Live Ticker – (Olympic Winter Games – 2 x 7.5 km Skiathlon Women 2022)


Stadlober with low expectations

ÖSV top star Teresa Stadlober goes into the competition with low expectations. Stadlober had to postpone her trip to China by four days due to CT values ​​in the border area and therefore went to the cross-country ski trail late for the test. A fact that also ensured that the Austrian does not feel quite fit for the first task. However, Stadlober always has chances of a good result, especially since the skiathlon always went extremely well at major events. In 2018 she was seventh at the Olympics and fourth at the World Championships last year.


What is possible for DSV women?

The German women in Zhangjiakou are certainly not among the favourites. But you have to give them outsider chances. Katharina Hennig in particular, who has already made it onto the podium this season, could cause a surprise. In addition to her, Pia Fink, Katherine Sauerbrey and Sofie Krehl were nominated for the skiathlon. For them, a result in the top 15 would already be a great start to the Winter Games.


The favourites

Since there hasn’t been a cross-country skiing World Cup since the beginning of January, it’s not easy to compare the level of performance of the athletes. The big favorite for gold is certainly Therese Johaug, who always copes well with difficult routes and who should also be able to handle the snow conditions. The Swedes, for their part, have two hot irons in the fire in Frida Karlsson and Ebba Andersson. In the skiathlon you always have to reckon with Krista Pärmäkoski from the Finnish team. In 2018 she won bronze and most recently she was in good shape at the Tour de Ski.


The daily task

In the skiathlon, which is only rarely run in the World Cup, the combination of the two running styles is required. The first 7.5 kilometers of the race are run in classic style, before switching to free technique in the second half. It starts with a mass start. The last skiathlon took place last year at the World Championships in Oberstdorf.


Heavy routes

Challenging routes await the athletes during the Winter Games. The cross-country network is 1,700 meters above sea level and thus higher than all routes in Europe. In addition, the route is very windy and the snow is unusual and slow. And as if that weren’t enough, it’s a really challenging loop with lots and lots of long climbs that will require a lot of strength and which the athletes should select quickly.


Warm welcome!

Hello and welcome to the first decision at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. At 8:45 a.m., the cross-country skiers will fight for gold, silver and bronze in the skiathlon!


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