Live ticker Hertha BSC – Bayern Munich (Bundesliga 2021/2022, 20th matchday)



With Ascacíbar, Plattenhardt and winter newcomer Bjørkan (FK Bodø/Glimt), Tayfun Korkut sends three fresh players into the race at once. Unlucky Darída, Mittelstädt and Dárdai say goodbye to the early end of the day.



Substitution at Hertha BSC: Fredrik Bjørkan



Marton Dardai

Substitution at Hertha BSC: Márton Dárdai



Marvin Plattenhardt

Substitution at Hertha BSC: Marvin Plattenhardt



Maximilian Mittelstadt

Substitution at Hertha BSC: Maximilian Mittelstädt



Santiago Ascacibar

Substitution at Hertha BSC: Santiago Ascacíbar



Vladimir Darida

Substitution at Hertha BSC: Vladimír Darida



Bayern counter! After the hosts were exceptionally up front with all field players, the red counterattack runs through Coman. The Frenchman runs towards three defenders along with Gnabry, Lewandowski and Müller. Arriving in the sixteenth, he lets Serdar pick the ball off his foot.



Out of the blue the big chance to the connection! At the end of a switching moment, Belfodil gives from the deep left wing flat and hard in front of the near post. The unguarded Darida wants to straddle the ball from five yards, but throws the ball centimeters to the left of the goal.



Even after the change of sides, the blue-whites are exposed to many quick combinations from the guests, and continue to almost only run after them. After the 0:5 defeat in the first leg, a clear defeat is threatened today.



Neither Tayfun Korkut nor Julian Nagelsmann made any personnel changes during the break.



Gnabry missed out best Position! Sané dribbles over the left into the sixteen and to the baseline. It fits flat and hard in front of the box. Gnabry actually only has to push into the half-empty box on the right pentagon, but is so surprised that he stumbles the ball.



Welcome back to the second round in the Olympic Stadium! The league leaders presented themselves as extremely goal-oriented from the first second and at times brought a class difference onto the pitch against the capital city club that was threatened with relegation. If he doesn’t rest too much on what he has achieved after the break, Hertha will find it very difficult to get back into the race for the points.



Kick-off 2nd half



Mid-term conclusion:
FC Bayern Munich deservedly lead 2-0 at the break of the Bundesliga away game at Hertha BSC. The Reds got off to a stormy start and let Tolisso wriggle the net of the home box after just 100 seconds; the supposed goal was withdrawn because the Frenchman was ruled offside. A number of dangerous shots by the record champion followed in the first quarter of an hour. After Lewandowski’s opportunity with a hoe (21′), the home side managed to get close to the goal with a header from Belfodil (25′). The Nagelsmann team took the lead in this phase of growing courage in the blue and white; Tolisso nodded off after Coman’s cross (25′). They then attacked with full force and created good to very good chances through Tolisso (34′) and Lewandowski (37′) until Müller pushed in unchallenged in the 45th minute after a free kick from Kimmich to score the second goal for the Reds. See you soon!



Official stoppage time (minutes): 1
Round one in the Olympic Stadium is to be extended by 60 seconds.



Thomas Müller

Tooor for Bayern Munich, 0:2 by Thomas Müller

… and that gives them the second hit! Kimmich’s execution touches down once and is then promoted to the flat left corner not far from the penalty spot by the bare Müller with a light touch on the left inside instep.



After Mittelstädt fouled Gnabry, FCB was awarded a free kick on the right wing…



Tolisso, who was eager to finish, dribbled in the center towards the blue and white defensive line and tried a left-footed shot from a good 20 meters away. It rolls harmlessly far to the right of the home housing.



Mittelstädt’s pass to the deep left flank reached Serdar before Süle. On the side sixteen line, however, the ex-Schalke player is confidently run off by the Munich defender.



Lewandowski demands Schwolow everything away! As a result of the next high ball win, Gnabry crosses from the right half-space to the penalty spot. Lewandowski pokes the ball with his right foot to the bottom left corner. Schwolow quickly dives and saves with his fingertips.



Tolisso nearly with the double pack! Gnabry, sent to the right behind the opposing defensive line, gives half-height inwards at the penalty spot. After Lewandowski missed the near post, Tolisso hit the ball from a good six yards out with his right thigh and sent it past the box.



Müller can accept Coman’s high cross from the left flank in the center of the penalty area, but the first contact is anything but clean. Since the direct shot chance is gone, he wants to cross for Lewandowski. Boyata can intercept the pass.



In the live table, the Reds are again six points ahead of pursuers Borussia Dortmund. Hertha’s lead over the relegation rank would be reduced to three points in the event of a defeat.



