Live ticker Ricardas Berankis – Rafael Nadal (Wimbledon 2022, 2nd round)


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Berankis-Nadal: 4-6, 0-1

It definitely looked decent. Nadal still doesn’t hit with full force, but places the balls well and forces Berankis to make mistakes. The 36-year-old finishes his game without losing a point.


Berankis-Nadal: 4-6, 0-0

Rafael Nadal opens the second set! Is the Spaniard still trying to play this match on the back burner or might we still be seeing the real Rafa?


Berankis – Nadal: 4: 6

After 42 minutes the time had come: Rafael Nadal sacked the first set 6: 4. An avoidable backhand error by Ričardas Berankis is ultimately decisive and ensures that a Nadal, who is at best on the go here and does not play freely at all, decides the first round for himself. When changing his shirt, a tape can be seen on the Mallorquin’s stomach. Maybe a muscle is causing him problems and ensures that the record Grand Slam champion cannot play his usual aggressive game.


Berankis – Nadal: 4: 5

Now it’s time for the crunch time of the first movement. And as if at the push of a button, Nadal is there! With a long forehand return to the line, he forces Berankis’ mistake and has the 0:30. A little later, the Lithuanian also makes a double mistake and thus grants Nadal two set balls.


Berankis – Nadal: 4: 5

With his own service, Rafael Nadal is still mostly sovereign. The “Matador von Manacor” throws in a double fault, but also gets a few free points on his first serve and can secure the 5:4.


Berankis – Nadal: 4: 4

Another avoidable mistake by the Lithuanian then gives Nadal his first break point. However, Berankis defends him quickly and courageously and then gets the game. Nadal grumbles loudly for the first time and seems to be extremely dissatisfied. But what is his secret?


Berankis – Nadal: 3: 4

Even if Rafael Nadal has not played his A game so far, Ričardas Berankis is also making a decent game on the other side. The Lithuanian keeps going on the offensive, then anticipates Nadal’s cross pass and pushes the volley away cleanly. A little later Berankis slips up and has to go over 30:30.


Berankis – Nadal: 3: 4

It remains a strange performance by Rafael Nadal, who continues to appear completely inhibited, plays a lot of half-hearted balls and does not find his game at all. The Spaniard’s very constant serve is enough this time to present again and record the 4:3.


Berankis – Nadal: 3: 3

Nadal then works his way back to debut and seems to be warming up, but Berankis stays cool on debut. First the Lithuanian lands a smashing backhand volley, then he closes the game with a soulful, short backhand volley.


Berankis – Nadal: 2: 3

Ričardas Berankis should have slowly noticed that something is wrong with Rafael Nadal. And the 32-year-old uses that to a quick 40:15. Nadal already has seven unforced errors on the clock, five with the forehand alone.


Berankis – Nadal: 2: 3

Then Nadal turns up again when he serves and makes it 3-2 with his fourth ace. That went well again, but overall this isn’t a convincing start from the two-time Wimbledon champion, who’s moving poorly, showing no emotion at all and not really settling in yet. It is quite possible that some physical problems are causing him problems.


Berankis-Nadal: 2-2

Nadal first gets hold of a game ball, but is then caught again by a long return from his Lithuanian opponent and a little later he actually has a breakball against himself. The 36-year-old defends it immediately with a placed first serve.


Berankis-Nadal: 2-2

Rafa Nadal’s arm is already swinging properly, but overall the Mallorquin does not seem completely free in his movements. Every now and then the 36-year-old does not place well and is then late with the shot. So Berankis sniffs at 30:30 for the first time at a break chance.


Berankis-Nadal: 2-2

A frame hit costs Nadal the chance of two breakballs. Then Berankis then carpenters a backhand longline exactly on the line before a return error by Nadal seals the 2:2.


Berankis-Nadal: 1-2

With the sun shining brightly on Center Court, conditions appear to be good for the servers today. Also Berankis, just like Nadal not known as an ace machine, serves unattainable for the first time. But then the Spaniard gets better into the rallies and puts the time at 15:30 for the first time.


Berankis-Nadal: 1-2

Overall, the match has so far been marked by many unnecessary mistakes on both sides. In his second service game, Nadal can mainly rely on his serve, records two more aces and marches to win the game at lightning speed.


Berankis-Nadal: 1-1

Ričardas Berankis throws in a double fault in his first service game. The Lithuanian, who was allowed to play on Center Court for the first time in his ninth Wimbledon participation, is not to blame for a bit of nervousness. But Nadal also has one or two wobbles in it and so Berankis can bring his game home to 30.


Berankis-Nadal: 0-1

Berankis then reported impressively into the game with a direct return winner, but then didn’t have much to say anymore. Nadal hits his first ace on the court and a little later uses his first game ball to make it 1-0.


Berankis – Nadal: 0-0

Here we go! Rafael Nadal serves first and immediately takes the first point after a return error from Ričardas Berankis.


It’s about to start

In the meantime, the two main actors have gone onto the court to the cheers of the audience and started the warm-up. In a few moments, this second round match between Rafael Nadal and Ričardas Berankis can begin!


Berankis makes you sit up and take notice

Ričardas Berankis, like Nadal, did not play a preparatory tournament on grass either, but still made an impressive start. The Lithuanian won in three sets against the American Sam Querrey, who was already in the semifinals here in Wimbledon. Berankis, once number 50 in the world, has now slipped to position 106 and has a quarterfinal at the ATP tournament in Dubai as the biggest success of the current season. Even if he is a clear outsider, he is really looking forward to his second duel with Nadal and his first center court match in Wimbledon. “England, grass, tennis started here. It’s a very special feeling. Playing against a top player like Rafa here is a dream come true,” said Berankis.


Difficult start

In his first match since winning the French Open final three weeks ago, Rafael Nadal had to fight hard on Tuesday. Only after more than three and a half hours was he able to defeat Argentinian Francisco Cerúndolo in four sets. Afterwards he was satisfied despite some wobbles. “I haven’t set foot on a grass pitch for three years for various reasons. Victory today is the most important thing, it gives me the opportunity to train again tomorrow,” said Nadal, who is suffering from chronic illnesses caused by Müller-Weiss syndrome foot pain in the run-up to the tournament with a special radio frequency therapy and says he is fit on the road.


Nadal keeps chasing records

With his 22nd Grand Slam title, Rafael Nadal recently secured the next entry in the tennis history books in Paris. Here in London he has now celebrated his 306th victory in a major tournament, and at the age of 36 the Spaniard is again on the Grand Slam course. The “Matador von Manacor” had already won in Australia at the beginning of the year. If Nadal could also triumph at Wimbledon for the first time since 2009, he would keep the chance open to complete the perfect season at the US Open.


Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to Rafael Nadal’s second appearance at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships! The Spanish record Grand Slam champion has to deal with the Lithuanian Ričardas Berankis in round two on the Center Court.


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