Live ticker Lesya Tsurenko – Jule Niemeier (Wimbledon Women 2022, 3rd round)


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12:55 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 4:5

What a point from Niemeier! In the slice duel, she dares a top-class forehand stop! In the next rally, a great forehand follows along the line and so there is now a set ball for the German!

12:50 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 4:5

Strong! Niemeier not only fends off the breakball, the next two points also belong to the Germans. The 22-year-old from Offenbach takes the lead for the first time in time for crunch time.

12:49 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 4:4

Take a deep breath with Jule Niemeier, at least for the time being. The German distributes the balls well and can finally make a debut with a backhand cross.

12:49 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 4:4

What a backhand from Tsurenko, who plays down the line out of nowhere and doesn’t give Niemeier a chance. With this, the 33-year-old works out another breakball.

12:45 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 4:4

Tsurenko makes the double fault and the Ukrainian gives the break! Can Niemeier now take the lead for the first time in his own service?


L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 4:3

Niemeier puts the pressure on with her forehand and after a great cross shot, she now gets a breakball again!

12:40 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 4:3

There it happened! After three game wins in a row, Niemeier conceded the break again. It goes back and forth in that first movement!

12:39 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 3:3

Now, however, the woman from Offenbach is facing another breakball. After a stop by Tsurenko, Niemeier is up front at the net, but is caught on the wrong foot by a brilliant passing ball by the Ukrainian.

12:38 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 3:3

What a stop from Niemeier! The 22-year-old shows great feeling here and puts the ball right behind the net. A very important point, as Niemeier would have been under pressure at 0:30 when he lost.


L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 3:3

Niemeier gets the break! After a backhand error by Tsurenko, she had the chance, which she can also use. From 0: 3, the German now makes a 3: 3 and also has the momentum on her side.

12:35 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 3:2

It’s Jule Niemeier’s turn now! The woman from Offenbach now really has something to counteract the long rallies. Again she makes a debut.


L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 3:2

Yes indeed! Jule Niemeier has arrived in this game! The German now shows a completely different self-image and gets her service with zero!


L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 3:1

There’s the re-break! Niemeier is back in the game. She shortens, but now she has to find her security on the serve.


L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 3:0

Niemeier is back! Especially from the baseline, the German is now more secure and, despite the deficit, still self-confident. There are two break points for the 22-year-old.


L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 3:0

Tsurenko always scores with her strong return. Even though Niemeier was able to increase her first serve to almost 50%, the German is now conceding her second break.


L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 2:0

The service game remains contested! Niemeier defends herself as best she can, but she has big problems, especially from the start side. Can the 22-year-old hold her own in this first sentence?


L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 2:0

Niemeier has to go over the debut again and then commits a double fault. So there’s breakball again because the German simply can’t get into the flow when it comes to her own service.


L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 2:0

But Niemeier now hits two first serves and frees himself from the precarious situation. Advantage for the 22-year-old!


L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 2:0

Jule Niemeier is under pressure again because her opponent has breakball again. Tsurenko almost pounces on Niemeier’s weak serve and takes a lot of risks on the return. With success so far!


L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 2:0

Niemeier is not even in the match. She has only two points so far after a net roll and a double fault by the opponent. From the game, the German does not succeed at all.

12:09 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 1:0

Again, the 22-year-old has to go through the second service and is completely caught on the wrong foot by the opponent’s return. Without his own point, Niemeier conceded the break here.

12:08 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 0:0

Not a good start from Niemeier, who has not yet succeeded in serving. The German is struggling and now faces three breakballs.

12:07 p.m

L. Tsurenko – J. Niemeier 0:0

Here we go! Niemeier serves at the beginning of the first set and gets the first return played right in front of his feet. So the first point goes to the Ukrainian.


Comeback in round two

After Lesya Tsurenko had an easy game against wildcarder Jodie Burrage in round one, she had to deal with compatriot Anhelina Kalinina in round two. The 33-year-old lost the first set there, but then fought her way into the next round. Against the in-form Jule Niemeier, number 101 in the world is probably the slight outsider.


Niemeier creates the big surprise

Jule Niemeier has shown in the recent past that she had a lot on the box. For example, the 22-year-old recently secured her first WTA title. But nobody thought that she would trump so much on her Wimbledon debut. Against Annett Kontaveit, number three in the world, the German not only made it through in round two, she even outclassed the clear favorite 6: 4 and 6: 0. Of course, Niemeier now wants to take this momentum with him.


Warm welcome!

Hello and hello to Wimbledon 2022! In the meantime, the athletes have arrived in south-west London in the third round. Also present is Jule Niemeier, who has to deal with the Ukrainian Lesya Tsurenko around 12 o’clock.


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