Live ticker Novak Djokovic – Tim van Rijthoven (Wimbledon 2022, round of 16)


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 6: 2, 2: 1

We’ve seen that less often from Djoker in the last service games, but now the Serb is showing his qualities again. He gets his service here with zero.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 6: 2, 1: 1

Unlike in the first set, van Rijthoven can get his first service game here. That should be particularly important for the Dutchman, as he was already chasing a break in the first round.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 6: 2, 1: 0

Djokovic also starts the second set and is able to serve through again. Among other things, the Serb needs his second ace in today’s game.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 6:2

In the end, however, the Djoker gets the set. The Serb opens a strong backhand rally down the line with an outstanding backhand. The first sentence goes to the Serbs, but the events are not as clear as the result shows.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 5:2

However, Van Rijthoven has to go over the second serve and knocks Djokovic’s return wide. So there is the set ball, which the 25-year-old can fend off with an ace.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 5:2

Even when the score was 3:30 p.m., van Rijthoven didn’t let himself be fooled and continued to serve cleanly. However, the Dutchman has to go through debut here.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 5:2

The 25-year-old doesn’t get another chance for the time being, because the next two points also go to the Serbs, who seem extremely focused but not quite satisfied.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 4:2

However, Djoker serves well and puts pressure on immediately. Van Rijthoven wants to free himself and blunders on the backhand.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 4:2

Wow! What a forehand from the underdog, who plays the passing ball at full speed and actually has the next breakball here!


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 4:2

The Dutchman has completely shed his nervousness here. The 25-year-old plays his second clean service game here. But of course he still needs the break here.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 4:1

But Novak Djokovic doesn’t splash out here either and marches through his service. In this phase, the spectators no longer see the long rallies that took place at the beginning of the sentence.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 3:1

That will do the Dutchman good! Without any problems and with zero, the 25-year-old secures his serve here and shortens it to 1:3.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 3:0

The long service game then goes to Djokovic. Was that perhaps the biggest chance that van Rijthoven got in this initial phase?


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 2:0

Van Rijthoven plays this really well! The Dutchman keeps up great in the long rallies. The problem: Novak Djokovic isn’t that bad either and so it’s hard to get the point at the end.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 2:0

But the Serb also wobbles here on his own serve. Djokovic gets a return played right in front of his feet and he fires the ball into the net from his knees. This is the first breakball against the defending champion.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 2:0

After a slight forehand error, the Dutchman has the breakball against him and has to go over the second serve again. In the following rally, the 25-year-old tries to stop, but fails miserably. The Djoker then gets the break without any problems.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 1-0

A rate of 50% for the first serve is currently not enough to get the service through. Van Rijthoven has to go through the debut here again.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 1-0

The Dutchman needs his first serve and at 0:30 he finds it. The 25-year-old has definitely set his sights on something here and has been pushing himself from the start.


N Djokovic – T van Rijthoven 1-0

Here we go! Novak Djokovic starts with his own service and shows a fairly effortless opening game here. Van Rijthoven has a strong return, but nothing more.


It can start right away!

Jannik Sinner is in the next round, the Italian defeats Carlos Alcaraz in four sets. This also means that Center Court is now free. Around 9 p.m. Novak Djokovic and Tim van Rijthoven will enter the pitch.


Spectacle on Center Court

The wait goes on! Because Carlos Alcaraz fends off two match points and can still get the third set in the tie break, the Djoker and van Rijthoven have to be patient. At least one set will be played on Center Court before the two can start.


Patience is required

Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz are currently facing each other on Center Court. The two are currently in the third set, the first two rounds went to Sinner. Of course, Novak Djokovic and Tim van Rijthoven in particular are now waiting for the end of the game, and it will only be their turn afterwards.


Favorite fright from the Netherlands

On paper, fate also threatens Tim van Rijthoven, who, as number 104 in the world, is of course the clear outsider. However, the Dutchman has already shown that he can cause surprises here. He knocked out both service giant Opelka and Georgian Basiashvili and has two seeded players “on his conscience”. With the Djoker, however, a completely different caliber awaits today.


No mercy

After Novak Djokovic lost a set against South Korean Kwon in round one and started the tournament with some trouble, the Serb is now in very good form. In both the second and third rounds, he hardly allowed anything and won twice straight in three sets. Kokkinakis and compatriot Kecmanovic didn’t stand a chance.


Warm welcome!

Hello and hello to Wimbledon 2022! In south-west London, the first week of the traditional grass tournament is slowly but surely coming to an end. Whether defending champion Novak Djokovic or outsider Tim van Rijthoven will be there next week, the two will fight out around 7 p.m. according to the current status.

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