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Vettel is also driving again

Sebastian Vettel is now also driving again. The German returns to the track on the soft. Does that make it into the top ten? Teammate Lance Stroll can currently be found there.



What comes from Verstappen?

What’s next for Max Verstappen? While many are coming back to the pits, it’s his first time back on the track on the soft.



No Leclerc improvement yet

For his part, Charles Leclerc is already on the soft, but has not been able to improve so far and the best time with the medium is still behind his name.



Vettel in the box

Sebastian Vettel has not gone out again and is in the pits after his first run. Accordingly, he was handed back to last place. Mick Schumacher is 13th and only a few tenths behind his teammate.



New best lap by Carlos Sainz

Sainz takes the lead but is only a tenth faster than Norris. In Copse he had gone wide after bouncing. Verstappen is still in the pits and has not yet started the qualifying simulation.



Working on the Hamilton car

Lewis Hamilton is still working on the car. Settings are made at the rear. Meanwhile, George Russell has improved to fourth place.



New best lap by Lando Norris

Lando Norris

Lando Norris can set the new best lap time on the soft. He clocked 1:29,118 minutes in his first qualifying simulation.



More and more on soft

More and more drivers have meanwhile switched to the soft and are currently completing the qualifying simulation. There should be a lot to do in the time table again.



Improvement at Bottas

Valtteri Bottas was able to improve directly on his first flying lap and is now sixth. Russell also moves forward a little later.



Bottas back outside

Valtteri Bottas ensures that there is action on the track again. With fresh softs he is back on course.



It’s getting quieter

After there was a lot going on on the track at the beginning of the session, it has now calmed down again. All drivers are back in their garages.



New best lap by Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc was able to improve his lap time again. On the medium tire it delivers a 1:29.562. Mick Schumacher is currently 14th, Sebastian Vettel is 17th. He drove the Hard.



Pit radio Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

“The bouncing is still a lot,” Hamilton radios to his pits. Apparently the latest upgrades haven’t been able to solve the problem at Mercedes.



Verstappen works his way up

Max Verstappen is luckier with the traffic and has now moved up to second place. He is still 0.246 seconds short of the Leclerc best time.



Russell struggles with traffic

Meanwhile, George Russell struggles with traffic. The Briton got stuck twice in the session behind fellow countryman Norris’ McLaren. The frustration with radio is correspondingly large.



Schumacher good 13th

Mick Schumacher is currently in good 13th place. He was able to drive a 1:32.073. Sebastian Vettel is right behind 14th.



Leclerc counters

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc countered and countered his teammate with a 1:29.639. Verstappen is third, 0.8 seconds behind.



New best lap by Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz sets a new best lap time. A 1:129.962 is available from the Spaniard.



Pit radio Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen doesn’t really trust peace. He reports over the radio that the noise is still there. “That noise is still there, it’s like something is scratching, I don’t know what it is,” said Verstappen.



New best lap by Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc

Max Verstappen beats Esteban Ocon’s time, but is immediately beaten again by Ferrari. A 1:30.786 came from Leclerc.



First lap times

Esteban Ocon

The first lap times in the second practice session at Silverstone are set. Ocon is currently in the lead, but the top drivers aren’t through yet either.



Pit radio Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen reports a “strange noise” over the radio and asks whether he should continue or come to the pits. The box quickly gives him the all-clear: You don’t see anything unusual in the data.



All on the line

And all 20 drivers are already on the track. The tire choice is different. Many are on the medium, but on the soft and hard is included.



Start 2nd training

The traffic lights are green, the second practice session at Silverstone has started and it doesn’t take long for the first cars to be on the track.


The conditions

The conditions look much better for the 2nd training session. There are still a lot of clouds over the route, but the sun can also be seen. The track is now completely dry. But the topic might be the wind. It increased significantly between the 1st and 2nd training session.


Updates on many teams

The rain should have been particularly annoying for the teams that brought updates to Silverstone. These could hardly be tested under the wet conditions. Williams is starting with a revised sidepod and Red Bull has also slightly revised its design on the sidepod. New parts are also available from Mercedes.


Best time to Bottas

Ultimately, Valtteri Bottas set the best time with a 1:42.249 on the intermediate. Lewis Hamilton was second on the soft, a good half a second behind. Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc were behind. Ten of the 20 pilots ever sat down a time. However, one installation lap drove the entire field.


First session of no value

1st practice at Silverstone became a paragon of no value. It started raining just in time for the start of practice. The track was wet afterwards and dried off only slowly, so that all drivers only did a few laps. Six minutes before the end, Hamilton went out on the track with slicks for the first time. He was followed by other pilots, but shortly afterwards practice came to a standstill again after Stroll slid off the track in Copse.

Warm welcome!

At the Formula 1 in Silverstone, everything is ready for the 2nd practice session over 60 minutes. At 5:00 p.m. the route will be released!

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