Live ticker Germany – Poland 93:83 (World Cup qualifier 2020-2023, Group D)



That should be the decision. Poland fouls Schröder on the free-throw line to stop the clock. He does the first and the second is a little short, but the rebound is back at Schroeder. He can screw directly to the line again and increase his score.



Suddenly everything falls for Germany! From the dribbling, Johannes Voigtmann throws the shot on the left wing and hits well defended for three. Is that the decision?



Schröder gets a block from Christian Sengfelder on the left wing, but then goes over the other side and pulls the foul on the basket. He gets two free throws and they both sit. This puts Schröder on 35 points, his best in his national team career.



Again Schröder for three! When Voigtmann blocks, Sokołowski goes under the block again and Schröder sends the ball through the trap from above without hesitation. Suddenly Germany is back in front with four.



What a game! On the one hand, AJ hits Slaughter in the face with Dennis Schröder’s hand. However, Schröder finds the answer directly and punishes the sinking in the pick-and-roll with a pull-up three-pointer.



Crunch time for the DBB selection and Germany takes the lead again. Voigtmann attacks from above and sticks through to Sengfelder under the basket again. He goes straight up and is fouled by Sokołowski. The ball even rolls in, but his additional free throw is too long.



Both teams are now shooting threes at each other. First, AJ Slaughter scores from far out via Johannes Voigtmann, but Christian Sengfelder has the answer right away in the next attack. Early in the attack, after a pass from Dennis Schröder, he shoots directly for three points.



Now the hits are coming from outside for the DBB selection! David Kramer goes from the wing to the basket and plays out to Schröder for three. Germany is on point again.



Nothing is falling in Germany anymore. Schröder’s three-pointer is clearly too short at first, but Voigtmann gets his hands on the offensive rebound again. Schröder pulls straight back to the basket and kicks back out to Voigtmann, whose three-point attempt doesn’t end up in the ring either.



Again it is a turnover by Dennis Schröder that leads to points for Poland. Jakub Schenk takes the ball from him and looks for the end himself in the fast break. David Krämer tries to prevent the goal, but fouls Schenk and pulls the net so that the goal counts.



The DBB selection is currently not finding any offensive solutions. Dennis Schröder pushes again from far behind the line of three, but the throw goes wrong. Christian Sengfelder goes for a rebound, but pushes his opponent too far away.



Let’s go in the last quarter! Mateusz Ponitka puts Poland back in front. He uses the mismatch against Dennis Schröder and scores in the post against the NBA professional.



Beginning of 4th quarter



Quarter conclusion:
Germany is leading 57:56 against Poland before the last quarter. Actually, the DBB selection seemed to be slowly taking control, but could not really break away. Too often mistakes creep in offensively to force the decision.



Great game by Gavin Schilling! Dennis Schröder misses the three, but Schilling is there and taps the offensive rebound into the ring.



The DBB selection has to be careful now. They give up the offensive rebound several times and in the end the points come from Olek Balcerowski. Poland is now back to a point.



Strong defense by Lukas Wank. Mateusz Ponitka tries to put him up on the right flank, but Wank counters it. In the end he also blocks the fade-away finish of the Pole and thus forces a step error.



Germany is now playing with Hollatz and Schröder and that doesn’t work so badly at first. After a pass from Schröder, Hollatz attacked from the left corner and pinned the ball back to Schilling under the basket. He almost loses the ball, but can still complete it with a hook throw.



Good phase of the DBB selection, but Poland stays tuned for now. On a throw in from the baseline, AJ Slaughter is released well on the left wing and he sinks straight for three over Kenneth Ogbe. The Germans don’t get Slaughter under control today, he already has 24 points.



Poland tries again to score on post-up situations. This time, however, David Krämer countered Michał Sokołowski well and forced the miss.



Good passing by the DBB selection leads to a three by Kenneth Ogbe. The ball runs well from left to right to Ogbe on the wing, who sends Justus Hollatz’s pass through the ring.



Poland got off to a better start in the third quarter. Johannes Voigtmann’s pass into the left corner is started by Mateusz Ponitka and Poland go straight into the fast break. Dennis Schröder first prevented Michał Sokołowski from scoring with a foul on the basket, but Sokołowski converted at least one of his two free throws.



Let’s continue in Bremen. David Kramer starts the second half for the battered Isaac Bong. In the first attack, Dennis Schröder has a direct, successful pass to Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann in the zone, who completes the turn.



