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Catherine Gallhuber (AUT)

While Katharina Gallhuber lines up just behind Petra Vlhová, sad scenes are playing out at the edge of the piste from an American perspective. Mikaela Shiffrin crouched there and still hasn’t swung into the target area. There she sits and can’t really digest her second retirement in two days.


Mikaela Shiffrin (USA)

How does the top star cope with being eliminated in the giant slalom? Not at all! Unbelievable – even in the slalom she was eliminated after just a few poles, leaned in too far again and slipped away in the inner position and with too little pressure on the outer ski. That’s really bitter for the top favorite from the USA!


Wendy Holdener (SUI)

Right at the beginning, Holdener makes a small mistake on the flat section, which causes a loss of speed there. But there is hardly any time left for the four tenths that she loses there. A good performance by the two Confederates and an even better and more inspiring one by Lena Dürr!


Catherine Liensberger (AUT)

The reigning slalom world champion loses a lot of time in the sections where Dürr skied hard and cannot catch up on the finish slope, on the contrary. There is still some time left compared to the German leader, but she makes a mistake and has a gap of six tenths at the finish.


Michelle Gisin (SUI)

Michelle Gisin shows that this drive by Lena Dürr is to be attacked. At the top, she even extends the lead by two tenths, losing a little in the middle section and before entering the steep slope. In this one she does her job well again and catches up a little, is not a blink of an eye away from the German.


Anna Swenn-Larsson (SWE)

The reigning Olympic champion Frida Hansdotter is not there today, but two other Swedes with medal chances are trying. Swenn-Larsson is the first of them and she also shows what Dürr has conjured up for a strong run in the snow! With an even greater deficit than Vlhová, she ranks in third place, which makes Dürr smile in the leaders’ box for the first time.


Petra Vlhova (SVK)

Yes, Lena Dürr definitely managed a strong run! Because Petra Vlhová is four tenths behind in the first flat section and keeps losing time in the next sections. So there are 72 hundredths behind at the finish – that was not to be expected! A good sign for Lena Dürr.


Lena Durr (GER)

As already mentioned, Lena Dürr opens this first run. In the middle section, the American trainer who set the run made it a little more twisting. Lena Dürr completes the run very solidly, there are no major mistakes to be seen. The next runner will show how much the 52.17 seconds she marks are worth.


Here we go

88 athletes from numerous, sometimes exotic nations, as is so often the case at the Olympics, make their way down the Salomhang in the Ski Alpin Center. As in the last few days, the much-criticized slopes – in Beijing there is hardly any natural snow, so the slopes are made of artificial snow – are good in sunny weather. Ready to go!


Vlhová-Shiffrin dominance

There were seven slaloms this winter, each of which was won by one of the two dominant technicians: Petra Vlhová and Mikaela Shiffrin. With five successes, the pendulum swings clearly to the Slovakian, especially since the US ski star Shiffrin has to catch himself again after retiring in the giant slalom. Maybe yesterday’s Super G bronze medal from her friend Kilde gives Shiffrin a little boost?


Does Dürr provide the first Alpine precious metal?

There was no medal in the DSV team, Lena Dürr wants to change that! And the German has every right to compete with confidence, fourth in the World Cup slalom standings and failing to finish in the top five just twice in the seven previous slaloms. Three third places are there so far – they were the first three podium experiences in their special discipline slalom. The 30-year-old is one of the favorites and will open the race in a few minutes. Can she benefit from starting number one and a perfect slope? Emma Aicher, after all just in the top 30 of the discipline ranking, completes the DSV team, which consists of two women.


Holdener known to be on the podium?

The Swiss Wendy Holdener probably has one of the most curious series in recent alpine skiing history: The 28-year-old was on the podium 33 times in the three special disciplines Super G, giant slalom and slalom (29 of them in slalom) – winning from them 33 races but not a single one. This series continues this year: third place in Killington, second place in Krajnska Gora are the best results of the season so far. Since she was even more consistent overall than Michelle Gisin, who also made it onto the podium once, she has the best chance of a medal as third in the discipline. However, Gisin’s hopes are not much lower. The other two Confederates, Camille Rast and Aline Danioth, have outsider chances.


Liensberger ÖSV medal hope

The hopes of the Austrians rest largely on the shoulders of Katharina Liensberger. The best ÖSV slalom skier of the winter made it to the podium in Lienz (2nd) and Zagreb (3rd) this winter, just missed it in Killington. The slalom team, which can be expanded at the top for red-white-red conditions, is also dominated by Katharina’s behind: Katharina Truppe was almost fourth in the giant slalom and will compete with self-confidence, Gallhuber and Huber with the same first name complete the Austrian team. All three can be found in the extended circle of favourites.


Warm welcome

Good night for the second decision at the technology specialists! After the giant slalom won by Sara Hector on Monday, the skiing elite will compete for Olympic gold in the slalom tonight. The first round will start at 03:15 CET (10:15 Chinese time).


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