Live ticker Jan-Lennard Struff – Carlos Alcaraz (Wimbledon 2022, 1st round)


Struff – Alcaraz: 4: 2

After a number of hard-fought games that were uncharacteristically long for a grass match, things are now going fast. Struff serves well, races to 40:0 and makes it 4:2 with his second ace.


Struff – Alcaraz: 3: 2

Ultimately, Alcaraz saves the goal and shortens to 2: 3. Nothing remains of the sovereignty from the first service game. Struff worked well into the match here, keeps attacking and defies the Spanish prodigy.


Struff – Alcaraz: 3: 1

While the rain is pattering incessantly and quite loudly on the arena roof, the next tight game develops, in which Alcaraz can’t put the lid on this time and then Struff suddenly has the chance to break. The German doesn’t hit the return properly and the yellow ball sails wide.


Struff – Alcaraz: 3: 1

Alcaraz immediately ironed out his first double mistake with an ace and took the ball. However, the 19-year-old leaves it and also has to go into extra time.


Struff – Alcaraz: 3: 1

Struff remains true to his line and looks for the way to the net at every opportunity. The 32-year-old shows some spectacular volleys there, but often has nothing to counter the passing balls from Alcaraz. 30:30!


Struff – Alcaraz: 3: 1

Jan-Lennard Struff also has problems in his second service game, doesn’t get the game and then suddenly has the next breakball against him after his second double fault. He fends it off again with a lot of courage and a little help from the edge of the net and then finally serves the game home. 3:1!


Struff – Alcaraz: 2: 1

Struff is currently consistently looking for the way forward with his own service, but is now being classically countered there by Alcaraz again and again. The Spaniard pushes the ball past his opponent with his backhand longline and sniffs the chance for an immediate rebreak at 15:30.


Struff – Alcaraz: 2: 1

Well deserved Struff grabs the break! The German attacks with a long backhand slice, the first volley is also well set and then he seals the 2:1 with a sovereign smash. That looked really good at the Warsteiner, while Alcaraz lost a bit of the thread after a good start.


Struff – Alcaraz: 1: 1

Strong from Struff! The 32-year-old now risks more on the return, hits the felt ball twice and is 0:30 in front. Alcaraz then storms to the net, but puts his backhand volley next to the line and Struff has three break opportunities.


Struff – Alcaraz: 1: 1

Alcaraz shows his strengths in these first few minutes and, above all, is incredibly agile. Again and again, the 19-year-old digs up good attack balls from Struff and fights back. Only in the fifth attempt does the German finally close the game with a service winner.


Struff – Alcaraz: 0: 1

Struff hardly hits a first serve in his first service game and gets few free points. The Warsteiner remains brave and defends two breakballs from the Spaniard. However, he also misses the next game ball and it’s about debut again.


Struff – Alcaraz: 0: 1

But then it suddenly goes the other way! Alcaraz first runs a decent stop from Struffs and counters the German on the net, then he puts a slice behind the baseline. At the start, Struff almost certainly has the point after a good second serve, but warps the open forehand from the half-field. break chance!


Struff – Alcaraz: 0: 1

In return, Jan-Lennard Struff initially did it similarly confidently and also started the match convincingly. The 32-year-old starts straight away with serve & volley and a little later has two balls after a backhand error by Alcaraz.


Struff – Alcaraz: 0: 1

There is no better way to start. After two quick points, the first long rally of the game goes to Alcaraz, who then immediately closes the game with his second ace.


Struff – Alcaraz: 0: 0

Here we go! Carlos Alcaraz starts and opens with a cracking ace down the middle.


It’s about to start!

The two protagonists have just entered the second largest court in the facility and started warming up. Due to the changeable weather in London the roof over the one is closed today. Jan-Lennard Struff had luck on his side when he tossed the coin and left the serve to Carlos Alcaraz.


Struff needs to call up his game

Basically, Jan-Lennard Struff has what it takes to beat Carlos Alcaraz at Wimbledon. With his powerful serve, the German has a strong weapon on the lawn that can bring him many free points. If the service rate is right and Struff can determine the game himself, at least when he serves himself, then something is definitely possible here. After all, he showed that he can pack Alcaraz at the French Open 2021 when he was successful in three sets.


The form speaks clearly for Alcaraz

Since Carlos Alcaraz did not play a preparatory tournament on grass in the run-up to the Wimbledon Championships, it is not entirely clear how the 19-year-old is in shape, who played his last match in Paris four weeks ago. But it should probably be better than Struff’s form, because the German only celebrated two victories on the tour in 2022 and failed nine out of ten tournaments at the opening hurdle.


Alcaraz hits the ground running

Carlos Alcaraz has been a regular on the ATP tour for less than two years and many experts already see him as the future number one. It’s no coincidence, as the Spaniard has had a terrific season so far, in which he has already won four titles, including two Masters events. Nadal, Djokovic, Tsitsipas, Zverev – Alcaraz has beaten them all. At the US Open and in Roland Garros, the 19-year-old has already reached two Grand Slam quarter-finals, and now a good run on grass should follow for the first time. On his debut last year, Alcaraz was eliminated by Medvedev in round two.


Struff with more experience

Jan-Lennard Struff is on Wimbledon’s holy lawn for the ninth time. In terms of experience, the 32-year-old Warsteiner is clearly ahead of his opponent, who is 13 years his junior. However, Struff has not had too much success in Wimbledon. He only made it to the third round in 2018 and 2019, he has never reached the second week. However, the former top 30 player, who has now dropped to 155th place in the world, rarely had it easy. Last year he lost to the current world number one Daniil Medvedev in round one, now Alcaraz is up against number seven in the world.


Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to the grass classic at Wimbledon! Seven German gentlemen are in action in London in 2022, one of them is in demand on Court No.1. Jan-Lennard Struff meets the Spanish shooting star Carlos Alcaraz at the start.

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