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Pit radio Charles Leclerc



Incident between Verstappen and Leclerc noted

The race director noted an incident between Verstappen and Leclerc. It’s about a touch in the first corners. An investigation has not yet been announced. There was also contact between Pérez and Leclerc. The Mexican is on the road with damage to the front wing.



Start the second!

The restart has taken place and right from the start there is a lot of pepper at the top! Sainz spreads, fights hard against Verstappen and keeps his second place. Behind, Leclerc has to do first with Pérez and then with Verstappen.



Everyone get ready

The 17 drivers are back on the grid. It won’t be long before the restart takes place. Hopefully this time without a big crash! Sainz is ahead of Verstappen and Leclerc. Verstappen swapped the soft for the medium.



It’s back on track

Behind the safety car, it’s back on track towards the starting grid for the standing start. After the accidents in the starting phase, George Russell, Guanyu Zhou and Alex Albon are no longer there. Yuki Tsunoda and Esteban Ocon can participate again after repair work.



At 16:56 we continue

There is a time to restart. It’s supposed to start at 4:56 p.m.! Some drivers have already got in, others are now heading to their cars.



Pit radio Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas

Meanwhile, Valtteri Bottas is receiving new information about his teammate over the radio. “Zhou is conscious, he’s speaking, there are no fractures and considering the circumstances, he’s doing pretty well,” Bottas said.



The starting order is known

There is still no information as to when the restart should take place. However, the race director has already announced how the race will start. Namely after the original starting grid. So Sainz before Verstappen and Leclerc. There should be a standing start.



Vettel caught Albon

Incidentally, Alex Albon was not directly involved in the Gasly/Russell/Zhou incident. He was caught by Sebastian Vettel further back in the tumult at the start.



Demonstrations were probably on the way

The FIA ​​meanwhile informs about another incident away from the cameras. Several people are said to have attempted to enter the track during the red flags. But they could have been prevented from doing so. Presumably they are climate activists. They had announced demonstrations before the weekend.



Pictures from the accident

There are now pictures of the accident. At the start, Stroll goes between Zhou and Russell. Then there is a chain reaction! Zhou’s car is levered up by Russell, turns upside down, then hurls into the gravel bed and actually flies over the tire wall into the safety fence. He was really lucky that the accident went relatively lightly.



Official info from the FIA

There is official information from the FIA. It is reported that after the incident at the beginning of the race, rescue workers were immediately on the scene and Albon and Zhou were taken to the medical center. Both drivers are conscious and are being examined.



Russell discussed

Meanwhile, George Russell discusses with Jo Bauer. His car is behind on the tow truck. Sure, Russell wants permission to fix up his car. But will he be successful? The rule usually states that you have to get back to the pits under your own power. But Russell only got out to see what happened to Zhou.



Zhou get out of the car

According to reports from “Sky England”, Zhou is said to be out of the car and is now being transported on a stretcher in an ambulance. However, there are still no official pictures.



Can Tsunoda and Ocon continue?

Yuki Tsunoda and Esteban Ocon managed to get back into the pits after the crash, but can they keep working? Mechanics are currently working on the cars.



News from Zhou

There is good news from the Alfa Romeo garage. Alfa Romeo has just informed Sky Germany that Guanyu Zhou should be fine. There are no pictures of the scene of the accident yet.



scary minutes

The cars are back in the pit lane. There are still no pictures of Guanyu Zhou or the accident at the start. Let’s hope the accident went smoothly!



Russell gets out

George Russell

Russell gets out of his broken Mercedes. Alex Albon also finished the race. Yuki Tsunoda and Esteban Ocon are on the track with broken cars and are slowly coming back to the pits. There are no pictures of Zhou yet. He seems to have been the one who rolled over. Hope for the best!



Red flag

There is the red flag and the race is stopped! Some cars are damaged on the way. Russell is injured and Alex Albon was also involved in the crash. He’s off the track. Zhou seems to have been there too.



Start race

The lights are off, the Silverstone race is on! Max Verstappen gets off really well and takes the lead ahead of Sainz. Behind it there is a big crash! A car rolls over and slides into the gravel!


It’s about to start

The field returns to the starting grid. Now it won’t be long until the launch!


Formation lap in progress

The formation lap is underway and Carlos Sainz is leading the field through the warm-up lap for the first time in his career. Most of them start with the medium tires. Verstappen relies on the soft to have the starting advantage. Latifi, Albon, Magnussen and Vettel also start on the softest tire compound. George Russell starts on the hard tire.


The view of the sky

The sky over Silverstone is still dark and rain in the race cannot be ruled out, even though the Formula 1 weather service puts the probability of rain at just 20 percent. The track temperature is 27 degrees, the air temperature is a cool 17 degrees.


The distance

The Silverstone Circuit north of London has been part of the Formula 1 program since the very beginning and is one of the classics in motorsport. Above all, the many flowing curve combinations make the 5.891 kilometers in Silverstone a highlight. The sequence of Copse, Maggotts and Becketts, driven at more than 250 km/h, demands everything from the drivers.


The World Cup Stand

Max Verstappen was able to gain a small lead in the world championship. Before the race at Silverstone, Verstappen has 175 points. Teammate Sergio Pérez has 129 points to his credit. Charles Leclerc, who delivered strong results especially at the beginning of the season, is third with 126 points. Sebastian Vettel is 13 points behind Daniel Riccairdo in 14th place. Mick Schumacher has yet to score a point this season.


Working on the Leclerc Ferrari

Leclerc’s car is currently being worked on. Under the supervision of FIA man Jo Bauer, work was carried out on the right side of the Ferrari. But it seems as if the problem has already been solved. But that is certainly not conducive to preparing for the race.


Latifi in the top ten

The big surprise of qualifying might be Nicholas Latifi’s place in the top ten. Latifi has had a tough season so far and his place at Williams for the coming year is shaky. On the wet track, however, Latifi kept track of things yesterday and drove right into Q3. The chance of points today should only be great if the weather goes crazy again.


Aston Martin struggles with rain

Sebastian Vettel should also have been served on Saturday. As in Canada, the Aston Martin didn’t work at all in the rain and the Heppenheimer also has to start the race from far behind today. Vettel did not get more than starting position 18. Team-mate Lance Stroll, who will be the last to go into the Silverstone race, is even further behind.


Schumacher far behind after steering problems

Mick Schumacher actually saw the rain in Great Britain as his great opportunity to secure a good starting position in qualifying. But then things turned out quite differently for the German after technical problems. Both Haas cars were slowed down in Q1 by steering problems. In the end, Schumacher could not do more than 19th place. Teammate Kevin Magnussen isn’t much further up the field either, in 17th place.


Weather also today the unknown

Even today, the weather is one of the big unknowns before the race. The track is dry, but there are dark clouds on the horizon and the first drops. But the weather at Silverstone is still slick. Let’s wait and see if it stays like this or if the rain gets heavier.


Sainz from pole

Carlos Sainz had been waiting for this moment for a long time, at his 150th Grand Prix weekend the time has come and the Spaniard can celebrate his first pole in Formula 1. In the wet qualifying, Sainz was strong in Q3 and ultimately prevailed over Max Verstappen by a razor-thin margin. The Dutchman was also on a fast lap, but had to slow down after yellow flags because of a Leclerc spin. Leclerc is third, Pérez will start the race from fourth.

Warm welcome!

Hello and welcome to Formula 1 on the traditional track at Silverstone. The race starts at 4 p.m.!

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