Live ticker – (Olympic Winter Games – single seater 2022)


Wolfgang Kindl (AUT)

Wolfgang Kindl will now go full attack in the direction of Ludwig to attack gold again. The Austrian seems really experienced again, runs down his run cleanly and shows the new best time. With 0.791, Fischnaller can easily pass, but his opponent is Ludwig, of course, and now it’s his turn!


Dominik Fischnaller (ITA)

What can Dominik Fischnaller do now against Felix Loch? It’s going to be close again as the Italian loses his lead after one mistake. Now he has to do the lower sections well if he wants to stay in front. And that’s what Fischnaller does. The Italian won the medal and stayed 0.192 seconds ahead of the hole. So he has a medal for sure! Loch has to hope for big mistakes from the other competitors if he also wants to be present at the award ceremony.


Kristers Apartments (LVA)

It’s all about bronze. What can Kristers Aparjods do about it? He has started well and can increase his lead for the time being. In the long roundabout, however, he loses again and after a big mistake further down with a crossover, the thing is done: He falls behind Loch.


Felix Loch (GER)

Now it’s all about the medals! Felix Loch is in fifth place after three runs, but still has every chance towards bronze. He has set his sled aggressively and with a few corrections Loch has a time of 57.485 and the third best run time. He passes Langenhan, but is that enough to put the competition under pressure?


Gints Bērziņš (LVA)

The 19-year-old is one of the big surprises in the single-seater. Now it will be exciting to see what he can bring down in his last run. He quickly loses his lead towards Langenhan, but attacks again below. Is it still enough against the German? No! With 0.081 seconds he falls behind Langenhan, who is already at least in sixth place. But Bērziņš is not dissatisfied either and he celebrates at the finish.


Max Langenhan (GER)

With Max Langenhan it is now the turn of the first German starter. Can he improve again with a good run? He has a big lead of more than a second, a small slide costs him a lot of time high up, but he shows himself to be outstanding in the difficult section and can be happy about the best time in the end. Mazdzer passed by 1.2 seconds and will now see if he can catch up a few places.


Chris Mazdzer (USA)

Chris Mazdzer was able to grab silver at the last winter games. It won’t be enough this year, but after a tough season he shouldn’t be unhappy with his performance so far. He has a good lead and he can take it to the finish line. With 57.779 seconds there is exactly the same time as in the third run and the sovereign lead. Seven starters are still on top.


Semen Pavlichenko (ROC)

Semen Pavlichenko goes really high into the second corner and immediately shows that he wants to attack again here. After that, he is calmer, but still loses his lead and finally has to place himself just behind his compatriot with 0.015 seconds.


Leon Felderer (ITA)

Ten athletes are already down and the tension curve is slowly rising. Leon Felderer opens the field of the ten best athletes and it would be a success for him if he could stay there. At the start he is still lacking in athletics and after a few mistakes and crosses he falls behind Repilov. It could get tight again with the top ten.


Roman Repilov (ROC)

Roman Repilov is certainly not one of the best starters, but after that the Russian catches up and there are no major mistakes in the run. He stays on and takes 0.649 seconds to the finish.


Tucker West (USA)

Tucker West takes a good lead into his run, but then he also has difficulties, has to put his feet on the ground and falls behind Nico Gleirscher by a mere 0.077 seconds.


David Gleirscher (AUT)

David Gleirscher fell on his third run and had to perform a rescue that cost him a lot of time. This had thrown him back from a good eighth place to 13th place. But even so, the 2018 Olympic champion should be anything but happy with his performance so far. Can he do something now? The start time is good and after that he comes through the track properly. But then he has huge problems, it lifts him up and, like before, he has to give everything to get back on the sled. It goes back places and the frustration is of course great for him and his brother.


Aleksandr Gorbatcevich (ROC)

Aleksandr Gorbatcevich isn’t as good at the start as Nico Gleirscher and as a result leaves something behind against his rivals. In the middle of the lane, the lead is almost completely gone and when it comes to the second half of his run, Gleirscher has the clear advantage and stays ahead of the Russian. Finally, Gorbatcevich was 0.318 seconds short of staying ahead of the Austrian.


Nico Gleirscher (AUT)

The first Austrian is Nico Gleirscher’s turn. He had big plans, but then the first run was his undoing and he went way back. He showed what he can really do in the third run. And now in the final things are going well again for the Austrian. He quickly increases his lead and only briefly makes a major mistake. With a lead of 0.936 seconds, he takes over the position of leader.


Reid Watts (CAN)

Reid Watts doesn’t exactly have an easy game against his competitor from Australia either. He is able to keep his lead at first, but then the gap quickly melts away and he falls behind Ferlazzo, who has gained another place in the competition.


Alexander Ferlazzo (AUS)

As an Australian, he is of course the big exotic when it comes to tobogganing. Nevertheless, he shows that he is not unjustified in the top 20. There are minor mistakes from time to time and for a moment he just drags along the wall. But overall, everything fits together and he can confidently clench his fist on the exit. At the end there was another personal best time and the sovereign lead.


Artūrs Dārznieks (LVA)

The next starter is with Artūrs Dārznieks goes into the ice channel with loud screams and then ensures that Gustafson has to give up his lead. He needed 58.333 seconds for his run. His best time in this competition.


Svante Kohala (SWE)

Svante Kohala is also one of those who should be satisfied with his participation in the final. Against Gustafson, however, he clearly loses out. The Swede falls behind early on and he simply can’t close it. With 0.051 seconds he has to line up behind the competitor. But the fist is still there in the end, because the fourth run and the top 20 were definitely his goal.


Jonathan Gustafson (USA)

It is prepared for the decision in luge! The American Jonathan Gustafson, for whom it was certainly already a success to have gotten a place in the top 20, makes the start. He was able to show his best time in the first run, can he set a time in this area again now? Not quite. Still, it will be his second-best time in this competition for him. 3:53.946 is the total time of the US boy.


Ludwig on course for gold

With its brilliant record at the Olympics, Germany started the race as the big favorite and this has been confirmed so far. Johannes Ludwig, the number one contender for gold, is in the lead after three runs with a time of 2:51.544 minutes and set the new course record in the third run. As a result, he was able to extend his lead over Wolfgang Kindl to 0.113 seconds. Dominik Fischnaller is already clearly behind with 0.722 seconds. Felix Loch has lost ground slightly, but still has his sights set on bronze in fifth place. Max Langenhan is in seventh place.


20 starters still there

After the third run, the field of lugers was reduced to the 20 best starters. In the last run, the races will be run in reverse order of the list of results. This means that the worst luger starts before the best athlete finishes the race.


Driving here

The Olympic toboggan run, which is almost two kilometers long, looks like a gigantic giant snake made of concrete, steel and ice. The ice track contains a total of 16 curves and, unlike the tracks at the previous venues, is not a high-speed track. Speeds of over 130 km/h are not to be expected. Despite everything, the track has its pitfalls and is considered difficult to master with its many long curves.


Welcome to the decision!

Welcome to the live ticker of the luge decision at the first luge competition at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. At 2:15 p.m. the decisive fourth run for the men begins!


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