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Kamil Stoch is slowly finding his stability and so it’s a respectable distance for him too. 99.5 meters is certainly not enough to jump for top positions here, but Poland certainly didn’t expect that in the mixed competition either.



Evgeniy Klimov likes this facility, can he underline that now? Yes! It’s really far down the facility again and with 100.5 meters his team stays ahead of the Czech Republic with 33.4 points.


Czech Republic

Roman Koudelka waves away disappointed after his jump. The veteran of the Czech team has set himself more than just 93 meters today. It will be enough for the final, but not for more than that.



Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes feels really good on the normal hill and he’s showing it again! He gets off the table really well, delivers top flight and can score high marks after 101.5 meters.



Jiawen Zhao seals elimination for host nation. His 74 meters will not be enough to secure the final against Austria and Japan.



Lisa Eder can be satisfied with her performance at the Olympics. She came as a substitute and made the most of her chances. With their 96 meters, they just passed Japan in eighth place, because of course they are now missing a jump. The only goal now: the final.



But Ursa Bogataj holds back! The Olympic champion uses her strength perfectly on the ski jump, stands nicely over her bars and, at 106 meters, lays the longest distance in the snow. With 25.5 points it passes Germany.



Great joy at Katharina Althaus! The timing isn’t perfect at the take-off, but Althaus doesn’t mind, pulls through her jump and burns a strong 104 meters into the snow. The grades are also great and so it passes Norway!



Silje Opseth keeps the Norwegian team in the running for the medals and it will be 91 meters for them. With 6.8 points it passes the Russian team.



For Japan it means after the disqualification: Close your eyes and through. After 93 meters Japan pulls past China despite only two jumps and could at least slip into the final.



Kinga Rajda waves tenderly at the cameras and ends her first round with a jump of 80.5 meters.



Meanwhile, Irina Avvakumova keeps her team on course for medals with a set in the 90 meters. But the specter of material space will now be waiting for everyone. Two disqualifications in favored teams are already a big surprise.


Czech Republic

Karolina Indrackova has to land much earlier with 78 meters, but due to the disqualification the team no longer has the problems towards the final.


Iraschko pride disqualified!

What’s going on! The jury seems to be really tough today and now Daniela Iraschko-Stolz is also disqualified. This means that the second favorite team is out of the medal fight!



Abigail Strate has a lot to do in her aviation, but stays on top of it and can still get a jump of 93.5 meters. Canada is certainly heading towards the final, but it is actually already clear that medals will not be enough.



Qingyue Peng opens the women’s final group in the first round. She has real problems right after the jump and finally has to land after 65 meters.



Stefan Kraft concludes the men’s passage with a great performance! He ironed out yesterday’s mistakes and with a jump of 102 meters he set the longest jump of the group in the snow. How far is Austria going? Fourth behind Germany. Slovenia and Norway are in the lead.



Timi Zajc can’t keep up with this distance, but easily shows the distance it took to stay on top. With 97.5 meters, his team is ahead of Norway with 19.3 points.



Class! The knot burst at Constantin Schmid yesterday. Everything fits together from top to bottom and he delivers a strong distance of 101 meters. This puts Germany back in the middle of the business. Only Norway is missing 4.6 points.



Robert Johansson is following suit for the Norwegians and he’s also going really far down the slope. The 99.5 meters let the coaches cheer and bring Norway to the top of the rankings. The lead over ROC is 11.2 points.



Is that bitter! Of course, Sara Takanashi’s disqualification hurts twice as much! Yukiya Sato has a strong jump down to 99.5 meters. With just one jump, Japan ranks seventh.



Dawid Kubacki was really good yesterday and took bronze with him, today a small mistake creeps in and he can’t match Sadreev’s jump. But 96 meters should give him a lot of confidence in the direction of the large hill.



For his part, Danil Sadreev ensures that the Russian team still has every opportunity to attack here today. First of all, 99.5 meters bring his team to the top.


Takanashi disqualified!

What a bang! Sara Takanashi just got disqualified for wearing a suit that didn’t conform to the rules. This means that the team favored for medals can actually pack up, because of course these are important points that are missing.

12:59 p.m

Czech Republic

Cestmir Kozisek can go a little further and it will be 91 meters for him. But Canada stays ahead by one point.

12:58 p.m


Matthew Soukup is certainly the weakness of the Canadian team today. He can easily jump the distance of the Chinese competitor, but 87 meters might not be enough in his group.



It continues with the first group of men. To kick things off, Qiwu Song makes his jump for China. After a fall during the rehearsal, he seems even more insecure than before and after 71.5 meters his jump is over again.



