Live ticker Novak Djokovic – Thanasi Kokkinakis (Wimbledon 2022, 2nd round)


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Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6-1, 6-4, 0-0

It continues with a serve from Kokkinakis, who tries to put pressure on with the forehand. This time, however, the forehand cross is too long. 15:15.


sentence conclusion

The second set also goes safely to Djokovic 6: 4. Kokkinakis showed himself to be significantly improved on his own serve in the first set, but still remained without a single break chance. Djokovic has rarely made mistakes and thus hardly gives the Australian a chance to get in.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 6-1, 6-4

This time Djokovic uses his first set ball. Kokkinakis does not get his quick serve to the outside returned.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6-1, 5-4

The next two set balls are quickly available for Djokovic. He quickly puts the pressure on and forces Kokkinakis’ backhand error.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6-1, 5-4

In the end, the Australian fends off four set balls and saves himself from the break again. Twice in a row there is an ace from Kokkinakis and then the next good serve resulting in a quick overhead winner. But now Djokovic serves to win the set.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 6-1, 5-3

Even with the third set ball, Kokkinakis doesn’t leave a chance. This time he smashes Djokovic’s return volley into the other corner.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 6-1, 5-3

Djokovic misses the first set ball and Kokkinakis can also fend off a second. Again it is his fast serve to the outside that gives Djokovic no chance of a return.

3:50 p.m

Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 6-1, 5-3

Bitter for Kokkinakis! The Australian’s next double error leads to a set ball for Djokovic.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 6-1, 5-3

Does Djokovic get the second set with a break? A double fault by Kokkinakis quickly puts Djokovic in front at 30:15.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 6-1, 5-3

The next rally also goes to Djokovic. Actually, Kokkinakis unintentionally plays a strong drop shot with the frame, but the 35-year-old Serb gets it and puts the ball cross directly on the line.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6-1, 4-3

The Australian hasn’t had a breakball so far and this time it’s quickly 40-0 for Djokovic again. A backhand for Kokkinakis is too long and lands behind the baseline.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6-1, 4-3

Kokkinkas sure gets through the game. A powerful serve to the outside puts Djokovic under pressure and he finishes with a forehand cross winner. Djokovic had speculated on the other corner.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 6-1, 4-2

Well played by Kokkinakis and directly there is applause from the audience. Djokovic nets him with a drop shot but the Aussie gets through with no trouble. The ensuing overhead punch from Kokkinakis is really strong. 40:15 for the 26-year-old.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 6-1, 4-2

Again played well by Djokovic. After hitting the net, his overhead shot is actually under-placed, but he makes up for it with a fantastic backhand longline winner.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6: 1, 3: 2

With his own serve, almost everything continues to work for Djokovic. This time he comes straight forward but puts the ball in the net. He is immediately annoyed by one of his few mistakes. 30:15 for Djokovic.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6: 1, 3: 2

Strongly served by Kokkinakis! With full risk he serves through the middle and Djokovic does not get the serve back.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 6-1, 3-1

The Australian’s punches seem safer than in the first set. His fast forehand leads to a backhand error from the Serb. 30:15 for Kokkinakis.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 6-1, 3-1

However, Kokkinakis’ good start is not enough for a break chance. A quick serve through the middle leads to a backhand inside-out to win the game for the Serb.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6-1, 2-1

Now Kokkinakis Mal can unpack his strong forehand. In a longer rally, Djokovic can’t build up any pressure, allowing the Australian to do a nice forehand cross. Kokkinakis’ winner lands right on the line. 30:15 for Kokkinakis.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6-1, 2-1

There is an early break for Djokovic again. Kokkinakis actually seems to avert the break, but then a double fault follows at the wrong time. In the next rally, Djokovic does an excellent job and sends the Australian into the corner with a backhand cross. This puts him on the net for the volley winner.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6-1, 1-1

If Kokkinakis doesn’t win the rally with the serve, he still has problems. This time his simple forehand lands in the net. 30:30.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6-1, 1-1

Djokovic also pulls through his service game solidly. Kokkinakis returns a good serve through the middle, but the Serb’s inside-out can no longer be reached afterwards.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6-1, 0-1

It starts with set two and Kokkinakis can finally use his serve power. He gets through the game without losing a point. In the end, he forces the Serb’s backhand error with a good service.


