Live ticker SV Darmstadt 98 – Karlsruher SC (2nd Bundesliga 2021/2022, 19th matchday)



Another conclusion for the guests. However, Wanitzek’s shot from 22 meters in the right-hand position flies slightly deflected almost two meters over the crossbar.



Five minutes until the break. Furthermore, the leadership for Karlsruhe is a bit lucky.



After a Kempe corner kick from the right side, the KSC does not get the ball cleared. Luca Pfeiffer can still get to the end from an acute angle, but fails at Gersbeck, who skillfully closed the short corner.



Heise’s corner from the left slips to the penalty spot to O’Shaughnessy, who immediately seeks a shot. The ball rolls sharp past the right post into the goal!



Gjasula received a hit in the face and a slight laceration on his lip. The man from Darmstadt has to be treated outside for a short time.



Not harmless! Van Rhijn simply tries to flutter the ball from over 30 meters. With a little effort, Schuhen can box away the attempted shot to the side.



Statistically, the Darmstadt team is clearly the better team. In addition to a slight increase in ball possession, 8:1 shots on goal so far speak a clear language.



The lilies stay tuned. Now Kempe hits a free kick from the left with a lot of traction in the center, where Gjasula climbs up but heads over the crossbar just to the right.



the huge opportunity to compensate! Tietz switched to the left wing and crossed to the second post at full speed. There Pfeiffer is completely free and wants to put the ball into the near corner, but his attempt goes just wide of the post!



Tooor for Karlsruher SC, 0: 1 by Klaus Gjasula (own goal)

The surprising leadership for the KSC! Wanitzek prepares the ball in the left half-field for a free kick and then takes it at lightning speed because he sees Schleusener running into the second post. The defense of the hosts did not expect that. Gjasula wants to clear with his foot in front of Schleusener, who is ready to shoot, but deflects the ball over his keeper into his own goal.



Mehlem puts it back to the left of the baseline on the edge of the penalty area to Kempe, who pulls the ball without a hitch. The tight, but somewhat too central shot can be steered over the bar by Gersbeck with one hand.



Now the KSC. Cueto pulls in from the left, but puts his curl from a distance but well to the right of the goal.



Luca Pfeiffer sees that Gersbeck is a little too far in front of his goal and tries a cheeky lob from a central position of 25 meters. The leather ends up on the gate roof.



The first quarter of an hour is over and Darmstadt is clearly the better and more active team so far. Good beginning of the lilies.



After a corner from the right that was saved too short, the ball lands in front of Mehlem’s feet, who immediately hits it from a half-right position from 20 meters away. The low shot just misses the left post.



Mehlem has some space on the left of the penalty area and puts it across the center again to Tietz, who immediately finishes with the pike. O’Shaughnessy puts his foot in and makes a save.



And the second lily corner will be dangerous! Again, Kempe brings the ball inside from the left. This time he finds the head of Gjasula, who aims from seven meters but just over the bar.



The home side have the first corner of the game. Kempe’s cross from the right puts Kobald out of harm’s way at the near post.



Klaus Gjasula

Yellow card for Klaus Gjasula (SV Darmstadt 98)

Gjasula tackles Cueto, who broke through on the left at speed. Early but justified first in-game caution.



The ball rolls! Karlsruhe toasted in a yellow and red outfit. Darmstadt is dressed in blue and white.


The game is led by Deniz Aytekin. He is assisted by Markus Sinn and Fabian Porsch while Pascal Müller acts as VAR.


KSC coach Eichner makes two changes compared to the 2-2 win against Hansa Rostock before Christmas. In central defence, new signing O’Shaughnessy will start in place of Gordon. In addition, Thiede starts for Breithaupt.


Let’s look at the lineups. Compared to the 2-0 win in Regensburg before the winter break, the lilies have made three changes. Gjasula, Mehlem and Luca Pfeiffer replace Celić, Skarke and Seydel.


The guests from Karlsruhe, on the other hand, are currently in the secure midfield. With 25 points and tenth place, the people of Baden currently have little to do with either the ascent or the relegation race, but those responsible should be satisfied with that. Coach Christian Eichner has enormous respect for today’s opponent: “Darmstadt has developed very well and has very good footballers on the field. They have an extremely broad squad and can make changes without losing quality.” However, KSC won the first leg. On the 2nd day of the game there was a 3-0 win in the wildlife park.


Surprisingly, SV Darmstadt goes into the remaining 16 games of the season as second in the table. With a win against Karlsruher SC, SVD could even surpass St. Pauli, who only played 2-2 against Aue today and thus take the lead in the table. At any rate, at the end of 2021, the lilies were in top form and scored nine points from the last three games before the winter break. The self-confidence of the hosts is correspondingly high. “We’re in good shape. The lads noticed that we went into full gear right from the start of training. Our desire to win is greater than our fear of losing anything,” said Darmstadt coach Torsten Lieberknecht.

Welcome to the game SV Darmstadt 98 – Karlsruher SC! The live ticker of the game from the 19th matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga starts in good time before kick-off.


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