Live ticker Manchester City – Brentford FC (Premier League 2021/2022, 24th matchday)



Mid-term conclusion:

Manchester City struggled to find a solution against the stronghold of Brentford in the first half, but thanks to a late Mahrez penalty, they went into the break with a 1-0 lead. Up to the 40th minute, the plan of the guests from Brentford at the Etihad Stadium was still working: stand at the back, defend and throw into everything that City somehow gets on goal. But then defender Roerslev Rasmussen made a mistake and fouled Sterling with a tackle in his own penalty area. Mahrez came on for and redeemed the home side with an untenable penalty in the top left corner. As a result, leaders and champions City are on course against the promoted team and currently have a full twelve point lead over pursuers Liverpool in the live table.



Ederson risks a lot with his save and gets a hit on the neck in the fray. After a short treatment break, the goalkeeper of the home side is back.



Official injury time (minutes): 2



The Bees storm! Good chance for the guests: Stones slipped unluckily during a one-two from the Bees and gave Henry a chance on the left. However, Henry loses his balance just before Ederson and only pushes the ball into the gloves of the city keeper.



City, of course, took the penalty, as defensive as Brentford have been so far. Will the Bees stay well-behaved in their own sixteen even with the score at 0:1?



Tooor for Manchester City, 1-0 through Riyad Mahrez

Mahrez will convert for sure! The Algerian loads David Raya and nails the penalty with class in the top left corner. Pep Guardiola applauds appreciatively and applauds on the bench. City is ahead!



Penalty for Manchester City! Roerslev Rasmussen comes too late with a long through ball for Sterling and clearly knocks the Englishman over with a tackle just before the goal line. There are no two opinions: penalty for city!



whoops! Rúben Dias wants to drain the ball in his own sixteen for his goalkeeper Ederson and waits for the city keeper to grab it. When Ederson is ready, Rúben Dias prefers to threw the ball to the corner without needing to.



the best chance for City! De Bruyne levers a free kick from the back left into the sixteen. After a perfectly timed header from Rúben Dias, Laporte is free to finish and shoots the ball just wide to the right with a clean low shot! Strong co-production of the two defenders.



Riyad Mahrez wants to create the next opportunity directly and successfully goes into a one-on-one with Pinnock on the right edge of five. In the subsequent cross pass, however, a player is missing in the center.



Sterling! Foden looks up on the sixteen line and chips the ball with a lot of feeling to the left of the post. Sterling runs in and shoots the ball just over the goal with a side kick that is well worth seeing!



Yes, Man City is coming! The Sky Blues don’t let Brentford out of their own sixteen and wake up the crowd again with their better offensive actions.



Important save by David Raya! The visitors’ Spanish goalkeeper closely follows a long cross from the right and wipes the ball out of danger with one hand at the last moment. Sterling was already waiting for the dust collector. João Cancelo then has a clear path and nails the ball far over the goal with too much excitement.



Brentford are now making no more mistakes than at the start of the game, but the danger is slowly increasing. In the meantime, City is making a little more speed with the combinations, and Brentford is almost unable to get the ball at the moment.



Slight progress for the Pep Elf! Mahrez and Co. now break through the Bees’ last line of defense more often and hit more balls from the goal line into the danger zone.



This is how it could go for Manchester! The hosts pick up the pace in midfield and hand the ball over to João Cancelo on the left, who immediately swings to the goal line. The Portuguese then swings the ball in the middle, where keeper David Raya is there and concedes the cross.



Brentford chance? Offside! The Bees surprised City with a long ball over the defense and sent Henry on the left. When Ederson then directs the following long-range shot over the goal, the flag goes up at the same time.



What the home side still lack is the depth in the offensive game. The ball rarely gets behind the dense defensive block of the guests.



Failed corner trick: Mahrez takes a third corner kick and sends the ball once across the sixteen. Sterling then immediately hits the ball back and Mahrez is flagged for offside.



Even when the ball is at rest, the guests’ defense is still flawless and now easily heads Mahrez’s second corner from the five.



Can City find a gap? The hosts now have almost 80 percent possession and still have almost all of the guests’ outfield players in front of them with every attack. The chain of five of the Bees still holds.



Counter opportunity missed! Immediately after the home side’s corner, Brentford suddenly receives a promising counterattack. Canos fires up the left flank but sends the leather straight into Ederson’s arms with a poor pass.



So far, City have not been able to put pressure on the promoted team despite their superiority. Even a first corner kick from Mahrez brings nothing to the Sky Blues and only lands in the Brentford defence.



Nice idea! With a free kick in the backcourt, De Bruyne immediately checks that the Bees have overlooked Sterling on the left and quickly takes it out. Sterling then goes into the center and fails with a cross pass.



Main thing away! Brentford doesn’t even think about taking a step out of their own half and is deep in front of their own goal with the back five. With a long shot in the direction of the Brentford goal, Jansson hits the pill with a liberating blow uncompromisingly into no man’s land.



Will the first big chance follow soon? City increases the number of strokes and approaches. After a nice cross from De Bruyne, Foden heads just wide of the right post in the middle of the penalty area.



The first cross! Sterling stops on the left wing and short and curls the ball in fives. Brentford keeper David Raya is wide awake and secures the leather from Mahrez.



As expected, City takes over the ball first and throws the ball possession machine in midfield. Brentford is deep in his own sixteen.



The game begins! City sticks to the well-known “Sky Blue” when choosing jerseys and is in sky blue. The guests wear red and white jerseys. Mandatory win for Pep or do the Citizens blunder?


It’s about to start! The intro show is already running in the stadium in Manchester. The arena is being darkened and the city line-up is being ceremonially presented.


The Bees are without their top scorer Toney (six goals) today with a calf injury. Otherwise, coach Frank starts with a defensive 4-5-1 and probably wants to “park the bus” in his own sixteen for the time being. New signing Christian Eriksen is still in rehab after suffering a heart attack at the Euro and has yet to make his comeback.


Let’s take a quick look at the most important personal details: Gündoğan is initially on the bench at ManCity, Pep attacks in front in a 4-3-3 with Foden, Mahrez and Sterling. Central defender Laporte surprisingly played left-back today.


However, the chances for the big sensation of the Bees should not be too high, Manchester City is simply too constant for that at the moment. City have recently had six home wins in a row in the Premier League and could extend their lead to twelve points over Liverpool with a win against Brentford. The Citizens are also marching towards Wembley in the FA Cup and in the 4th round they shot second division Fulham 4-1 out of the competition.


A quick look at the bookmaker’s odds makes it clear how clearly the role of favorites is in this game: Anyone who bets just 10 euros on the guests from Brentford today would win a whole 250 euros if they were successful. For a City win, the betting providers offer just 11 euros. “If we win, that would be one of the biggest surprises of the season,” agrees Brentford coach Thomas Frank.


Pep Guardiola and Manchester City face viable opposition on their way to defending their Premier League title tonight as the Etihad hosts struggling newly promoted Brentford FC. The Bees have recently lost four times in a row and, after a good start to the season, are now threatening to sink more and more into the relegation battle. It’s been over a month since the Bees last won.


Good evening and welcome to the Premier League! Champions Manchester City meet newly promoted Brentford at 8:45 p.m. today. Will Pep get the mandatory win with his Citizens?


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