place and is just over half a minute behind. Behind them are Tarjei Bø and the Italian Lukas Hofer, who has been shooting very well so far.


It’s getting exciting again

In the second prone, Bø seems to be taking things a bit too quickly, missing the first two shots. But then the Norwegian realigns himself and hits the next three. Fillon Maillet took advantage of the moment and closed the gap on the leading Norwegian with five goals, up to 12.7 seconds.


Bø runs his own race

Johannes Thingnes Bø runs a lonely and strong race in front. On the second round, the Norwegian continues to increase his lead over the competition. He comes to the second shooting with a lead of almost a minute.


No errors

Simon Eder started with five goals and made up a few places. The Austrian ranks 14th.


Doll shoots himself out, Rees hits everything

Benedikt Doll made another false start and missed two targets while lying down. He falls back to 18th place and is now a minute behind bronze. The best German is now Roman Rees in ninth place after a clean shooting session. Johannes Kühn also got through cleanly and improved from 33rd to 16th place. Philipp Nawrath (1 error) is in 21st place.


Miss Festival!

Quentin Fillon Maillet also comes through clean and gives chase, 41 seconds back. After that, however, there is nothing for a long time! All pursuers sometimes miss several targets at the same time and so ROC athlete Latypov starts the round in third place, 40 seconds behind Fillon Maillet.


First shooting

Bø is at the shooting range! The wind flags are blowing properly, and the snow is flying over the system. The Norwegian turns the diopter slightly, takes his time and fires all five shots into the target! The first step to the third gold has been taken.


Bø starts strong

Johannes Thingnes Bø puts his foot down again on the first lap and extends his lead over Quentin Fillon Maillet by eight seconds over the first 1.5 kilometers.


Doll with strong comrades-in-arms

Benedikt Doll is also surrounded by very strong colleagues on the first lap. The German is traveling with Norwegian Sturla Holm Lægreid, Émilien Jacquelin from France and Anton Smolski from Belarus.


Two duos

Behind the leader and closest pursuer Quentin Fillon Maillet, two duos could make common ground on the first lap. Tarjei Bø and Maxim Tsvetkov as well as the Swedes Samuelsson and Ponsiluoma will start their journey almost at the same time.


Here we go!

The starting signal has been given and Johannes Thingnes Bø has set off in the snow. Will the Norwegian remain the big dominator of these games and take his third gold?

11:40 a.m

difficult conditions

With four shooting bouts – twice prone and twice standing – over only 12.5 kilometers, the rankings in the pursuer are usually mixed up. If you also consider that fresh snow and wind are currently making the conditions difficult, you can expect a lot of drama at the shooting range. Even athletes who are further behind can certainly catapult themselves far ahead with good shooting results today.


Switzerland without Weger

Switzerland has to do without top man Benjamin Weger today. After yesterday’s sprint (53rd) didn’t work at all, the 32-year-old retired for the pursuer in order to at least be fit for the relay on Tuesday. After a solid sprint from position 27, Sebastian Stalder left the track as the best Swiss, 1:48 minutes behind Johannes Thingnes Bø. Also in this pursuer are Niklas Hartweg (37./+2:05 min.) and Joscha Burkhalter (45./+2:28 min.).


The best Austrian

The Austrians didn’t have their best day in the sprint either. The experienced Simon Eder ended up in 18th place with a shooting error and is now 1:27 minutes behind the leader in the cross-country ski run. Felix Leitner will start from position 46 with a time of 2:33 minutes. The ÖSV can’t muster any more, since David Komatz and Patrick Jakob missed out on the top 60 in yesterday’s sprint and are not allowed to start in the pursuit.


Doll has the podium in view

Best German in the sprint was Benedikt Doll. The 31-year-old could even have fought for a medal if he hadn’t made what he called a “careless” shooting error. With a gap of almost half a minute to the bronze rank, that should definitely be possible today, especially since there are four shots in the pursuer. Roman Rees starts the race as the second DSV Skijäger from position 17, 1:24 minutes behind the leaders. In addition, Philipp Nawrath (22./+1:43 min.) and Johannes Kühn (33./+1:53 min.)


Bø alone in the field

The absolute top favorite for gold is Johannes Thingnes Bø. The Norwegian, who has already won three medals in these games, was unbeatable in the sprint and is 26 seconds ahead of Frenchman Quentin Fillon Maillet. In terms of skating, Bø was the measure of all things again after a mixed season and could even afford to make one or two misses in this pursuer and still fight for the medals. His brother Tarjei in third (+0:39 minutes), Maxim Tsvetkov (ROC, +0:41 minutes) and the two Swedes Sebastian Samuelsson (+0:52 minutes) and Martin Ponsiluoma (+0:54 minutes) also have good chances of precious metal.


Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to the next biathlon decision at the Beijing Olympics! At 11:45 a.m., the men will be fighting for gold, silver and bronze in the 12.5 km pursuit.



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