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Mid-term conclusion:
Due to a late goal in stoppage time, SV Sandhausen leads 1-0 in the catch-up game at Karlsruher SC! More goals could have been scored in 45 entertaining minutes as both teams had their chances. Lorenz hit the crossbar at KSC, and Hofmann and Wanitzek missed out on promising shots. At the other end, Testroet had two free shots but couldn’t get the ball past keeper Gersbeck. The guests came in better and initially had the upper hand, but KSC grew stronger and were closer to the opening goal when Testroet suddenly struck for SVS. Let’s continue with the second half in the wildlife park!



Tooor for SV Sandhausen, 0:1 by Pascal Testroet

In stoppage time, the guests actually take the lead with a standard situation! Chima Okoroji swings in a free-kick from the inside left as a cross and finds Pascal Testroet nine yards from goal. He asserts himself robustly against three Karlsruhers and heads the ball under the crossbar, which is untenable for Gersbeck.



Official stoppage time (minutes): 1



Too imprecise! Marvin Wanitzek brings the ball into the penalty area from the left and plays it halfway across the middle from a height of five. The play equipment rushes past friend and foe across the danger zone and out again on the other side.



The KSC now hits one cross after the other in the Sandhausen penalty area. However, it is doubtful whether this is actually the right remedy. So far, Hofmann and Co. have had no cuts in the air against Zhirov and Dumić.



Five minutes remain until the break. The hosts are now the much more active team and are pushing for the lead.



On the other hand, Berko is not attacked in front of the penalty area and simply pulls from 17 meters. But his attempt rolls several meters to the left of Gersbeck’s box.



Once again Goller makes steam on the right side and then brings the ball in sharply from the edge of the penalty area. Lorenz should be the addressee, but the pass is a little too sharp and slides straight into the goal.



The bar saves for the SVS! Heise has time to flank on the left and brings the ball sharply to the five. Sandhausen cannot clear, so the ball lands on Lorenz, who takes a dropkick from twelve meters while falling. Keeper Drewes steers the thing to the crossbar with his fingertips, then the guests can clear it with combined forces.



Lorenz gets the next corner ball for the home side from the left. Heise brings the ball inside with his left and finds Hofmann’s head. With his header from seven meters, the KSC goalgetter is still decisively disturbed by Zhirov and clearly nods over it.



After half an hour, the goalless draw is absolutely fine. Sandhausen got off to a better start, but recently KSC has taken over more and more of the scepter.



Benjamin Goller has made a really good game so far on his comeback and always causes danger on the right lane. After his cross, Wanitzek has a clear path from twelve meters, but shoots at a defender.



Eric Berko

Yellow card for Erich Berko (SV Sandhausen)

Berko earns the first yellow card of the game by preventing a free-kick from Karlsruhe in midfield.



Now the KSC plays an attack to the end and there is already a sensible conclusion. Hofmann holds his own in the box and lays down for Heise, who chases the leather a good meter over the crossbar from 18 meters.



What isn’t there. Marco Thiede does just about everything wrong with a throw-in for the second time in a row and this time gets it whistled after a warning beforehand.



Testroet again! A long cross from the right lands near the left post on Bachmann’s head, who puts it down nicely for Testroet. He immediately pulls from ten meters with his left, but doesn’t catch the ball fully and again finds his master in Gersbeck.



So far, a lot of piecemeal work remains at the KSC. Returning Goller is sent right into the sixteen and then puts it back well to the penalty, only there is no teammate there.



For the second time, a long throw-in from Daniel O’Shaughnessy flies deep into the five of the guests. So far, however, Sandhausen has had absolute air sovereignty.



Gersbeck saves strongly against Testroet! Karlsruhe loses the ball while building up and after a fine cross pass from Soukou, Testroet pulls the ball into the box. The SVS striker lets a defender get out and then wants to push the ball past Gersbeck, who is falling out, from 13 meters with his left. But he cleverly shortens the angle and fends off.



Gondorf viciously steps on Zenga’s foot and is lucky that there is no free kick for it. The Sandhauser has to be treated briefly, then it can go on for him.



To date, the guests have made a somewhat fresher impression and conquered a number of balls. The Karlsruhe pass game is not yet up to speed.



Both teams play purposefully forward in this initial phase and ensure an entertaining start. The first good KSC opportunity has Philipp Hofmann, who suddenly has a lot of space in the SVS penalty area, but his shot is just blocked.



Pascal Testroet just lets himself fall on the Karlsruhe five and hopes for a penalty whistle. However, since there is no reason for this, this is also omitted accordingly.



Erich Berko shows what his trainer Alois Schwartz brought him for today. Shortly before his own penalty area, the midfielder of the guests goes robust but fair in the duel with Wanitzek and conquers the ball.



After just a few seconds, the guests come to the first conclusion. Bachmann’s long-range shot is ultimately just a return towards KSC keeper Gersbeck.



The ball rolls! Karlsruher SC plays in blue at home as usual, the guests wear neon green.


In Karlsruhe there are spectators in the stadium again today. Up to 10,000 fans could have seen the game live, but it probably wasn’t that many. About 500 guest fans also covered the almost 50 kilometers to the away game to support their SVS.


The game will be officiated by experienced Bundesliga referee Marco Fritz, who will be supported on the sidelines by Dominik Schaal and Marcel Pelgrim. Thorben Siewer is responsible for the video evidence today.


The guests from Sandhausen used the long mandatory break to prepare for the basement duel against Erzgebirge Aue and celebrated a very important 2-0 win against the violets on Saturday. The lead on rank 17 is now five points and it’s your turn on the non-relegation places. Even with a draw you would overtake Fortuna Düsseldorf. There is also a spirit of optimism at the SVS. “We’re going into the English week with three points,” said Alois Schwartz happily, adding: “That makes us happy and we’re going into the next few games with stability.” When he returns to Karlsruhe, Schwartz expects a confident opponent: “KSC is solid and will try to follow through with their game against us.”


Despite the sometimes tense personnel situation in 2022, the home side have sold well so far. At the top of the table in Darmstadt, KSC got hold of a 2:2, at third in the table in Bremen they were only narrowly beaten with 1:2. And in between, a 1-0 win at 1860 Munich also made it into the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup. “We played against a top team in the league and showed that we could keep up physically,” said coach Christian Eichner after Saturday’s 2-1 loss in Bremen. Now it’s against ex-KSC coach Alois Schwartz. “We know what’s coming,” believes Eichner.


Let’s take a look at the line-ups: There are three changes at KSC compared to the weekend. Christoph Kobald is out due to a yellow card suspension, Tim Breithaupt and Fabian Schleusener are rotated to the bench. But the hosts are making a remarkable comeback today. Benjamin Goller is back in the squad after eight months and is in the starting XI. Daniel Gordon and Marc Lorenz also start. There are two changes for the guests. Erich Berko and Erik Zenga start for Marcel Ritzmaier (bank) and Christian Kinsombi (not in the squad).


Actually, this game should have started in January, but due to the Corona situation at KSC, the game was canceled by the DFL. A total of 16 Baden players were affected by the virus at the time and it was not possible to have a team for the duel with Sandhausen. Two weeks later than planned, the game can finally rise.


Hello and welcome to the second division on Tuesday evening! In a catch-up game of the 20th match day, Karlsruher SC welcomes SV Sandhausen at 6:30 p.m. in their home game park.


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