Corentin Tolisso

Tooor for Bayern Munich, 0:1 by Corentin Tolisso

This time Tolisso’s goal endured! After Lewandowski’s high ball win on the left wing, Coman crosses sharply from there to the half-right edge of the five. Tolisso prevails against two blue and white and finishes with his forehead in the right corner.



Hertha’s needlesticks are piling up! As part of a counterattack, Belfodil sends Maolida steeply into the sixteen on the half-right. The native Parisian wants to shoot into the short corner from full run and 13 meters, but clearly misses it.



Belfodil vs Neuer! The Algerian is the addressee of a sharp cross from Pekarík from the far side on the left pentagon. He heads against Neuer’s running direction on the half-right corner. Bayern’s keeper is down quickly and holds the ball.



Lewandowski with the big chance to the leadership! The Polish superstar carries Tolisso’s flat pass from the deep right side of the penalty area at the nearby pentagon to the right corner with a left heel. Schwolow prevents the impact with a strong reflex.



Through Maolida, Berlin made the first contact within the Reds’ sixteen. The young Frenchman’s flat pass from the right baseline is cleared by Hernández at the expense of a corner. This brings nothing to the BSC.



Coman with the head! Kimmich’s soulful volley ball behind the opposing central defender nods the Frenchman from twelve meters to the left in the center of the home box. Hertha goalkeeper Schwolow grabs safely.



Even after a good quarter of an hour, the Nagelsmann squad constricted the intimidated home side in their sixteen, even combining deep in the opposing half almost at will. If this continues, the 0:1 is only a matter of time.



Coman appears in the half-left space just in front of the blue-white defensive line. He circles from a good 18 meters with the right inside instep to the half-height right corner. Schwolow takes off and parries to the side. Dárdai prevents Kimmich from dusting off.



Müller is sent steeply to the left side of the sixteen by Hernández. From the turn he wants to overcome the advanced keeper Schwolow from the left pentagon, but he parries with a strong reflex right foot.



The capitals haven’t arrived at all in this game yet. They only run after a leader who has a good pass and allow a number of contacts even in their own sixteen.



In the early moments, the guests are almost always in forward gear, making it into the depths with almost every thrust. After Coman’s flat pass from the left wing, Müller shoots well over the home box from a central 17 meters.



Corentin Tolisso

VAR decision: The goal by C. Tolisso (Bayern Munich) is disallowed, score 0-0

Lucky for Hertha! After Tolisso Müller’s volley from the right wing from a central 14 meters into the lower right corner, the guests were initially happy about the supposed lead. The VAR reported to referee Dankert a little later: The Frenchman was just offside.



Hertha against Bayern – round one in the Olympic Stadium is open!


There is a minute’s silence for Hans-Jürgen “Dixie” Dörner.


The teams have just entered the pitch in front of 3,000 spectators.


In the southern Germans, who won the first leg 5-0 at the end of August with goals from Müller (6th), Lewandowski (35th, 70th, 84th) and Musialas (49th) and who have won 22 of the current Bundesliga season Having scored 27 away points, coach Julian Nagelsmann made three changes after the 4-0 win at 1. FC Köln. Hernández, Sané and Coman edge Sabitzer, Roca and Musiala onto the bench.


On the side of the capital city, who clinched four of their six wins this Bundesliga season at the Olympic Stadium and who can extend their lead over the relegation zone to six points with another win at home, coach Tayfun Korkut has compared to the 2: 3 defeat in the DFB Cup Four personnel changes were made in the round of 16 against 1. FC Union Berlin. Instead of Stark (not in the squad), Klünter, Ascacíbar and Richter (all on the bench), Pekarík, Dárdai, Gechter and Maolida start. Winter signing Bjørkan (FK Bodø/Glimt) is part of the squad for the first time.

4:50 p.m

FC Bayern Munich responded to the 2-1 defeat at home against Borussia Mönchengladbach with a comfortable 4-0 away win at 1. FC Köln and thus prevented Borussia Dortmund from getting closer for the time being. Since the black and yellow rivals were able to present themselves again yesterday, the Reds are under pressure to win again today if the lead is not to be reduced to four or even three points.


Hertha BSC could have started the second half of the season and the 2022 calendar year better. After the blue and whites had a promising goodbye to the winter break with a 3-2 home win against Borussia Dortmund, they only drew one point from the first two Bundesliga games in the second half of the season and also lost during the week with a 2-3 home defeat City rivals 1. FC Union Berlin in the round of 16 from the DFB Cup.

Hello and welcome to the final game of the 20th Bundesliga matchday! Hertha BSC challenges FC Bayern Munich. From 5:30 p.m., blue-white and red will face each other on the lawn of the Olympic Stadium.


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