Live ticker VfL Wolfsburg – SpVgg Greuther Fürth (Bundesliga 2021/2022, 21st matchday)



Goal scorer Vranckx grabs a free kick and tries it directly from the left 25 meters. The ball goes a little too high on the second floor and only hits the safety net behind Burchert.



Not that much comes from VfL just before the break. As did the fans in the stands. Gerhardt can speed up a counterattack in midfield and hits a far too long through ball on the left side.



The Lower Saxony now leave the pill to the Fürthern and wait a little longer. Can the bottom of the table think of something?



Good phase of the Fürth! Stefan Leitl’s eleven put more pressure on the offensive and thus also forced the first mistakes in the VfL defence. With a cloverleaf corner from the right, Lacroix and Co. are back on the spot and head the ball out safely.



No problem for Casteels: Hrgota takes the free kick and hits the ball flat under the wall to the right corner. Casteels is immediately down and throws himself on the leather.



Good free kick chance for the guests! After a mistake by Gerhardt, Leweling walks through the backcourt and is briefly pushed to the ground by Arnold. Free kick from central 25 meters.



In this scene, it was Franks who followed up well several times and kept the ball in the danger zone.



Now the Fürth are storming! Asta raises the alarm down the right side and levers the ball in front of Casteels. After Wolfsburg’s first clearing action, Leweling swings to the right and swings the ball in the middle of the goal and against Casteels’ fists!



Good flank! Kruse leads the ball on the left wing and raises his head shortly before his cross. A cross follows in the middle of the five, which Vranckx catches with his head and heads into Burchert’s arms with a little too little pressure.



focused. Quiet. Involved. This is how VfL showed up in the final for “everyone involved” and deservedly have a 1-0 lead against Greuther Fürth. Certainly not a football festival, but very important for VfL.



Arnold gets stuck! The VfL veteran sees a free ball in front of the edge of the sixteen and immediately takes a long-range shot. Fürth’s defense throws itself in and blocks in time. The game is currently babbling along and Wolfsburg are still the better team.



The guests stay in the VfL half for the time being and at least get a corner after a free kick from the left. However, Wolfsburg’s Brooks has the airspace in front of Casteels under control and clears his head.



There was more in it! After the second corner from Wolfsburg, Dudziak intervened and was suddenly able to counterattack. The Fürth start running, but miss a good shot because of a bad pass from Dudziak. Leweling was completely blank on the right backcourt.



The cloverleaf makes it into the front third again and sends a dangerous cross from the right into the penalty area via Asta. There, Willems hangs up for Tilman, who then completely warps and almost hits the corner flag with his long-range shot.



The game system at VfL also looks much better in terms of combinations. The passes come through and give Wolves’ midfield a lot more calm than in previous games.



Wolfsburg won’t give up. The Kohfeldt team controls events and also wins the important duels in midfield. Fürth has a hard time with the aggressive and willing wolves.



The Wolfsburg go first and remain dominant. The guests from Franconia also want to play, but are currently lacking the necessary pass sharpness.



This is how VfL coach Florian Kohfeldt should have imagined the initial phase. His wolves are immediately energetic and work the ball into the goal together when it’s 1-0. How does the bottom of the table from Fürth react?



Tooor for VfL Wolfsburg, 1:0 by Aster Vranckx

The wolves with the early lead! VfL aggressively followed up in the Fürth penalty area and thanks to Kruse’s efforts remained in the danger zone. Shortly thereafter, Steffen shoots from the left with force to the long corner and kicks the post. Vranckx is free in front of the goal and dusts from a short distance!



The shamrock also plays forward! Leweling sprints into the gap on the left in the sixteen and fails from a sharp angle at Casteels’ foot save!



The first cross! Steffen prevails on the left side and brings the ball high and far into the sixteen. At the left post, Viergever clears the wind at the last moment.



In terms of sport, the duel between the 16th and 18th starts off rather calmly. The hosts grab the ball first and slowly find their way in with a few passes in midfield.



The mood in Wolfsburg is not so bad given the low capacity utilization. The 500 make a lot of noise in the stands.



The basement duel is on! In the final, VfL wears its green home jersey for Coach Kohfelt and meets Fürth in light blue.


It’s about to start! In Wolfsburg the wolves are already howling and asking the teams to come out. According to the Lower Saxony Corona Ordinance, 500 spectators are allowed to be there live in the Volkswagen Arena and are already busy warming up.


In addition to Max Kruse, the second winter newcomer, Jonas Wind, is also celebrating his debut with the Wolves. In addition, Vranckx and Gerhardt return to the starting eleven in midfield.


In terms of personnel, Stefan Leitl has to do without right-back Marco Meyerhöfer today, who tested positive for the corona virus. Simon Asta steps in as a substitute. In goal, Leit continues to rely on regular keeper Sascha Burchert and not on new signing Andreas Linde from Sweden.


The revived Greuther Fürth also wants to put in a good performance again. The bottom of the table with the cloverleaf in their emblem has now been unbeaten in four Bundesliga games and celebrated their second win of the season with a 2-1 home win against Mainz 05 on the last day of the game. Thanks to the improvement in form in recent weeks, the relegation of the Franconians is again a bit more in the realm of the imaginable and achievable: If Fürth wins the crisis duel at VfL today, the cloverleaf would reduce the gap to Wolfsburg and relegation rank 16 to at least eight points. Coach Stefan Leitl is celebrating his three-year anniversary as a cloverleaf coach today and of course wants three points to celebrate the day: “We want to confirm the form of the last few weeks,” said Leitl. Does the Fürth give their coach the away win?


New winter signing Max Kruse, who is directly in the starting XI of Lower Saxony after moving from Union Berlin to VfL, should also help with this today. “He will definitely appear from the start,” Kohfeldt announced openly a few days ago. For Kruse it is already the second commitment in Wolfsburg (2015-2016) and also under coach Florian Kohfeldt, both know and appreciate each other from Bremen times. “Max can absolutely deal with pressure,” Kohfeldt is certain. “He will do well!”


For the troubled VfL Wolfsburg, the most important game of the season so far takes place tonight. After eleven games without a win, the Wolves finally want to score three points again in the home game against Greuther Fürth and start the trend reversal with a win against the bottom of the table. VfL coach Florian Kohfeldt is self-confident before the “final for everyone involved” proclaimed by manager Jörg Schmadtke and continues to believe in his team: “We will leave the pitch as winners,” Kohfeldt promised VfL fans at the press conference.

Welcome to the game VfL Wolfsburg – SpVgg Greuther Fürth! The live ticker of the game from the 21st match day of the Bundesliga starts in good time before kick-off.


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