sentence conclusion

The first set between Djokovic and Kokkinakis goes 6-1 to the Serbs. Djokovic was largely error-free in the first set and thus gave the Australian no chance on his own serve. Kokkinakis has been struggling to use his serve power as Djokovic has returned brilliantly several times. So the sentence clearly goes to the 35-year-old.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 6: 1

Djokovic makes short work of it and secures the sentence on his own serve. After a good serve, he attacks again directly with a backhand drop shot, which Kokkinakis again can only play into the net. He uses his first set ball directly.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 5: 1

In the end there is a break for the Serb. With a perfectly placed drop shot, he brings Kokkinakis to the net. The 26-year-old can still run the ball, but cannot get it over the net.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 4: 1

What a return from Djokovic! He goes full backhand and gets the fast serve back from Kokkinakis. He had almost averted the break, but now it’s back on track.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 4: 1

Again there are breakballs for Djokovic. Kokkinakis hits the serve hard again, but the Serb gets the ball back well. The subsequent forehand from Kokkinakis lands clearly out of bounds, which he doesn’t seem to have hit properly. 40:15 for Djokovic


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 4: 1

This is how it can go for Kokkinakis with his own serve. Strong serve through the middle and a direct attack ball with the forehand. Djokovic still gets the forehand, but the ball is too short.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 4: 1

Kokkinakis comes back to 40:30, but the game still goes to Djokovic. Kokkinakis keeps trying to speed things up with his forehand, but this time it lands behind the line.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 3: 1

However, Djokovic remains unimpressed. After a quick serve, he sends Kokkinakis into the right corner. The Australian still gets a turn, but his backhand goes into the net. 40-0 for Djokovic.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 3: 1

It was actually a good start, but then Kokkinakis let the Serbs get a chance again. At 40:30, however, the 26-year-old unpacks a strong ace to the outside and wins his first game. Important for Kokkinakis.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 3-0

Now Kokkinakis is slowly getting started. A quick ace to the outside quickly makes it 30:0.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 3-0

So far everything is going well for the Serbs. He also gets through his own service game without losing a point and Kokkinakis has had problems getting into the rallies so far. His actually simple forehand lands in the middle of the net.


Djokovic-Kokkinakis: 2-0

In fact, Djokovic has his first break right away. The Serb puts a lot of pressure on, so Kokkinakis misses the forehand. Now the outsider has to run after a break straight away.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 1-0

In his first own service game, Kokkinakis takes full risk. He actually has a very strong serve, this time he commits the double fault directly. 15: 0 for Djokovic.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 1-0

Both don’t start without mistakes. First Djokovic puts a backhand slice in the net, in the next rally Kokkinakis’ forehand is too long. The Australian doesn’t look hopeless, but he doesn’t get a break chance yet.


Djokovic – Kokkinakis: 0-0

It starts on Center Court. The first point goes directly to the Australian. With a nice drop shot he doesn’t give Djokovic a chance.


coin toss

The coin toss goes to the 35-year-old Serb. He decides to serve first, so starts his first service game in a few minutes.


It can start right away

Djokovic and Kokkinakis now step onto the lawn. After warming up, the second round match can start.


First match since 2015

Djokovic and Kokkinakis have already met once, but it’s been a while since the encounter. In 2015, the two faced off on the sands of Roland Garros. At that time the match went in three sets to the favorite Djokovic.


Grand Slam title in doubles

With Kokkinakis, the next not-so-easy task awaits Djokovic. The Australian defeated Kamil Majchrzak in three sets in the first round. Kokkinakis has shown in the past that he can beat the best. In 2018 he defeated then world number one Roger Federer at the Miami Open. After a year outside the top 250, he already won an ATP tournament in Adelaide this year and won the doubles title at the Australian Open alongside Nick Kyrgios.


First grass tournament in 2022

The Serb’s teething problems could also have something to do with his break after Roland Garros. After the quarterfinals against Nadal, he decided not to take part in the preparatory tournaments on grass. Last year’s winner Djokovic may have to get in shape first.


Trouble in round one

Djokovic, who was put first by the absence of Medvedev and Zverev, did not find it easy in his first task at Wimbledon. In his first round match against world No. 81 Soon Woo Kwon, he needed four sets to advance to the next round. He repeatedly had problems against the aggressive South Korean, especially in the first two sets, but prevailed in the end with his consistency.


Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to the second round of Wimbledon 2022! The game between Novak Djokovic and Thanasi Kokkinakis is about to take place on Center Court. The match is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Have fun reading along.


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