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Isabella Wright (USA)

Isabella Wright is clearly behind early on. The American collects almost two seconds late over the distance, but at least doesn’t finish last.


Jasmine Flury (SUI)

Two medals are in store for the Swiss women. However, Jasmine Flury does not manage to get involved in this area. And when Flury arrives at the bottom nine tenths behind, a smile can slowly spread on the face of Michelle Gisin, who is currently third – with the leading Lara Gut-Behrami anyway.


Marta Bassino (ITA)

Then Marta Bassino pushes herself up the slope. But the 25-year-old also loses a lot of time early on. It lacks speed. It is only rank 15. The Italians are among the defeated today.


Francesca Marsaglia (Italy)

With stable conditions prevailing, the rear bibs need not get their hopes up. The slope is still in excellent condition, but there will definitely not be any advantages. Under these circumstances, the times of the best are of course difficult to crack. Francesca Marsaglia can’t do it either. And the Italian makes another serious mistake, is too late and has difficulties with several goals. So it throws the 32-year-old back to the bottom of the rankings.


Ragnhild Mowinckel (NOR)

Coming second from Val d’Isère, Ragnhild Mowinckel has already tasted podium air this winter. What’s in today? The Norwegian is good at first, but then invests a little too much in the line. At least not one has been so good for a long time, but the medal is almost three tenths short. Mowinckel arrives at the bottom sixth.


Alice Robinson (NZL)

We’re still waiting for the surprise that races at major events are always good for. Shouldn’t that exist today? Or can Alice Robinson take care of that? At the first timing, the New Zealander is in front. But that doesn’t have to mean anything, it will be decisive later. And there the 20-year-old risks too much. When she swings to the right, she drives very close to the goal, hits the bar with her right knee and falls. Oh, this is pain! But Robinson stands up again shortly afterwards, bites his teeth and slides down into the valley under his own power.


Corinne Suter (SUI)

Two Swiss women are currently on the podium. And the Vice World Champion is now looking forward to her start. Corinne Suter wants to know, starts aggressively. However, the 27-year-old doesn’t set the ski clean enough and doesn’t pull it optimally. In the end, the deficit moves towards one minute. That’s not even enough for the top 10. Suter is disappointed.


Marie Michele Gagnon (CAN)

We still have a few promising names, but the first-placed in the rankings are slowly getting used to the idea of ​​a medal. But maybe there is still a surprise in the air today. Marie-Michèle Gagnon cannot take care of that. Sometimes a more direct way would be possible. The Canadian only picks up speed at the very end. But the gap is already too big – rank 11!


Elena Curtoni (ITA)

We can’t distribute the medals yet because Elena Curtoni is ready. It looks good at first, but the choice of Italian lines doesn’t seem ideal today. The 31-year-old collects tenths by tenths, ultimately only ending up in 9th place.


Romane Miradoli (FRA)

After that, Romane Miradoli bites off and lets the skis run well. But when it gets technically demanding, there is time. As with Shiffrin, there are good swings. But overall it’s not ideal. Nine tenths are left behind, which leads to position 9.


Mikaela Shiffrin (USA)

Despite the early elimination in their special disciplines giant slalom and slalom, Mikaela Shiffrin can always be expected. After all, the American was already world champion in Super G (2019). The 26-year-old gets going with determination and sets an interim best time. However, the 2021 World Cup third party does not use the technical part of the route well enough and cannot catch up there. She’s not without mistakes today either, but she still finishes in eighth place.


Laura Gauche (FRA)

Laura Gauché doesn’t seem to be good for a surprise. The Frenchwoman drives well and falls behind too early. The 26-year-old doesn’t really get the skis moving. She gets a lot more than a second and ranks eighth.


Federica Brignone (ITA)

After that, Federica Brignone launches her attack on precious metal. The Super-G World Cup leader invests quite a bit in the line at the top, which puts her back half a second. But then the Italian surprises with a very direct line choice. But that’s not enough to make up the deficit. Brignone only comes in sixth and looks disappointed.


Cornelia Hütter (AUT)

Immediately afterwards, Cornelia Hütter pushes off at the top. With the tailwind of the recent World Cup victory, the Styrian finds her way in well. The 29-year-old does not hit Gut-Behrami’s ideal line so well. That’s not enough, Hütter has to settle for 6th place.


