Live Ticker Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier (Wimbledon Women 2022, Quarterfinals)


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 2: 4

In the last three games, Maria has scored more points overall – she can slowly but surely bring the ball back more often and wait for Niemeier’s mistakes.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 2: 4

After the volley, which was just as hectic off the field, this forehand winner is cheered loudly from the air to his advantage. When it came to the ball, the Dortmund player then benefited from a mistake made by Maria.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 2: 3

Or are there still chances of a break here? First Niemeier places a forehand volley unnecessarily risky next to the sideline and is wrong in her challenge, then she chases a forehand to the edge of the net. Two unnecessary mistakes by Niemeier, debut.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 2: 3

However, two unforced mistakes made by Maria quickly dashed these hopes. A point gain thanks to a strong longline forehand is possible, after that Niemeier puts it at 40:15.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 2: 3

As of now, that one break early in this match makes all the difference. Although Maria was able to start the last return game, she has not yet earned a breakball. That would certainly do her good.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 2: 3

Two consecutive return errors bring Maria the 2:3 connection after games.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 1:3

Niemeier’s counterattack is tough: Forehand longline, she overcomes Maria, who has run in front, with a great passing ball.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 1:3

With the duration of the match and stronger rallies, Maria is now becoming more courageous, goes to the net after two well-placed shots from the baseline and can pepper two smashes past Niemeier. 30:0.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 1:3

Jule Niemeier has been incredibly strong on the net so far, going ahead for the eleventh time in the ongoing duel and then scoring the point for the eighth time. Having hit a smashwinner before, she wins her service game and makes it 3-1.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 1:2

Niemeier leaves one ball unused and makes the fourth double fault in this match! The 22-year-old has to lower this rate significantly.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 1:2

Serve and volley! Jule Niemeier moves to the outside after the next strong serve and plays the backhand volley briefly cross into Maria’s empty field.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 1:2

The DTB youth hope quickly corrects these mistakes, first chasing a service winner to the outside and equalizing with a forehand winner cross to 30:30.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 1:2

Niemeier shows nerves here for the first time, serves four times in a row – two double faults. 0:30.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 1:2

And Tatjana Maria, trained by her husband Charles Édouard Maria, finally uses this third ball or she benefits from an unforced error by Niemeier, who puts a forehand behind the baseline.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 0:2

Maria slices the ball quite short, which pushes her opponent to the net. But Maria finds a gap with a longline forehand slice. Niemeier stretches in vain and can only touch the yellow felt ball uncontrollably. Advantage for Tatjana Maria.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 0:2

The first ace of the match is followed by Maria’s first double fault.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 0:2

After a second service winner to the advantage, Maria puts a forehand lob just off the side of the field. Debut again.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 0:2

Maria equalizes, but seconds later has to accept the loss of points at 30:40 after a forehand that was too wide. A breakball for Niemeier, which the experienced of the two fends off with a service winner.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 0:2

Niemeier’s strong footwork is frustrating for Tatjana Maria at the beginning. Because well-distributed shots do not embarrass Niemeier, after a volley winner from Maria from the south of Germany, she slams two well-placed passing shots onto the lawn to make it 15:0 and takes the lead again in the return game.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 0:2

But the game is not over yet, double faults by Dortmund’s Niemeier. With a great encircled forehand as an inside-out winner, she then makes it 2-0.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 0: 1

It’s not just Niemeier’s brilliant start that puts her in the lead straight away. Maria also makes sure that she gives up a few points too easily with her own mistakes. The return isn’t there yet and a viable backhand pass lands longline on the edge of the net. 40:15 for Niemeier.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 0: 1

The early break for the young talent! Maria barely brings the first serve into the field, Niemeier can immediately unpack her powerful punches and thus defuse Maria’s slices. One point goes to the 34-year-old, and Niemeier uses the second breakball.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 0:0

The only point remains: Niemeier finds his way into the match and can return Maria’s services (there hasn’t been a first serve yet). Because Maria makes a slice mistake and she hits a smash winner, among other things, it is 15:40 shortly afterwards.


Tatjana Maria – Jule Niemeier 0:0

The first German quarter-final duel since Lisicki vs. Kerber exactly ten years ago begins with a point for Maria, who served first, due to an avoidable mistake by her young opponent.


Experience vs. Talent, Slice vs. Powerful Play

The previous tournament path and nationality are the same or similar for the two, but otherwise they differ significantly. At 34, Maria is the experienced one, while Niemeier, at 22, is the young chick who is currently making the big breakthrough with a large portion of talent. The playing style is also different: Maria works a lot with backhand slices, while Niemeier mainly packs powerful shots. Here we go!


Court no. 1 is ready

The two protagonists have just arrived for the quarterfinals, which have a historical touch from a German point of view. By the way, the two have not yet met on the tour – head-to-head balance so 0:0. They are currently warming up on the second largest court in the Wimbledon complex.


A German in the semifinals

The more experienced Maria doesn’t find it too dramatic that Maria and Niemeier have to play against each other in a match that is so important for both of them: “We often play against people we like. I think we’ll both do well, try to do our best and then it’ll be fine again.” On the other hand, the fact that a German player is eliminated today also means that a German player will be in the semi-finals.


Impressively dominant Niemeier

In the first four matches, the 22-year-old Niemeier thrilled the audience with her unbelievable dominance. Only in the round of 16 did she cause less enthusiasm, which was not due to her still dominant style of play, but to the constellation: The British spectators naturally kept their fingers crossed for the local hero Heather Watson – and had to watch with horror how clearly the Germans did the match won against the native Briton. The same was true for the first two matches against Xiyu Wang and the aforementioned against Kontaveit. Only in the third round did Niemeier let it get tighter and had to play the third set against the Ukrainian.


Excitement in Maria’s tournament process

Of twelve possible sets in the first four matches, Tatjana Maria had to play eleven – of all things against the biggest favorite Maria Sakkari, there was the only two-set victory. Her path in the tournament so far has been more tense than that of her compatriot and today’s opponent. This is certainly also due to the difficult program so far. The round of 16 in particular caused beads of sweat on the forehead of German tennis fans, all sets ended almost 7:5 – twice in Maria’s favor and only once for Ostapenko.

1:48 p.m

favorites dying

The two Germans also played their part in the death of the favorites in London (of the 15 best seeds, only Ons Jabeur remained in the round of eight). The mother of two, Maria, kicked Greek Maria Sakkari (number five on the seeding list) out of the tournament in round three – taking revenge for the first-round defeat against Sakkari at the Australian Open earlier this year. Jule Niemeier was even able to defeat the second seeded Estonian Anett Kontaveit – impressively clearly with 6: 4, 6: 0. While Niemeier has otherwise dealt with unseeded players, Maria has notched up more classic underdog victories with victories against seeded Jeļena Ostapenko and Sorana Cîrstea.

1:40 p.m

German duel of surprises

The number 97 in the world against the world number 103, the third best German against the fourth best German – whoever bet on this quarterfinal has probably become many times richer. But the respective sensational runs of Tatjana Maria and Jule Niemeier have actually pushed the two actually more prominent German tennis players Angie Kerber and Andrea Petkovic, who have already been eliminated in London, into the background. For both of them it is the greatest career success to date, only with very different signs: Tatjana Maria at the age of 34 will probably be difficult to follow up with another run of this kind, for young talent Niemeier (22 years) the Wimbledon breakthrough should only be the beginning of one be a successful career.


Warm welcome

Have a good Tuesday afternoon and a warm welcome to the German Wimbledon quarter-finals! The experienced Tatjana Maria will duel with the young, up-and-coming Jule Niemeier, the match is scheduled for around 2 p.m.

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