Live ticker Ons Jabeur – Tatjana Maria (Wimbledon Women 2022, semifinals)


Jabeur – Maria: 3:2

Ons Jabeur is the much more active and courageous player and is increasingly gaining the upper hand here. First the 27-year-old scores with a smash, then with a cracking forehand cross. The 40:0 was almost there, but Maria defended herself with a praise on the line and shortened to 30:15.


Jabeur – Maria: 3:2

With a bang Maria saves her service game to the finish without allowing another break chance. Only 2:3 left!


Jabeur – Maria: 3:1

This time it will be tight for Tatjana Maria and she has to go into extra time again. Then the 34-year-old finally manages to keep the points shorter and score confidently with the forehand, but the simple, open forehand from the half-field then gets too long again. Debut again!


Jabeur – Maria: 3:1

Jabeur attracts! The second in the world rankings is now becoming less and less involved in any slice games by Tatjana Maria, pulls the backhand through a longline and grabs the 3:1. The German is still a bit too timid, keeps getting caught up in some little game and is increasingly coming under pressure.


Jabeur – Maria: 2:1

Tatjana Maria then comes close to a break chance for the first time when Jabeur opens with two penalties and a 0:30. The Tunisian is now getting stronger, scores once with a wonderful forehand stop and once past Maria at the net. cue ball!


Jabeur – Maria: 2:1

The German fends off the first breakball, but the second follows immediately. Jabeur slowly but surely gets more powerful on her groundstrokes and a botched slice by Maria seals the break this time.


Jabeur – Maria: 1:1

Maria then comes into the second service game a little better and gets free points with the service for the first time. After 30:15 she gives her good friend two points without need and is faced with another break chance.


Jabeur – Maria: 1:1

Ons Jabeur does it much faster and more confidently in their first service game. The Tunisian hits hard, usually goes straight on the offensive and then continuously increases the pressure until Tatjana Maria makes the crucial mistake. After 40:0, Jabeur throws in two more slight mistakes, but then seals the 1:1.


Jabeur – Maria: 0:1

It took seven minutes, but now Tatjana Maria has finally arrived on the scoreboard. After three deflected breakballs, the 34-year-old can finally put the lid on when a backhand from Ons Jabeur sails out.


Jabeur – Maria: 0:0

The first game is hotly contested. With a bit of luck, Maria fends off the breakball on the net and then works out a cue ball, but cannot set the final forehand volley. So Jabeur can organize another break opportunity, but not use it either.


Jabeur – Maria: 0:0

The Tunisian scored her first point with a sensitive stop. Then both throw in a slight mistake and it goes over 30:30. When Maria’s attack slice gets stuck on the edge of the net, the game’s first break chance is there.


Jabeur – Maria: 0:0

Here we go! Maria serves and gets the first mistake after Jabeur’s backhand error.


It’s about to start

The two protagonists have just entered Center Court and started warming up. Tatjana Maria can open the duel in a few minutes.


duel of opposites

From a playful point of view, it will be a duel of opposites that the spectators will experience on Wimbledon’s Center Court. Ons Jabeur can put opponents under pressure with her powerful and varied game and dictate a match. Maria counters this with her unorthodox style and experience, playing an incredible amount of slice, even on the forehand. The German will certainly be an outsider in the duel with the number two in the world, but Tatjana Maria is definitely capable of anything in this tournament.


Jabeur’s incredible year

Ons Jabeur has been on the tour for many years, but only celebrated her big break to the top of the world in the last twelve months. She only won her first WTA tournament in Birmingham in 2021, followed by triumphs in Madrid and Berlin this season. The 27-year-old has won two of her three tournaments on grass. Jabeur is now second in the world rankings. Here in London, the Tunisian marched confidently through the first four rounds and only gave up her first set in the quarter-finals. She lost the first round against the Czech Marie Bouzkova, but still won 3:6, 6:1 and 6:1.


Maria’s sensational journey

Tatjana Maria described reaching the semifinals as “crazy”. And that does absolutely justice to the course of the tournament. In four out of five matches, the German had to go the full distance, losing the first set three times and then making a comeback. This was also the case recently in the German quarterfinals against Jule Niemeier, which she won 4:6, 6:2 and 7:5. Only in her most difficult match on paper against the Greek Maria Sakkari, who was seeded number five, did Maria surprisingly come through without losing a set.


good friends

The duel is also special because the two players have a lot to do with each other off the pitch. Jabeur is a good friend of the Maria family, plays tennis with their eight-year-old daughter Charlotte and says of her opponent: “I love Tatjana so much, her family is great, she’s my barbecue friend.” Tatjana Maria sees it the same way. “She almost sees my children as her children. That’s why she’s part of our family. We get along really well,” said the 34-year-old from Bad Saulgau, who also made it clear: “We’ll take the match professionally.”


Two special stories

Very few had expected this semi-final pairing before the tournament started, because both Tatjana Maria and Ons Jabeur are in the last four of a Grand Slam for the very first time in their careers. Both made history even before the first serve of this game. The German gave birth to her second daughter just over a year ago and now, at the age of 34, as a mother of two, she suddenly achieved her best career result by far. Tunisia’s Jabeur, on the other hand, has become the first ever Arab player to reach the semi-finals of a major event.


Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to the first day of semi-finals at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships! Four women are still in the running for the most coveted of all tennis trophies. In the first duel on the center court, the German surprise semi-finalist Tatjana Maria will have to deal with the world number two Ons Jabeur from Tunisia at 2:30 p.m.

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