Live ticker Stefanos Tsitsipas – Daniil Medvedev (Australian Open 2022, semifinals)


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 6:7 (5:7), 2:1

Medvedev even hits two aces in his next service game and wins it to zero. He’s still a break behind.


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 6: 7 (5: 7), 2: 0

Tsitsipas serves an ace at 40:15 and makes it 2-0!


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 6: 7 (5: 7), 1: 0

The Greek doesn’t let the narrowly lost first set get him down and instead finds his way optimally in the second round. At 30:40 and thus breakball for Tsitsipas, he plays powerfully and forces Medvedev to make a forehand mistake and thus lose his service game.


sentence conclusion

Daniil Medvedev wins a very tight first set 7: 6 (7: 5) against Stefanos Tsitsipas. For a long time, the service games were very one-sided in favor of the server, until the Russian suddenly had four break balls when the score was 4: 4! The Greek stayed cool and fended off all break opportunities and then served much better again. Medvedev almost didn’t burn anything in his service, it went into the tie-break. Tsitsipas initially found his way around better there, then the Russian once again demonstrated his comeback qualities and turned the tie-break in his favor after being down 1: 4.


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 6:7 (5:7)

The backhand of the Greek rushes wide, the Russian wins the tie-break after being 4-1 down and grabs the first set!


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 6:6 (5:6)

Medvedev now finds the line with his backhand longline and has his first set ball! However, the Greek serves.


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 6:6 (5:5)

Medvedev is 4:5 behind and then has the right answer again with the serve, which he puts so straight on the line!


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 6:6 (4:4)

Medvedev plays that very well! Against the advanced Greek he puts his forehand longline in the field very well so that Tsitsipas cannot volley. It goes on with 4:4!


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 6:6 (4:2)

At the change of sides, the Greek is ahead 4:2, who then slips away in the subsequent rally and makes the mistake with the forehand. 4:3.


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 6:6 (2:1)

Tsitsipas finally wins a contested rally with a backhand mistake by the Russian. As a result, he responds with a powerful serve through the middle, which the Greek does not get promoted back into the field.


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 6:6

Medvedev loses his first point on his own serve, but subsequently gets his service game through safely. It’s going to the tie break!


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 6:5

After a big fight in his last service game, Tsitsipas doesn’t let anything burn and makes it 6: 5 without giving up a point.


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 5:5

Medvedev also wins his fifth service game to keep! The Greek has already had to return 20 serves in this match and hasn’t scored a single point yet!


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 5:4

Two mistakes by the Greek with the backhand let Medvedev lead 30-0 in his fifth service game.


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 5:4

The third game ball finally brings Tsitsipas success. Despite four breakballs from Medvedev, the Greek still manages this important service game to lead 5: 4!


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 4:4

Tsitsipas remains strong and successfully defies breakball number four! But he didn’t get the game closed either – a backhand winner down the line from Medvedev from the half-field lets the Russian save the second ball in this game.


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 4:4

Tsitsipas also fends off all three breakballs with the help of a powerful service! After a mistake by the Greek with the forehand longline, the Russian now has another chance to win his return game!


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 4:4

What a rally! After a brilliant backhand longline, Tsitsipas seems almost certain of winning the point, but Medvedev stays in the rally thanks to great mileage, finally fielding a forehand cross winner and now has three breakballs!


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 4:4

Is a break in the air now? Tsitsipas is forced to do a difficult backhand volley, which he can no longer field.


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 4:4

So far, both players have almost always exerted so much pressure with their serves that the returner is clearly pushed onto the defensive. This is what happens again in the Russian’s service game, which he once again wins without losing a point.


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 4:3

A long rally with a 30:15 lead from Tsitsipas’ point of view goes to the Greek after a forehand cross error by Medvedev. Tsitsipas uses his first game ball, again due to a forehand mistake by the second in the world rankings, after which he leads 4: 3.


Tsitsipas-Medvedev 3:3

Medvedev serves powerfully to the outside at 40: 0, Tsitsipas’ backhand return lands longline out. So it goes on with 3: 3, a break has been a long way off for both players so far.


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 3:2

At 40: 0, Medvedev’s backhand cross-ball falls into the Greek’s half of the game with the help of the edge of the net. At 40:15 he then scores the point to win the game with a forehand longline winner.

10:00 a.m

Tsitsipas-Medvedev 2:2

Medvedev does not give up a point in his second service game either. So far, all games have ended with zero in favor of the server. This time Tsitsipas fails at 40: 0 with the forehand longline stop on the net.


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 2:1

The Greek was also unscathed in service game number two and won it to take a 2-1 lead.


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 1:1

It comes to the first spectacular rally! With a forehand stop, the Greek brings Medvedev to the net, who still runs the ball and responds with the forehand longline. Tsitsipas then has exactly the right idea with the lob, which he plays very elegantly with a backhand volley, and makes it 30: 0.


Tsitsipas – Medvedev 1:1

Medvedev imitates his opponent and also does not give up a point in his first service game.


Tsitsipas 1-0 Medvedev

In his first return game, Tsitsipas fails at the net with a backhand cross slice. 15:15.


Tsitsipas 1-0 Medvedev

The Greek finds his way into the match very well and quickly wins his first service game without losing any points.


Tsitsipas 0-0 Medvedev

Who will compete with Rafael Nadal in the final? This question will be answered in the next few hours. The first sentence begins now. The Greek serves under closed roof at Rod Laver Arena in game one.


warm up

The two players have arrived on the court at Rod Laver Arena. Now play in.


head to head

The direct comparison of the two speaks for Medvedev. The Russian won six of eight duels against each other. At last year’s Australian Open, the two also faced each other in the semifinals – Medvedev won in three sets. In the last meeting, which took place in the quarterfinals of the Grand Slam tournament in Paris last year, Tsitsipas prevailed in three sets.


Great comeback against Auger-Aliassime

In the round of the last 16, Daniil Medvedev prevailed in a hard-fought four-set duel against the American Maxime Cressy. By far his biggest task on the way to the semi-finals had to be solved by the number two in the world against Félix Auger-Aliassime in the quarter-finals. The Canadian led 2-0 in sets and had a match point in the fourth round, which the Russian saved and won the match in five sets.


Medvedev’s tournament start

Daniil Medvedev also started the tournament with an unchallenged three-set victory, his opponent at the start was the Swiss Henri Laaksonen. The Russians then went against Nick Kyrgios. The Australian forced Daniil Medvedev into a fourth set, which the US Open winner clearly won thanks to two breaks. Without losing a set, the Russian made it through to the third round against Dutchman Botic van de Zandschulp.


Five-sentence thriller against Fritz

Stefanos Tsitsipas delivered a real thriller in the round of 16 against the American Taylor Fritz, whom the fourth in the world rankings was able to win after five sets after being 1: 2 behind and despite 15 break points against himself. The Greek finally showed a very convincing performance in the round of eight with a clear 6:3, 6:4, 6:2 win against the Italian Jannik Sinner.


First tournament rounds of Tsitsipas

The Greek started the tournament with a commanding three-set win over Swede Mikael Ymer. In rounds two and three, things got a lot closer for the 23-year-old. Both in the game against Argentinian Sebastián Báez, in which Stefanos Tsitsipas only used four of his 18 break opportunities, and in the subsequent match against Frenchman Benoît Paire, he prevailed after four sets.


Australian Open semifinals

Happy Friday morning and a warm welcome to the men’s second semi-final at the Australian Open. With Stefanos Tsitsipas against Daniil Medvedev, the fourth in the world rankings meets the second in the global ranking. The clash is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. at Rod Laver Arena.


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