Lara Gut-Behrami (SUI)

So let’s see what’s still possible with Lara Gut-Behrami. The Ticino is fully involved, catches the line great. And that pays off. The world champion is now clearly ahead, but loses a little at the bottom. A good two-tenths of the credit remain. This is the lead! That could well be a medal.


Tessa Worley (FRA)

Now Tessa Worley is on her way. The French is not so strong in the slides. That’s why it’s going to be difficult on this slope. In fact, the 32-year-old doesn’t matter, loses a good one and a half seconds in total and has no chance.


Tamara Tippler (AUT)

So it seems there is still something in the pipeline. This is now trying to tease Tamara Tippler out. The Styrian scratched the best time at first, but then it carried her too far out with a left turn. Nevertheless, it will be tight again. The ÖSV driver is missing eleven hundredths – 3rd place!


Michelle Gisin (SUI)

Then Michelle Gisin pushes herself up the slope. The ski feeling should help the Engelberger on this slope. After the Swiss was behind in the meantime, she caught up splendidly in the middle part. Oh, that’s going to be close! Eight hundredths missing – 2nd place!


Miriam Puchner (AUT)

Now the first of the strong Austrians is ready. Mirjam Puchner initially attacked the Czech’s time. In the middle section, the woman from Salzburg invests a little too much in the line and also slips a little. But down below Puchner pushes again, takes a lot of momentum with him and actually manages to be two tenths faster than Ledecká at the finish.


Ester Ledecka (CZE)

Now we are excited about Ester Ledecká. After gold with the snowboard two days ago, the Czech has now arrived at the Alpine. And as if it were the easiest thing in the world, the Czech drove one interim best time after the other. Ledecká pulls out an unbelievable lead – almost 1.4 seconds. That should be an announcement to the competition.


Ariane Radler (AUT)

As the first of the 44 starters from 24 countries, Ariane Rädler opens the competition. The 27-year-old hits the line well. A slight lifter shouldn’t be a problem. In the further course, the woman from Vorarlberg drives a somewhat long way, but all in all comes through cleanly. Let’s see what their time is worth.


Snowboarder Ledecka

And then there is the phenomenal Ester Ledecká (car number 2). Four years ago, the Czech accomplished the feat of winning gold in the alpine Super G and in the snowboard giant slalom. And the 26-year-old repeated the snowboard Olympic victory a few days ago. This extraordinary athlete, who is one of the world leaders in two different sports, is always capable of anything.



Although some of the medal contenders have already been named, let’s not forget the Italians. Even without the two-time winner of the season, Sofia Goggia, who wants to concentrate entirely on the downhill because of Cortina’s fall injuries, there is a very powerful team here. There is Federica Brignone (start number 9), with three victories leading in the discipline World Cup and in the last race before the Olympics at the same time as Hütter winner in Cortina. World Cup runner-up Elena Curtoni (13) has also been on the podium this season. In addition, Mikaela Shiffrin (11) continues to pursue her goal of participating in all Olympic Alpine competitions. After the disappointments in slalom and giant slalom, we have to pay attention to the 2019 world champion and 2021 World Cup third.


Switzerland is also flirting with precious metals

The Swiss are also among the hot favourites, as they are also one of the winners of the season with world champion Lara Gut-Behrami (start number 7). Vice world champion Corinne Suter (15) is also always good for the podium. And the versatile Michelle Gisin (4) must always be reckoned with. Jasmine Flury (20) only has outsider chances, but she has already proven that she is capable of extraordinary performances on good days, even in Super G.


ÖSV quartet with the best chances

Things are looking a lot better on the Austrian side. Ariane Rädler (start number 1), Mirjam Puchner (3), Tamara Tippler (5) and Cornelia Hütter (8) have all been on the Super-G podium this World Cup winter, the last-mentioned recently even at the top in Garmisch-Partenkirchen .


Weidle alone on the way

Once again, Kira Weidle (car number 26) is the only German hope in the speed area. And since the Starnberg woman is to be rated more strongly in the downhill, she achieved her best career result in this discipline in the Super G in the World Cup as twelfth place in Cortina d’Ampezzo, the chances of medals are rather low.


Super G

All speed competitions have their home on the “Rock” slope. Today’s 1,984 meter long Super G starts at 1,825 meters. From the start, Florian Scheiber’s course shows the way down the 540 meters to the finish. The Austrian coach has scored 39 goals.


Good morning!

Welcome to the early morning Central European hour! In Yanqing, the alpine skiers are busy today to hold their Super G. The race is scheduled to start at 4:00 a.m. CET.



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