Beginning of 3rd quarter



Mid-term conclusion:
After the first half, Germany leads 40:36 against Poland. In the first 20 minutes, the Polish team tried to complicate the goals of the DBB selection with a deep defense. Germany had great difficulties with this for a long time and found very little rhythm offensively. But towards the end of the half, Dennis Schröder in particular was able to punish the sinking again and again and thus brought the DBB selection back in front. After the inefficient game against Estonia, he already has 18 points today, with four three-pointers hit.



Now Schröder’s threesome falls! Again he gets too much space on the right wing and resolutely sinks Johannes Voigtmann’s pass for three points.



Another good game by Christian Sengfelder. Dennis Schröder finds him deep in the zone with good position and Sengfelder finishes quickly with a layup after a spin to the basket.



Dennis Schröder brings the DDB selection back into the lead. First he knocks the ball out of Jakub Schenk and goes straight through to the opponent’s basket. Christian Sengfelder also switches quickly and plays the long pass to Schröder for an open layup.



Things are not looking good for Isaac Bonga. On the sidelines, he’s about to have an ice pack tied to his ankle.



Important threesome by David Krämer. First he looks for the pass to Christian Sengfelder in the low post, then sprints to the left corner to get the ball back from Sengfelder. Without hesitation, Krämer presses and his degree is in.



Poland still leaves Schröder completely open on the line of three, but he cannot punish it. On the right wing, Kolenda sinks to the free-throw line, but Schröder’s three-point attempt jumps out again.



Good help from David Kramer. When Michał Sokołowski drove, he pushed himself in front of the Poles and got the offensive foul.



Poland is looking for a switch in the low post. Olek Balcerowski tries to throw a hook from the left through the middle, but Isaac Bonga is there and forces the miss.



Now a well-played attack by the DBB selection, but again the three-way attempt didn’t end in the ring. David Krämer finds the rolling Christian Sengfelder, who plays well back into the right corner to a completely free Lukas Wank. However, his degree fails.



Beginning of 2nd quarter



Quarter conclusion:
After the first quarter it is balanced in Bremen. So far, the DBB selection has been looking for a degree from outside, with only limited success so far. Otherwise there has been a lack of creativity on the offensive so far. Nevertheless, it is 19:19 after the first ten minutes.



He has just missed two more, but this time he makes the much more difficult throw. With the shot clock running out, he sinks the step-back three-pointer from above over AJ Slaughter with a foul by the Pole. The bonus free throw is also in place and as a result, Kramer brings the DBB selection back in front.



David Krämer leaves two open threes from the right corner, but Germany works well on the offensive board. The ball ends up with Christian Sengfelder, who puts the rebound in the basket.



Poland takes the lead for the first time. Dennis Schröder tries the pass into the zone, but the pass is intercepted by Mateusz Ponitka. In the fast break he sets the pace directly and rewards himself with points on the other side.



Again Schröder has a lot of space on the line of three and sinks the ball directly. The NBA professional seems to have big plans here today.



Made strong by Poland. Isaac Bonga sleeps on a backdoor cut, allowing Mateusz Ponitka to reverse lay up. Bonga seems to have twisted a bit beforehand though.



Dennis Schröder immediately hits his first threesome! Michał Sokołowski falls very far and Schröder punishes it directly with a goal.



It starts in Bremen and after the tip-off there are points for Germany. The ball bounces forward and Isaac Bonga is the quickest in thought. He converts a pass from Kenneth Ogbe with a dunk.


Poland starts with Olek Balcerowski, Michał Sokołowski, AJ Slaughter, Mateusz Ponitka and Tomasz Gielo. Germany starts with Isaac Bonga, Johannes Voigtmann, Dennis Schröder, Kenneth Ogbe and Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann.


The first leg went 72:69 to the DBB selection. Of course, Gordie Herbert’s squad looked a little different for the game at the end of December. At that time, however, David Krämer was also there, who made an outstanding game with 24 points.


For Poland it is still about entering the second group phase. On Thursday, Poland beat Israel 90-85, keeping their chance of qualifying for the World Cup. They are now second in Group D, albeit tied on points with Israel and Estonia. With a win against Germany today, Poland could make it clear for the next group phase.


With a clear 88:57 victory against Estonia, the German team secured first place in group D on Thursday and is therefore early in the second group phase. After almost three years, point guard Dennis Schröder made his comeback for the DBB selection. The NBA professional had 14 points and nine assists, but did not hit any of his eight three-point attempts. Christian Sengfelder and Isaac Bonga were convincing with over 20 points each.


Hello and welcome to FIBA ​​World Cup Qualification! The DBB selection meets Poland today in Bremen. Tip-off is at 6 p.m. in the ÖVB Arena. Have fun reading along!

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