Live Ticker – (Olympic Winter Games – Mixed Relay (4 x 6 km / 7.5 km) 2022)


All mixed once

Now everything changes at the front. Alexander Loginov shoots clean and puts the Russians in front. He is followed by the American Doherty, just 0.7 seconds behind. The Swedes avoid the penalty loop and remain third. Émilien Jacquelin comes out in fourth after two penalties, just under six seconds back.


France must go twice!

Émilien Jacquelin misses twice. Both errors are right high. He’s also having some issues with the spares now, and misses all three spares. What a twist! This means that France has to go into the penalty loop twice. What are the pursuers doing?


Emilien Jacquelin flies

Émilien Jacquelin really pushes up front. Within a kilometer he has surpassed his competitors by almost ten seconds. He’s about to go into standing with a pretty solid 33 second lead.


Way flawless

Benjamin Weger is on the road for Switzerland and is doing a really good job. He doesn’t need a spare and scoops out one more position. Benni Doll, on the other hand, also struggles at the shooting range. Three shots miss the target, but he manages to sink all three spares. Simon Eder needs an extra cartridge and is eleventh behind Doll.


Lots of good shooting results

Émilien Jacquelin does it really well and uncompromisingly in prone. He hits all five targets and leaves the shooting range with a big lead. Italy and Sweden are keeping up and also shooting clean. Tarjei Bø is traveling for the Norwegians, shooting clean and taking fourth position.


Who’s on the trail?

Now the men are on track. Thomas Bormolini sets out for Italy, who is swallowed up directly by Émilien Jacquelin. For Sweden, Martin Ponsiluoma starts the round in third place. How well Ponsiluoma does remains to be seen. There is definitely a small question mark behind the Swede.


2nd change

Julia Simon catches up with Dorothea Wierer on the cross-country ski run. At kilometer eleven the gap is only five seconds. Elvira Öberg brings Switzerland to third place and the second change is in this order.


Herrmann avoids the next penalty loop

What about further down the field? Denise Herrmann, Lena Häcki and Lisa Theresa Hauser keep their nerves and none of the three athletes have to go out. With that they make up some time on the leading Wierer. Häcki now brings Switzerland into the top ten and Herrmann follows in tenth place. Lisa Theresa Hauser is 13th, almost two minutes behind.


Italy keeps its nerves

The top is already back at the shooting range. Who leaves this as a leader? None comes through flawlessly. The wind has freshened up and Tiril Eckhoff has to go into the round again and twice. Hanna Sola also gets it with the last spare round. It will also be 300 meters extra for Sola. Dorothea Wierer fights and is already doing squats at the shooting range. Does it help? Yes! Wierer avoids the penalty loop and goes out 13 seconds ahead of France. France fought back impressively with Julia Simon.


Germany has to tremble again, Austria with round

Denise Herrmann is also fighting against the penalty loop. But then she can just pull her head out of the sling and the three spares are enough for her. This puts Germany in 12th place after the third shooting. Lisa Theresa Hauser, on the other hand, has to accept the next penalty loop in front of Austria and is still behind Herrmann. Lena Häcki keeps Switzerland in tenth place.


Lots of shooting errors

Now almost all athletes fight against the penalty loop. Dorothea Wierer, on the other hand, does it confidently and only needs one spare. Italy is again at the top. Despite the penalty loop, Eckhoff is in second position. Elvira Öberg also fights against the extra meters, but can just fend them off. With sixth place, she starts to catch up on the cross-country ski run.


Eckhoff already at the shooting range

Meanwhile, Tiril Eckhoff has already arrived at the shooting range. In any case, the wind is still within limits and is similar to when zeroing in before. It will be close. The Norwegian misses three times and thus against the penalty loop. She doesn’t make it and so Eckhoff has to go into the round.


Austria and Germany cut off

Lena Häcki is now sixth in the cross-country ski run. Germany and Austria remain close together and change places 14 and 15. Denise Herrmann has to make up a good eleven seconds on Lena Häcki in order to be able to run together with her. That is quite possible for the strong runner. The pressure is off for both nations and for them it will be about gaining competition experience and making up a few more positions.


1st change

The first change is pending and Marte Olsbu Røiseland changes to Tiril Eckhoff. Eckhoff now has a lead of 16.7 seconds. That shows what an incredibly good final round Marte Olsbu Røiseland has conjured up in the snow. Dorothea Wierer takes up direct pursuit and has Hanna Sola breathing down her neck.


