Live ticker FC St. Pauli – SC Paderborn 07 (2nd Bundesliga 2021/2022, 21st matchday)



Substitution at SC Paderborn 07: Jasper van der Werff



Marcel Correia

Substitution at SC Paderborn 07: Marcel Correia



The idea of ​​Paqarada with the sharp diagonal ball in the box is good, but Huth smells the roast and comes ten meters out of his box and plucks the ball out of the air.



Dittgen and Correia collide their heads on the center line and the Paderborn player initially remains on the ground. The pain is also written all over the face of the Hamburger.



After a good 30 minutes, the game spilled over a little to the East Westphalians. St. Pauli is still leading, but Hamburg has become too passive. Paderborn makes the game now.



This year it tries after a long ball at him from a distance, runs something from the left into the center – but shoots Vasilj from 18 meters straight into the arms.



Paderborn makes Hamburg nervous! The East Westphalians exert offensive pressure, hardly let the FCSP out of their own third and get the ball in front of the penalty area. Muslija does not bring the cross from the left corner of the penalty area dangerously into the center.



Snotty, he pulls the free kick past the wall into the goalkeeper’s corner – Vasilj gambles a little, takes the small intermediate step and it almost becomes expensive. But the shot flutters wafer-thin past the right post.



Strong action by Muslija! 22 meters from the goal, he pulls the foul in dribbling and sets himself up as a standard.



Aytekin has to act because after an offensive foul by Burgstaller, a small cluster of people forms in the Paderborn penalty area – but with a smile on his lips, the referee clarifies the scene in a level-headed manner.



Burgstaller tries to provide assists on the right flank and puts Zander in the limelight, but his cross is intercepted.



For the first time the pace of the game slows down a bit, both have now adapted well to the opponent. St. Pauli has so far set more offensive accents and is also more snappy in duels, confirming the lead up to this point with numbers.



The FCSP is wide open at the back and Srbeny breaks through to the left. In the penalty area, he gets stuck at first, but still finds the way to Heuer. He can’t control the ball and ultimately the flag goes up because Srbeny was already in the forbidden zone.



Paderborn’s reaction is definitely there. The East Westphalians have now arrived in the match, even if there are still no real chances to score.



The trained central defender Heuer almost breaks through for the first time and sprints towards Vasilj’s goal, Ziereis outstrips him at the last second and sharpens the leather to the corner.



That almost made it 2-0! St. Pauli rolls over the guests, runs the attack with four against three and Amenyido receives the pass from the left into the penalty area – he wants to walk around his weak foot and coolly complete the right into the far corner, but Schuster blocks with his tackle at the last minute.



Schuster darts down the right flank and at first seems to be taking the corner, but in the end he’s the last to have the ball himself.



What is the reaction of Paderborn? The first thing to do is to recover from the early shock.



Max Dittgen

Tooor for FC St. Pauli, 1:0 by Max Dittgen

St. Pauli rewards itself very early! Amenyido turns up the heat in the center after a pass from Paqarada and only thinks about taking the shot himself from 21 meters, but decides to play the grandiose pass to Dittgen in the penalty area. He strongly puts his body against Correia, shields the ball and closes the turn from six meters under the bar.



The guests are clearly pressed into their own half, but can initially assert themselves against stormy Hamburgers.



The hosts immediately start aggressively and want to set an example after four games without a win. Paderborn is under direct pressure.



The game is on – St. Pauli traditionally plays at home in brown, Paderborn in grey.


In a little under ten minutes, the experienced Deniz Aytekin will take charge of the game. He is supported by his assistants Christian Dietz and Nico Fuchs. Benjamin Brand acts as VAR.


However, a draw would be the only way both teams could keep up their series. St. Pauli is going into this match as the best home team and has lost nine games at the Millerntor after eight wins in a row against Aue at the 2:2 point. Paderborn, on the other hand, is still undefeated after nine games abroad, winning six and drawing three times.


Today’s guests will have much better memories of the last three duels. Last season, the SCP won 2-0, in the first leg this year Paderborn won 3-1 – but St. Pauli had to play 85 minutes outnumbered, Ziereis saw the red card very early in the game. Pauli then took the lead, but Paderborn turned the game around and ultimately won clearly. The Hamburg side’s last win, on the other hand, was almost three years ago – there was even a draw between the two in September 2015, so there’s a good chance of a winner today.


After the spectacular 3:4 against Bremen, Platte has to watch from the bench for the time being, Michel moved up one floor to FC Union Berlin shortly before the end of the transfer window. Heuer and Yalcin take on the role of starting XI.


Let’s look straight at the line-ups, starting with the home side. There are three changes compared to the 1: 2 in the city derby against HSV: Ohlsson is missing with hip flexor problems, Lawrence and Becker have to go to the bench. Zander, Ziereis and Dittgen start instead.


The competition has presented: Both Heidenheim (yesterday), as well as today Bremen and Schalke have scored three points. And after four games without a win (2 draws, 2 defeats), St. Pauli has slipped from the top of the table to 4th place. But Paderborn has also been struggling in recent weeks and even months. In the last seven matches, the East Westphalians only got a threesome with three draws and three defeats. With 30 points, you are closer to the promotion ranks than the relegation zone in the table, but you threaten to sink into no man’s land of the table.

Hello and welcome to the top game on the 21st matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga this Saturday evening. At 8:30 p.m., FC St. Pauli welcomes SC Paderborn at Millerntor.


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