Live Ticker – (Olympic Winter Games – Normal Hill 2022)


Je Un Park (KOR)

Je-un Park wants to try again towards the Olympics and after struggling in the World Cup, things are actually going quite well. Even if the 90 meters are of course not enough to play a role here.


Markuss Vinogradovs (LET)

Markuss Vinogradovs is one of the big underdogs in Nordic Combined and the young athlete hardly has a chance to attack here with the conditions in his home country. The jump seems unclean and after 72 meters he joins the end of the result lists.


Andrzej Szczechowicz (POL)

The same applies to the athletes from Poland, who were able to take part in the ski jumping part at least a few years ago. But that’s not what we’re talking about today. With 82.5 meters, Szczechowicz will be one of those who actually only run along.


Viacheslav Barkov (ROC)

Viacheslav Barkov waves away disappointed after his jump. Because he also has no possibilities to reach for a respectable width here. It’s a pity really, because his country was already much further in Nordic combined.


Stephen Schumann (USA)

Stephen Schumann is one of the young athletes in the field, but has no chance against Bortolas. After 88.5 meters in similar wind conditions, he falls behind by 42 seconds.


Artem Galunin (ROC)

Artem Galunin flies over the distance of his teammate, but he doesn’t get much out of it in the end. After 77 meters it is already clear to him that he will only run after them today.


Iacopo Bortola (ITA)

Iacopo Bortolas does it much better. The young Italian looks much more stable in the air and so it goes a few meters further. 93.5 meters are credited to him.


Samir Mastiev (ROC)

It’s ready for the jump round when deciding on the normal hill. Samir Mastiev from the Russian Olympic team starts with a short 72 meters. The Olympic motto applies to him: Being there is everything. It may take some athletes until the other jumps come.


Yoshito Watabe with the best practice jump

Before the jump, the 45 athletes had the opportunity to do another test jump in order to adapt to today’s conditions. Yoshito Watabe showed the best jump with 100 meters and 76.1 points. Johannes Lamparter had jumped further with 102.5 meters, but had better wind. Third was Jørgen Gråbak, who also underlines his claim to the medals. Julian Schmid was fourth as the best German.


The quartet from Germany

The team of the German Nordic combined is severely decimated after the failure of Eric Frenzel and Terence Weber, but the chances of a medal are good. Julian Schmid is doing extremely well on the hill and Johannes Rydzek and Vinzenz Geiger could also reach for a medal. For them it will depend on how they get along on the hill.


The team from Austria

In addition to Johannes Lamparter, who should expect some medals today, the Austrian team is counting on Lukas Greiderer, Martin Fritz and Franz-Josef Rehrl on the normal hill. Rehrl can look back on strong training jumps, but should find it more difficult in cross-country skiing and therefore have a hard time in the medal fight.


There are a few favourites

Even if some of the big names have to pass today, there is still a large group of medal favorites. First and foremost is Austria’s Johannes Lamparter, who is currently leading the World Cup and is in good shape. Vinzenz Geiger and Jørgen Gråbak are also among the favorites. You also have to reckon with Ilkka Herola from Finland and Akito Watabe from Japan.


Corona causes many failures

Corona is the ongoing topic in Nordic Combined before the first competition at the 2022 Winter Olympics. First it hit the Estonian Kristjan Ilves, who was one of the narrower circle of favourites. A little later, a positive test followed with the absolute favourite: Jarl Magnus Riiber. In addition to them, two strong DSV athletes are also missing. Terence Weber and Eric Frenzel will at least miss the competition on the normal hill.


Warm welcome!

Hello and welcome to the Nordic Combined decision on the normal hill. At 9:00 a.m., the first step is the jump round. At 12:00 p.m., cross-country skiing follows over the ten kilometers!


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