Daniela Iraschko-Stolz is struggling with knee pain and maybe that’s a bit in her way today. Austria got off to a difficult start with 85.5 meters and fell 35.4 points behind after the first group.



Nika Kriznar claps his hands on the exit. The women’s bronze medalist shows that she still has plans for the team today. With a jump of 101 meters and better grades, she puts Slovenia in the lead with a lead of 2.1 points.



What can Selina Freitag do about it? The young German misses her jump and leaves a few meters early on. After 88 meters and also very low grades, 29.1 points are missing from Japan. Norway is 9.1 points ahead.



Anna Odine Strøm has a completely different level of performance and the best Norwegian athlete will come in the third group. With 92 meters, however, Strøm does not have to hide and pulls out of the affair properly.

12:50 p.m


Sara Takanashi was the strongest athlete in her group in the rehearsal. Can she make a long jump down into the valley again now? And how! Takanashi is really strong in the flight phase, puts pressure on and only after 103 meters does she slam her landing. They will annoy her because without Telemark there are only 16 values. But the leadership is still there.

12:49 p.m


Poland has overslept the development in women’s ski jumping and accordingly the team is not considered a medal candidate today. Nicole Konderla doesn’t go much further than 75.5 meters, which means that the quartet remains behind China for the time being.

12:48 p.m


Irma Makhinia should make a good start for the Russian team as medals are definitely within the realm of possibility for the team today. Canada is 86 meters ahead, but will that be enough for the best women in this group?

12:47 p.m

Czech Republic

At the age of 17, Klára Ulrichová still has a future ahead of her and for her it’s all about gaining experience. After 78.5 meters she can keep her team ahead of China, but Canada is already 11.4 points ahead.

12:46 p.m


It is Alexandria Loutitt who will be available for Canada and she is already making significant progress. After 84 meters she can only get annoyed about the grades, because with 16 values ​​she leaves something behind.

12:45 p.m


It’s ready for the premiere in the mixed team at the Olympic Winter Games! Bing Dong from the Chinese team starts things off. In the World Cup she has already celebrated minor successes this season, but at the Olympics her nervousness seems to be thwarting her plans and she has not lived up to expectations so far. With 76 meters she makes the start for her team.

12:39 p.m

Slovenia dominates rehearsal

Before the competition, the athletes had the usual opportunity to try a jump. There, the team from Slovenia underlined its position as the favorite and easily collected the most points. Austria landed behind in front of Japan. In the German team, only the men went over the hill in the rehearsal.

12:35 p.m

Who else is dangerous?

In addition to Slovenia, Germany and Austria, there are a few other teams eyeing medals. Definitely have Japan and Norway in mind. After good performances in the individual competitions, the Russian athletes can also hope for a medal today.


The ÖSV Quartet

The Austrian team can also calculate their chances of winning the medals if the strongest woman fails due to the absence of Marita Kramer due to the corona virus. But it shouldn’t be an easy affair, because there are some teams that can compete for medals. Silver medal winners Manuel Fettner and Stefan Kraft as well as Lisa Eder and Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, who placed eighth in the women’s competition, were nominated.


What is possible for Germany?

With the silver medalist Katharina Althaus, the German team has an athlete in its squad who is doing well on the hill in China. Next to her, Selina Freitag was nominated as the second woman, but she did not get past 22nd place in the individual. The men have also had their difficulties with the plant in Zhangjiakou. In addition to Karl Geiger, for whom it is important to forget the individual and attack again, Constantin Schmid was given preference. With eleventh place in the men’s category, he was able to achieve the best individual result.


Who is favorite?

Despite the successes at world championships, the German team is by no means one of the favorites today. This position is occupied by the team from Slovenia. Ursa Bogataj and Nika Kriznar were nominated for the women, who won gold and bronze in the women’s competition. Peter Prevc and Timi Zajc, who finished fourth and ninth in their singles, take over the men’s part. The team was also able to dominate the last mixed before the Olympics, albeit in a different composition.


First time at the Olympics in mixed

So far, the ski jumpers had to be fobbed off with a medal decision at the Olympics, this year they have another competition with the mixed team. The mixed team has been part of the World Championships since 2013. Japan had won the premiere in Val di Fiemme. In 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021 gold at the World Cup went to the German quartet. Ten teams registered for the premiere.


Warm welcome!

At the end of the competitions on the normal hill, there is an Olympic premiere in Zhangjiakou today. For the first time, gold, silver and bronze will be awarded in a mixed team competition. It starts at 12:45 p.m.!


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