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Can Johaug shoot that again?

Can Therese Johaug turn the race again? At 8.6 kilometers, she was able to significantly reduce her gap to Niskanen again. For her part, Katharina Hennig has just crossed the finish line and is ahead of her teammate Sauerbrey, who is aiming for a top result again today.


Pärmäkoski loses mightily

Krista Pärmäkoski comes through at 8.6 kilometers and now loses again clearly to Johaug. In the direction of Hennig, she has a lead of almost ten seconds. Maybe too much for Hennig to attack for medals…


Nepryaeva loses

Natalia Nepryaeva started the race quickly, but now she clearly loses to her competitors and has to place just behind Niskanen and Johaug at 3.6 kilometers.


Niskanen stays in front

Kerttu Niskanen also has Johaug under control at 6.8 kilometers. She is 10.1 seconds ahead of the Norwegian superstar. The Swedes don’t play a role at the moment. Teresa Stadlober from Austria is also too far away to be able to do anything.


Sauerbrey in goal

Katherine Sauerbrey has crossed the finish line and with a time of 29.27.2 minutes the German is now at the top.


Johaug loses mightily!

Kerttu Niskanen, for her part, can really catch up to Johaug in the direction of the 6.3 kilometers. She took eleven seconds from the Norwegian. That’s a big surprise!


Vasilieva leads at the finish

At the finish, it is currently Vasilieva who leads the list of results. She is 27.8 seconds ahead of Browne. Fräbel is more than a minute behind.


Johaug leaves it

Therese Johaug lets it lie again. Compared to Katharina Hennig, she missed a few seconds when taking the time at 6.3 kilometers. Hennig is only 16.1 seconds away.


Nepryaeva with a quick start

Natalia Nepryaeva seems to want to shwo everyone today! The athlete from the Russian Olympic team takes first place at 1.8 kilometers with a whopping 7.7 seconds.


Swedes don’t bite yet

The Swedes have not yet stabbed at the first time taking. At 1.8 kilometers Ebba Andersson is 8.3 seconds behind the leader, Karlsson is eleven seconds behind.


Niskanen stay tuned

While Krista Pärmäkoski is now clearly behind Johaug at five kilometers, Kerttu Niskanen is still very close to the Norwegian. She is only 0.6 seconds behind Johaug.


First athlete to finish

Cendrine Browne of Canada is the first to complete the 10K with a time of 31:47:9. But she probably won’t hold her lead for long, as there were many in the first group who were doing better.


Hennig at five kilometers

Katharina Hennig has already completed five kilometers and is quite clearly behind Therese Johaug with 22.8 seconds. It won’t be easy if the German medal is to work out.


Johaug is making up ground

At the time mark of 3.6 kilometers, Therese Johaug made up ground in the direction of the Finnish runners. Pärmäkoski falls behind them, Niskanan is at the same time.


Ensign has done half

Nadine Fähndrich from Switzerland is halfway through her race and is sixth at five kilometers. Sauerbrey continues to lead the race here.


Unterweger in the race

With Lisa Unterweger, the second Austrian has started the race over the ten kilometers. After her, the last favorite Natalia Nepryaeva will go to the ten kilometers.


Stadlober sets out

Teresa Stadlober managed the big surprise with bronze in the skiathlon, but the Austrian is still stacking low for today and is aiming for a result among the top 6. It won’t be long before Ebba Andersson and Frida Karlsson come from Sweden.


Narrow distances between the favorites

Meanwhile, there are narrow gaps between the favorites and, somewhat surprisingly, it is not Johaug who runs everything into the ground. At 1.8 kilometers Niskanen and Pärmäkoski are in the lead and Sorina is ahead of Johaug.


Sauerbrey at five kilometers

Katherine Sauerbrey has completed five kilometers and is still doing well for her. She is 6.8 seconds ahead of her first competitor. Sure, there are many more to come. But a good result is still possible for them.


Johaug submits, Finland counters

Therese Johaug takes the lead from Hennig at 1.8 kilometers. But she is not a pure dominator so far. The two runners from Finland put the pressure on and sat ahead of them at the first split time.


Hennig takes the lead

Katharina Hennig, for her part, came through at 1.8 kilometers and took over the intermediate lead with 1.7 seconds. At 3.6 kilometers there is also a German lead: Katherine Sauerbrey has taken first place there.


Fräbel is halfway done

Antonia Fräbel has completed half of her race, but it is already clear that a good result will probably not come to fruition today. She is 37 seconds behind Lilia Vasilieva, who is leading there.


More and more favorites along the way

More and more favorites are currently setting out and starting their cross-country skiing over the ten kilometers. The two Finns Krista Pärmäkoski and Kerttu Niskanen started last.


