Live ticker Novak Djokovic – Miomir Kecmanović (Wimbledon 2022, 3rd round)


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 6-0, 1-0

Again, Kecmanović’s mistake gives Djokovic a break chance. Kecmanović forehand lands behind the line again. Before his next serve, he gets motivating applause from the audience again


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 6-0, 1-0

Djokovic doesn’t let up at first and gets his first service game. A quick serve to the outside forces Kecmanović on the defensive and directs Djokovic to the net. There he has to show an athletic volley again, but Kecmanović can no longer achieve it.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 6-0, 0-0

The second sentence continues where the first left off. Again, Kecmanović’s forehand cross is too misplaced and lands behind the baseline.


sentence conclusion

After a strong start, Novak Djokovic won the first set against Miomir Kecmanović 6-0. Djokovic dominated the first section with well-placed shots and kept finding rallies despite many good serves from Kecmanović. The 22-year-old, on the other hand, seems a bit intimidated so far and makes too many mistakes to pose a threat to Djokovic, who was seeded first.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 6-0

Actually, Kecmanović had caught up the game again, but in the end Djokovic got the set ball. The 35-year-old can also use this directly because Kecmanović’s forehand is again too long.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 5-0

Can Kecmanović get at least one game in the first set? After a double fault, he quickly finds himself 30-0 down. His second serve was a little too long this time.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 5-0

What a start by Djokovic! With an ace, he also gets the fifth game and is therefore fully on his way to winning his first set.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 4-0

Kecmanović simply does not find a solution in this first sentence. He tries to get to the net, but Djokovic gets the ball past him with a well-placed backhand longline. 30:15 for Djokovic.

4:30 p.m

Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 4-0

The next break for the 35-year-old Serb. Kecmanović can’t build up pressure on his own serve and so Djokovic slowly takes control with his long shots. A backhand longline sets up his quick backhand cross and Kecmanović fails to get the ball over the net.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 3-0

Kecmanović has made too many mistakes so far. Again he pulls the forehand cross and the shot clearly goes wide. 30-0 for Djokovic.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 3-0

From a 0:40 Djokovic wins the game without much difficulty. In the end it’s a serve and volley to make it 3-0. The ball even lands on the net and is therefore out of reach for Kecmanović.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 2-0

There are three break points for Kecmanović, but Djokovic can save them all first. With a quick serve through the middle, he forces Kecmanović’s forehand mistake.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 2-0

Is there a direct rebreak? With a fantastic backhand longline, Kecmanović quickly takes a 30-0 lead.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 2-0

Perfect start for Djokovic! The 35-year-old gets the break in the first set. Kecmanović tries to play his forehand cross right on the touchline, but the ball lands next to it.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 1-0

Not a good time for a double fault! Djokovic equalizes to 30:30 and then Kecmanović’s second serve goes wrong. First break chance for Djokovic.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 1-0

There is the first longer rally and it goes to the underdog. Both play the balls a little passively before Djokovic puts his forehand just behind the line. 30-0 to Kecmanovic.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 1-0

Safe first service game for Djokovic. Except for a double fault, the number three in the world gets all rallies. Kecmanović does not get the last serve back with the forehand.


Djokovic – Kecmanovic: 0-0

Let’s go on Center Court! Djokovic opens and gets the first point straight away. He returns Kecmanović’s return with a forehand longline. The 22-year-old tries to return the quick shot with a slice, but the ball lands behind the baseline.


players on the pitch

Both players are now on the pitch and are about to start warming up. The coin toss goes to Djokovic, who will start the match with a serve.


Serbian duel

The two Serbs have already met twice, both times in Belgrade at the Serbian Open. In 2021 and 2022 the match went to Djokovic, but in the second meeting Kecmanović won a set.


Two four-set wins

Kecmanović already dropped two sets on his way to the third round. In round one, the 22-year-old beat John Millman and in his second match he won against Alejandro Tabilo after winning two tie-breaks. With his Serbian compatriot, however, the biggest challenge so far is waiting for him.


Good performances in 2022

Kecmanović starts at Wimbledon in 30th place in the ATP rankings. After good performances in the spring, he confirmed his form with a round three entry at Roland Garros before being beaten by Medvedev there. However, he immediately lost his first match on grass in Halle and Mallorca.

3:50 p.m

Ons Jabeur in round three

The Tunisian also decides the second set safely for herself. So the encounter between Novak Djokovic and Miomir Kecmanović can start right away.


Strong second round

After Djokovic struggled a bit in round one, he showed a dominant performance against Thanasi Kokkinakis in the second round. In his three-set encounter, he was particularly convincing with his strong returns and didn’t leave any chance of a break even when he served. Thus, the 35-year-old moved safely into the third round with 6: 1, 6: 4, 6: 2.


Standing on Center Court

The encounter between Parry and Jabeur is currently in the middle of the second set. The first clearly went to Jabeur, but the second is completely balanced so far. If the number two in the world also gets the second sentence, the Serbian duel can start soon.


Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to the third round of Wimbledon 2022! The game between Novak Djokovic and Miomir Kecmanović is about to take place on Center Court. The match starts after the game between Diane Parry and Ons Jabeur. Have fun reading along.

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