Live ticker FC Bayern Munich – AS Monaco (EuroLeague 2021/2022, 21st matchday)



Lučić for two, Anđušić for three! Bayern stay tuned but still lose ground to Monaco after two attacks. It’s offensive on both sides, four throws in a row find the goal. And again Lučić puts the fifth goal behind! He sinks the catch-and-shoot three-pointer straight from the throw-in!



Weiler-Babb finds Walden with the pawn trick when throwing in, the French keep to the distance rules in the zone and the top scorer of the game shortens. But not for long, because in return Thomas is all alone and nails the threesome.



Obradovic takes a break after the fast break – a very dangerous phase of the game begins, which could decide how it ends. Because so far the pendulum hasn’t swung in any direction, the teams on the court are too balanced.



Jaramaz just can’t find his rhythm, discarding the fourth three in a row. Trinchieri on the touchline doesn’t exactly calm his team’s game either and gets the technical. Anđušić nets the free throw. The same loses the ball in the next attack but with a stupid step mistake, Jaramaz goes out and Walden comes – but the first throw doesn’t sit. But Weiler-Babb shortened after stealing in the fast break with a layup!



Again Jaramaz is unlucky, this time under the basket where he is cleared. Motiejūnas punished the weakness of the home side’s offense with heavy play against Rubit under the basket after James found him. In the next attack, Lučić gives up the right to the ball with a stupid move, uses his shoulder too vehemently and gets the offensive foul attached.



Motiejūnas pulls the foul against Radošević under the basket, but misses both free throws. The Bavarians are happy to accept these gifts. Lučić then wisely pinned his second foul on James and Bayern are able to launch the next attack from the throw-in – but Jaramaz twice misses the free throw from distance. Not so Anđušić on the other side.



What a hammer! Jaramaz takes the emergency three from outside when the clock runs out, falls short, but Thomas anticipates the rebound and thunders it through the trap with a slamdunk to make it 40:40!



Thomas throws over the guests’ zone defense from outside and hits the first three with a little luck in the ring. The defense is also in place and Thomas is treated fairly under the basket, discarding in distress.



mid-term conclusion
With an unfortunate end, FC Bayern Munich is trailing 35:40 against AS Monaco. It was the home side who actually had the last attack and could have gone into the break with an advantage, but threw the ball into the arms of James, the best man on the French side. He has 13 points, two assists and two rebounds after 20 minutes – no extraordinary stats and yet he still gets pinpricks again and again. In the second quarter, Motiejūnas (6 points) and Motum (5 points) turned up the heat, but a total of nine Monegasques scored. Corey Walden topped the home team with 17 points, but lacked support. No other Munich player has scored more than four points so far. In addition, there were always short lulls in the offense, in the meantime the home side actually had the guest under control.



You can’t imagine that! Rivers throws the ball straight into James’ arms and James thanks him with a three-pointer from eight yards. Trinchieri rages – rightly so.



It hurts! Rubit is too late against James, who sinks the floater from half-distance despite a foul – but leaves the extra point on the line. At the front, however, Bayern fired twice from outside and Bacon brought back the guest lead with two free throws seven seconds before the end. Time out Bayern Munich.



Monaco leaves a lot under the basket, Motiejūnas has a chance to equalize because Bayern are trying to bang their head through the wall. First Rubit commits the offensive foul, then in the next attack he throws the ball out – there is not much going on with the 2019 German champions just before the break.



Motiejūnas moves strongly under the basket against Rubit, spins past and scores in the zone. Diallo is then served by James on the line of three and says thank you: The throw from outside is perfect and it’s only 35:33.



Obradovic forced to time out! James misses and Diallo throws away the rebound, but then Walden and Rivers fire from the outside – Bacon can’t score again and Jaramaz makes it 35:28 with the floater. Bayern have a much better grip on their opponents in this quarter.



James is back and immediately gets involved with a turnover after Motiejūnas viciously blocks Hunter under the basket. Bacon manages to connect from half-distance, but Thomas restores the old distance.



Wow wow Corey Walden! Motum puts points back on the board for Monaco at the line, but Walden is right there – three point number five!