Sauerbrey at 1.8 kilometers through

Katherine Sauerbrey has meanwhile come through at 1.8 kilometers and is in third position. She is 6.2 seconds behind the leading Japanese Ishida.


Johaug starts

The suspense curve slowly rises here and more and more of the best athletes are on the track. With Therese Johaug, one of the top favorites is going for gold!


Catherine Hennig started

Now it applies to the greatest hope in the team of German cross-country skiers. Katharina Hennig usually does well in the classic technique and was able to convince with third place at the start of the season. Is it going just as well for the DSV starter today?


Swiss duo knocked off

The Swiss duo with Kälin and Weber currently has little chance to intervene in front, even though the best athletes are not yet on the road. Fräbel is already clearly behind. At 3.6 kilometers you are missing more than 30 seconds.


Ensign in the race

Nadine Fähndrich is the third and last Swiss woman to take on the demanding route. A result far ahead is not really possible, but Fähndrich might be able to aim for the top ten.


Marcisz takes the lead

Poland’s Izabela Marcisz makes a change at the top of the first splits. She took 5.7 seconds from Vasilieva at 1.8 kilometers. But she will not be a favorite for the top places either.


DSV duo on the cross-country ski run

Katherine Sauerbrey convinced with a great result in the skiathlon and once again showed her talent as 13th. Even today, a result in this area should be possible for them again. Immediately after her, Laura Gimmler will be the next German athlete to take to the track.


Vasilieva leads at 1.8 kilometers

Lilia Vasilieva is the one currently leading the pack at 1.8K. She leads 7.5 seconds ahead of Katerina Janatová from the Czech Republic. Antonia Fräbel is third here. You are missing eleven seconds. Anja Weber is already clearly behind and is 31 seconds behind the leader.


Nadja Kälin in the race

With Nadja Kälin, the next Swiss woman has gone on the track. For them, too, the main thing today is to gain experience and get as much out of it as possible. A place in the top 30 would already be a great achievement.


First split times

The first athletes have passed the first time measurement at 1.3 kilometers. Masae Tsuchiya of Japan tops the list. But the best athletes haven’t even started yet.


First DSV starter starts

With Antonia Fräbel, the first athlete from the German team has meanwhile also taken to the track. They are aiming for a top 20 result, if a medal jumped out it would be a big surprise.


First Swiss in the race

With Anja Weber, the first athlete from Switzerland has started the ten kilometers. At the age of 20, Weber still has most of her career ahead of her and so far she can only look back on a start in the World Cup. The main thing today is to gain experience.


The conditions

The conditions in Zhangjiakou are not easy for the athletes today either. The temperatures are below zero and the wind is still unpleasant. There will certainly be a lot of people running outside of the tracks where the wind collects the dull snow.


The race is on!

Valeriya Tyuleneva from Kazakhstan is the first athlete to take on the challenging course. A total of 98 starters are at the start today, each starting at an interval of 30 seconds. The first cross-country skiers from the extended circle of favorites will have their turn in about 15 minutes.


The Swiss team

The Swiss women are not among the favorites over the ten kilometers today. The team is led by Nadine Fähndrich, for whom a place in the top ten would already be a top result. In addition to her, Anja Weber and Nadja Kälin are two young athletes in the squad who so far have had little experience at the highest level of competition.


Duo from Austria

Teresa Stadlober already has a bronze medal in her pocket and that takes the pressure off. Stadlober has aimed for a result among the top 6 for today. Next to her, Lisa Unterweger is at the start today, but she is not one of the top runners and will be competing for a result among the top 30.


What’s up for Hennig?

Katharina Hennig will at least be among the extended group of favorites today. The German was able to finish on the podium in this distance at the start of the season in Ruka and, as is well known, always feels comfortable in the classic technique. After her great performance in the skiathlon, it will be interesting to see what Katherine Sauerbrey can deliver again today, even though she is more at home in free technique. For their part, Laura Gimmler and Antonia Fräbel are certainly also aiming for a good result, even if they are not among the favorites for the medals.


Johaug strikes again?

After Therese Johaug’s strong performance in the skiathlon, the Norwegian is of course again the big favorite in the fight for gold. Besides her, Frida Karlsson from Sweden as well as Ebba Andersson and Natalia Nepryayeva will calculate a lot for today’s competition. Also of note is Kettu Niskanen from the Finnish team.


Warm welcome!

Hello and welcome to the next medal decision for the cross-country skiers. From 8:00 a.m., gold, silver and bronze will be fought over the ten kilometers in the classic technique.


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