Fins without a spare

Finland’s Minkinnen is the only athlete in the field who has not yet used a spare. Finland is currently in fifth place, 45 seconds behind.


Switzerland makes up places

Julia Schwaiger is not spared either and has to complete an extra 150 meters. It’s better for Amy Baserga, who only needs one spare in standing. This moves her up to 12th position.


France and Germany with penalties

Anaiis Chavalier-Bochet goes into the penalty loop! A top favorite says goodbye early. But things aren’t going well for other nations either. Vanessa Voigt shoots the second penalty loop and goes back over two minutes behind the leaders.


Marte Olsbu Røiseland is catching up!

The first runners are already coming to stand up. Vittozzi has to reload once, as do Öberg and Alimbekava. Marte Olsbu Røiseland, shooting clean, goes 0.5 seconds back behind Lisa Vittozzi. Hanna Öberg and Sweden are new third parties.


The first three

After three kilometers, Lisa Vittozzi is still in the lead for Italy. Alimbekava is on her heels, eleven seconds behind. Hanna Öberg has already fought her way behind.


Mixed start

Amy Baserga had a similarly bad time at the shooting range and with one penalty she now wants to clear up the field from behind together with Vanessa Voigt. Julia Schwaiger did a little better and needed two spares. She is ninth behind the strong French Anaiis Chevalier-Bochet.


False start for Germany

Vanessa Voigt is a solid prone shooter but nervousness caught up with her today. She misses three times and can’t utilize a spare either. So it’s an extra 150m and the German team falls back to rank 17. With that, Germany can almost bury the chance of a medal.


1. Shoot

Marte Olsbu Røiseland has some problems with her rifle and starts a little later than the competition. There are three spares in total, after which the penalty loop awaits the athletes. Lisa Vittozzi does it best and is the first to go back to the trail.


First intermediate rating

After the first kilometer it is time for the first intermediate ranking. Here Alimbekava leads ahead of Marte Olsbu Røiseland and Nigmatullina from the Russian Olympic Committee. Voigt is in eighth place, one place behind Schwaiger. Amy Baerga is in 17th place.

10:00 a.m

It starts!

20 teams fight for the medals. The women go first and embark on the overall rather short first loop, which is only 2km long. Vanessa Voigt is the first for Germany, Julia Schwaiger is on track for Austria and Amy Baserga for Switzerland.


The favourites

However, the favorites for gold can still be seen in other nations. The Norwegians are the top favorites with dominator Marte Olsbu Røiseland. But the French and Swedes should not be ignored either. The conditions in Beijing are relatively difficult. It’s extremely cold and the wind picks up every now and then, so things could get explosive at the shooting range.


Switzerland wants to present itself well

In addition to Amy Baserga, Benjamin Weger and Sebastian Stalder, Switzerland will also be represented by their strongest athlete, Lena Häcki. The team from Switzerland is still very young and has two Junior World Champions in its luggage: Amy Baserga and Sebastian Stalder. But it would be a big surprise for the quartet if they could fight for the medal places.


ÖSV team wants to repeat World Cup sensation

Lisa Theresa Hauser, Julia Schwaiger, Felix Leitner and Simon Eder will be on the track for Austria. After the rather mixed season for the biathletes so far, the mixed competition may come at just the right time. In this, the ÖSV quartet still has the greatest chances, but everything has to fit together with the four. In the previous year, the Austrians caused a sensation in a different line-up with World Cup silver behind Norway. They are only too happy to repeat this.


Germany with an outsider chance

Denise Herrmann and Vanessa Voigt as well as Benedikt Doll and Philipp Nawrath will be at the start for DSV. Franziska Preuss, the strongest biathlete this winter to date, has not yet returned to her old form due to her foot injury and her corona infection and has not yet been nominated today. Benedikt Doll was set in advance, as was Denise Herrmann. The nomination of Philipp Nawrath, on the other hand, came as a bit of a surprise. He was preferred to Erik Lesser and Johannes Kühn. Vanessa Voigt has fought her way into the current season and impressed with stable results. Nevertheless, the DSV relay is more of an outsider when it comes to medals.


Warm welcome

Good morning and welcome to the first decision day at the Olympic Games in Beijing. The mixed biathlon competition starts at 10:00 a.m.


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