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Czech Republic

will the Czechs make it into the second round? When the wind picks up, Filip Sakala has to get off the beam and wait. And even when he is allowed to go down, he doesn’t have good conditions at all and is pushed down by the tailwind after 101 meters.

12:33 p.m


Kevin Bickner, as the third American, flies quite wildly and uneasily at 103 meters. With that, the US boys will hardly leave the penultimate place. The second round will be tight.



Song Qiwu is the only Chinese who also took part in the individual competition. But with 86 meters he can’t convince today either.



Stephan Leyhe fell completely in the trial run. That must not happen now if the team wants to remain in the medal race. And it doesn’t happen either! Leyhe flies very calmly and cleanly at 127.5 meters and Germany is fourth, just behind Austria.



Daniel Huber has problems. After 127.5 meters, the Austrian has to go down and the ÖSV team is almost 20 points behind the two leading teams.



Daniel-André Tande is one of the Norwegians who must finally deliver here if the Scandinavians are to go all the way to the top. 138 meters is absolutely fine and with the tiny 0.5 points Norway takes the lead.



Ceme Preve jumps in second place in the strong Slovenians. With a fine leap of 134 meters, the ROC team is clearly ahead of the pack.



Naoki Nakamura shows 124.5 meters and keeps Japan in the race for the top places.



Pawel Wasek is the second jumper of the Polish team and seamlessly continues the good performances of the last few days. He leads the Poles just behind the ROC team in second place.



Gregor Deschwanden has not yet been able to show his top form and this time he is not really in the flight phase either. After 122 meters it’s back into the snow.



Roman Sergeyevich Trofimov does it much better! 127 meters mean the clear lead for the ROC team!


Czech Republic

Čestmír Kožíšek recorded 109 meters and put his team in the lead. For the Czechs it’s all about reaching the second round of the top eight. At the moment they are still in the raffle.



Patrick Gasienica jumps 105.5 meters for the USA and is obviously happy with it. Of course, the Americans are in front.



Yixin Liu is the second jumper of the young Chinese team and at least does it much better than his colleague before. The 20-year-old is sure of the jump to 90 meters.

12:20 p.m


Constantin Schmid opens for the DSV! Similar to Kraft, he doesn’t come off the table well and can never reach the desired height. Ultimately, however, at least a solid result of 125 meters comes out and a false start is thus avoided.

12:20 p.m


Stefan Kraft cannot match the performances of his two predecessors. Austria has to settle for fourth place after a mixed start.



Norway has also made a strong showing with Halvor Egner Granerud. And that pays off! The overall World Cup winner of 2020/21 is very stable in the air and pulls his flight to a mighty 138 meters. Guide for Norway!



The Slovenians clearly won the last team competition before the Olympics. And they’re still going strong today. Lovro Kos gets good grades and flies to a strong 134 meters. That is the clear guidance.



Yukiya Satō starts for Japan. Surprisingly, the 26-year-old skipped the practice round, but he got through quite well here. Technically it looks terrible, but at least he jumps 126 meters.

12:15 p.m


Piotr Żyła has not yet convinced in the individual competitions. Even today he doesn’t hit the jump optimally and is pushed down earlier than planned. However, the tailwind was also strong. 118 meters means second place.



Dominik Peter opens for Switzerland. The youngster is also only allowed down on the second try and then doesn’t get away well either. Marked by knee problems, the 20-year-old lands at 112 meters.



Danil Sadreev takes to the skies as the first athlete on the Russian Olympic Committee. The 18-year-old has been convincing here so far and has already won bronze with the mixed team. He also has to wait a while due to the wind, then he sails with a little more run-up than his competitors before at 128.5 meters. Good start for the ROC team!

12:10 p.m

difficult conditions

Already at the beginning of the competition, the constantly changing and freshening wind causes problems for the jumpers. Already with the fourth jumper, the run-up is extended due to a strong tailwind so that it can continue.


Czech Republic

After a ten-day quarantine due to a positive corona test, Viktor Polášek is finally allowed to take part and shows a decent performance with 108 meters in his first Olympic jump.



The Americans are also at the start with a very young team. Decker Dean opens, but has to get off the bar when the wind picks up. A little later, the 21-year-old is allowed to take off and records 92.5 meters.

12:00 p.m


Here we go! The competition will be opened by host China and Zhen Weijie. The 18-year-old has serious problems landing and almost falls, but is still able to stay on the skis. 84 meters would not have been a serious distance anyway.


Tryout ended

The Austrians in particular made a strong impression in the test round that just ended. Stefan Kraft (4th), Daniel Huber (6th) and Jan Hörl (7th) follow in the top ten, Manuel Fettner completes the result in 13th place. Among the Norwegians, Daniel Andre Tande surprised with the longest jump of 139 meters ( 2.). Halvor Egner Granerud is 5th, from the large hill Olympic champion Marius Lindvik we can expect even better than 14th place. At the DSV, however, the worm was in it. 130 meters from Markus Eisenbichler and 127.5 meters from the bronze medalist on the large hill, Karl Geiger, are at least okay. Constantin Schmid and Stephan Leyhe didn’t get along at all.


The Quartet of Switzerland

Measured against their previous performance, the Swiss should not play a role in the awarding of medals. But the team competition has its own laws and so the Swiss really want to surprise here. In addition to veteran Simon Ammann and youngster Dominik Peter, Gregor Deschwanden and Kilian Peier are also involved in this team decision.


What’s up for Austria?

In the ÖSV team, Manuel Fettner in particular has taken care of these games so far. With silver on the normal hill, the 36-year-old veteran provided the only medal for the Austrian ski jumpers. Stefan Kraft and Jan Hörl have at least each achieved a top ten result. Daniel Huber completes the team. If everything fits, a medal is definitely possible for the ÖSV.

11:40 a.m

Norway is the top favourite

The only way to win the Olympics this year is through Norway. With overall World Cup winner Halvor Egner Granerud and large hill Olympic champion Marius Lindvik, the Scandinavians have two absolute top people in their ranks. In addition, there are Daniel-André Tande and Robert Johansson, who took part in the team gold in Pyeongchang in 2018. The Slovenian quartet of Lovro Kos, Cene Prevc, Timi Zajc and Peter Prevc is also highly regarded.


DSV team on the up

For a long time, the German ski jumpers didn’t get along very well at these games. In the individual on the large hill, however, there were some rays of hope. Karl Geiger was able to get the first medal for the German men with bronze, Markus Eisenbichler convinced in fifth. Together with Constantin Schmid and Stephan Leyhe, the two now want to ensure a conciliatory conclusion for DSV. Martin Schmitt even believes in a gold chance. “The jumps are getting better and better, they are getting better and better. The cohesion in the team is gigantic,” said Schmitt, who won Olympic gold with the team in 2002, on “Eurosport”.


Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to the next medal decision in ski jumping! From 12 o’clock there will be gold, silver and bronze again in the team competition on the large hill in Zhangjiakou.



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