Live ticker VfL Osnabrück – MSV Duisburg (3rd division 2022/2023, 1st matchday)



Robert Tesche heads a Kleinhansl free kick from the left half field from ten meters to the short corner. Vincent Müller has to stretch!



A good half hour has been played, and the game doesn’t really pick up speed any further. Osnabrück seems to be slowly but surely regaining control of the game after the interim MSV urge phase.



After a long break in treatment, VfL continues with a corner kick, but the third cross from the right corner flag also remains without profit.



On the other side, Ba-Muaka Simakala suddenly stops in the sixteen. There is definitely a contact. If there were VAR in the 3rd division, Patrick Hanslbauer might be asked to come back to the screen.



Duisburg remains in forward gear. Kühn can only fend off a high ball from the center line to Omar Traoré with difficulty.



Suddenly the chance to lead the MSV! Marvin Ajani plays a great through ball to the top. Marvin Bakalorz gets bogged down, but Aziz Bouhaddouz comes rushing in from behind and forces Philipp Kühn to make the first real save from a tight angle!



After all, Alaa Bakir gets a free kick from the right flank. The native of Münster then gets a cross, but Philipp Kühn catches the ball safely.



Once again, Osnabrück calmly builds up its own attack from within its own half. Duisburg doesn’t seem to know exactly where to get the ball.



At the start of the new season, not everything is going according to plan. Niklas Kölle crosses the sidelines and gets whistled the wrong throw-in.



The goal was rightly disallowed. The great direct acceptance of Simakala was decisively deflected by Erik Engelhardt, who was just offside.



Ba-Muaka Simakala scores a dream goal but it doesn’t count! The 25-year-old takes a cross from the right directly with a side pull. The stadium is upside down, the goal is already noted on the scoreboard. But Patrick Hanslbauer probably decides on a dangerous game!



Osnabrück can calmly build up from behind. Duisburg only runs after a quarter of an hour and does not get access.



Aziz Bouhaddouz has to work far back and holds off Ba-Muaka Simakala. The fouled man steps in himself from 20 meters and forces Vincent Müller to make a first strong save with a half-height flick past the wall on the right!



VfL gets the second corner of the game on the right. The cross is intercepted again, but the purple and white keep the ball.



Football is hardly played in the first ten minutes. The home side continue to have the somewhat better approaches.



Yellow card for Moritz Stoppelkamp (MSV Duisburg)

Patrick Hanslbauer takes his time, but finally warns the MSV captain.



It stays hot. Now Leandro Putaro goes down in a duel with Moritz Stoppelkamp, ​​you should have given yellow there too.



Sebastian Mai

Yellow card for Sebastian Mai (MSV Duisburg)

The new head of defense of the zebras picks up the yellow box early. With another throw-in, the native of Dresden unnecessarily brings a second ball into the game.



It gets hot for the first time. Maxwell Gyamfi shoves his opponent into the rink, but it continues with a throw-in.



Osnabrück immediately tries to take control of the game. The first corner of the new season jumps out in the first minute of the game, but this does not bring any profit.



Patrick Hanslbauer blows the whistle, Duisburg kicks off! The Zebras are wearing a special jersey today in honor of the club’s 120th anniversary.


Before kick-off, of course, there will be a minute’s silence for Uwe Seeler. The HSV legend died yesterday at the age of 85.


Both teams are playing with completely new central defenses compared to the previous season. Paterson Chato and Maxwell Gyamfi form the center of defense on the Osnabrück side, while Sebastian Mai and Marvin Senger defend inside at MSV. It will be interesting to see who the duel of the defense chains goes to.


The quite stocky third division trophy is carried across the square and lifted onto the pedestal. The teams are coming in soon. The anticipation is huge!


In the run-up to the season, VfL reported a new club record with 5,000 season tickets sold. 13,000 tickets for today’s game have already been sold in advance, the Bremer Bridge is, as expected, sold out.


In addition to Tesche, the home side have four other newcomers in the starting XI in young defender Maxwell Gyamfi, former Cottbuser and Rostocker Erik Engelhardt, former loser Leandro Putaro and Türkgücü signing Paterson Chato. New faces at MSV are goalkeeper Vincent Müller, long-time Dresdner Sebastian Mai, Hoffenheim II access Niklas Kölle and former Lauterer Marvin Senger.


But of course there are a lot of new faces to see at the start of the season. The king transfer at VfL is the long-standing Bundesliga player and England legionnaire Robert Tesche. “MSV certainly did worse in the table last season than one could have expected. The team has good quality players, but we have the ambition to win the opening game,” said the 35-year-old a few days ago on record.


This time Covid has struck again, the two VfL defenders Maurice Trapp and Yigit Karademir have tested positive and are in isolation. Timo Beermann will also miss the start of the season after breaking his ankle, Davide Itter is out with glandular fever. Rolf Feltscher (internal ligament injury), Leroy Kwadwo (hip) as well as Julian Hettwer and Phillip König (both in advanced training) are not on the Duisburg side.


A year ago, both teams should have opened the past season. At that time, however, the corona virus threw a spanner in the works for the zebras. The game had to be postponed by three and a half weeks, then MSV won 1-0.


Have a nice evening and welcome to the start of the new third division season! VfL Osnabrück and MSV Duisburg meet at the Bremen Bridge. At 7 pm it starts!

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