Live ticker Germany – Netherlands (World Cup Women 2022 Spain/Netherlands, Group A)



Mid-term conclusion:
With the Dutch women’s national team leading 1-0 against Germany, the game goes into the break. While Oranje controlled the game in all respects in the first quarter and deservedly scored the first goal, Germany was much better in the second half after the short break. Hardly anything was allowed at the back and now and then came dangerously forward. You can build on that. It’s about to go on!



The ball hits the German goal for the second time, but the referee whistles before that. In the action, she sees a stock foul of worlds.



The Danas now combine twice to form a circle, which is worth seeing. But there is always the final stop.



The Germans are much better in the game in this second quarter than they were in the first quarter, so the advantage of the Dutch has decreased a bit.



Green card for Marloes Keetels (Netherlands)



Nike Lorenz

Penalty corner missed by Nike Lorenz (Germany)
The corner doesn’t go as planned and the Danas have to make spontaneous changes. Due to an inaccurate publication, Lorenz only comes out of the rotation and under pressure to finish. Koning safely fends off the low shot.



Penalty corner for Germany! Horn pulls right to the baseline and is only stopped with a stick foul in the circle. The chance to equalize.



Xan de Waard

Green card for Xan de Waard (Netherlands)

Xan de Waard has to be off the field for two minutes. Perhaps Germany can capitalize on the majority.



Lena Micheel with the best German chance so far! Selin Oruz sends Micheel into the circle with a great side shift to the right. The latter swings into the far corner for a slap shot, Hanna Granitzki wants to put the bat in, but Josine Koning is there and defends with her foot.



Beginning of 2nd quarter



Quarter conclusion:
The Dutch have lived up to their role as favorites so far and lead 1-0 against Germany after 15 minutes. They had more of the game throughout the first quarter and, above all, a few good chances. They then used one of them to lead shortly before the end of the period (13′). The Danas, on the other hand, need to get a little more calm and precision into their own game.



Almost the 0:2! Laurien Leurink has a lot of space after the Germans lose the ball and marches into the circle. From 10 meters she takes a slap shot – the ball rolls just past the left post out of bounds. lucky!



Marloes Keetels

Goal for Netherlands, 0-1 by Marloes Keetels

Germany is behind! Keetels enters the circle far too easily on the left and plays inside. Oruz intercepts the ball, but he jumps off her racket directly to the Dutchwoman. From two meters she pushes the ball past the goal on Sunday.



In return, Holland almost manages to make it 1-0! Albers escapes Huse on the right just before the baseline. She pulls inside and locks. The ball flies in the middle towards Sunday, who can parry.



First degree for Germany! Lorenz has some space at the edge of the circle, turns and hits it with the Argentine backhand. The play equipment sails past the box just to the right.



The German team still made a few careless mistakes in their own ball possession, so they haven’t made it into the last quarter so well yet.



For the first time, the DHB team combines in the firing circle. Granitzki looks for a foot of the opponents – in vain.



So far only Oranje has played here. The World Cup host put a lot of pressure on from the start, but the Germans have been defending attentively so far.



The Dutch women come into the circle again, this time from the right. Albers puts the ball in the middle and Pieper unluckily deflects it. So Sunday has to intervene and then clarifies confidently.



Maria Verschoor has the first chance of the game! and what a! From five meters to the left, she pulls off with “Aggi”. The ball flies just past the upper right corner.



The ball rolls! The Netherlands in the black jerseys toast. Germany runs in white.


The teams run in. After the national anthems have been played, the spectacle can begin.


The Dutch are reigning world and European champions and last year also won the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The neighboring country beat Ireland 5-1 yesterday and thus also had a great start to the tournament. In their own stadium, they also benefit from the home advantage, which they already knew how to use last year at the European Championship.


After the final whistle, national coach Valentin Altenburg only had words of praise for his girls and was satisfied with the first game: “The ball went well, we created a lot of chances and in the end we scored nice goals. I’m very happy with my team, who didn’t have it easy against Chile today.”


After the confident start of the DHB selection yesterday against Chile (4:1), the toughest chunk awaits Germany in the second game. And a look at the balance of the last games shows how difficult the Germans are in the prestige duel: There are a total of 15 defeats against Holland in a row. In order for these statistics to be brightened up today, a performance that is at least as disciplined as yesterday against the South Americans is required. The Danas went at a high intensity for 60 minutes and didn’t let the fighting performance of the Chileans buy their nerve.


Have a nice Sunday evening and welcome, dear field hockey friends, to the second group game of the Danas at this world championship! The German team meets the co-hosts from the Netherlands today at the Wagener Stadium in Amstelveen. It starts at 7:30 p.m.

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