By the way, Monaco is currently playing without James – and they won’t bring him even after the break. But Walden is running hotter and hotter with the home side, welds the fourth three – in five attempts – and then Lučić is completely free under the basket after Walden serves him perfectly with the baseball pass.



This is how you can pass the ball. Bacon on one side, Šiško on the other with the offensive foul. For the Munich it is even the second. And then the guests run hot! First Anđušić humorless from the middle distance and then Motum dry as a bone from outside bring the lead back to the Monegasque side. Time out Trinchieri.



What a start for Bayern in the second quarter! Rivers immediately slams the three-pointer into the net after Šiško serves the pear and Hunter then goes to the air show and sinks the crashing dunk after Šiško’s alley-oop pass – again -.



quarter conclusion
The big problem for the home side was – as expected – Mike James. The star of the guests gave his team eight points, but Bayern were on the court for a long time without Weiler-Babb. Walden countered with three three-pointers and scored a total of eleven of Bayern’s 18 points.



It’s too easy for the Monegasques! James simply pulls past Rubit, rushes to the basket and sinks with Brett. Westermann then drives the supposedly last attack, but hits a little too early. Jaramaz still has enough time on the clock for one last move to the basket, pulls the foul, but shows nerves at the line, hitting only one. With 0.4 seconds on the clock, Monaco no longer tries a shot and goes into the quarter-break with a 19:18 lead.



Jaramaz takes over the defense from James before he gets completely overheated, but the US boy still creates the necessary space and climbs up to the jumper – but the defense pays off, the shot doesn’t sit. Šiško has the rebound, misses the lay under the basket, but Thomas follows up with a tip-in – 17:15.



Lučić fouled Diallo on layup and stayed safe at the line. Bacon and Rivers then each miss the basket in the zone, but James then uses the somewhat passive defense of Munich without Weiler-Babb on the court, climbs up in the middle distance and sinks the jumper ice-cold over Rubit.



Trinchieri calls the first time-out and brings in Hunter and Jaramaz, but the first attack after the break is unsuccessful. The defense against Motiejūnas is in place, Walden fires the next three through the trap and takes the first Bayern lead – but James immediately counters from outside, rises up without a trace and pushes the orange through the trap.



After a small misthrow festival on both sides, Motiejūnas shows nimble fingers and stuffs the round in the fast break without resistance through the trap, an attack later Fortuna helps him under the basket – the ball jumps straight up from the ring and falls perfectly through the net. In return, Morgan can answer dryly from the outside and shortens to 8:10. The second three of Bayern.



Bayern pull out Mike James early in the game and the Monegasque star immediately begins to struggle – that can be the key to success for the home side.



Outtara and Weiler-Babb are each left too free in the left corner and sink the first threes, Diallo then tries again immediately, but only hits the ring. Radošević clearly misses the home side’s first lead under the basket, but is also tackled strongly on the layup.



Thomas sinks a layup in a one-on-one in the French’s first attack and immediately shows his class. In return, the Munich team are a bit unimaginative, Walden fires from outside and, in return, James increases it to 3-0 on the line after Weiler-Babb grabbed his arms when he made the move to the basket.


The starting five of the guests: James – Thomas – Diallo – Motiejūnas – Outtara.


Bayern starting five: Weiler-Babb – Walden – Lučić – Rubit – Radošević.


To be more precise, the defeat in Monaco was Bayern’s heaviest so far this season. Especially with the French, a lot has happened since the 94:71, especially on the sidelines. Zvezdan Mitrović is no longer sitting there, but Sasa Obradovic. Munich head coach Andrea Trinchieri knows him from his time in Berlin. Between 2015 and 2016, Erste played a total of five times with ALBA in the league and cup against Bamberg, who were coached by Trinchieri at the time. Obradovic couldn’t win a single one of these games against the Italian. It also didn’t work out with Red Star Belgrade in the EuroLeague last year.


The French are two points behind with 14 points, so they could overtake the Munich team. Because Monaco also wants to keep the chance of the finals. In France, the Monegasques were also dominant, beating Bayern 94:71 in their own hall – but since then they have only won two games in the EuroLeague and lost seven. In the domestic LNB, Monaco, like today’s host, is in second place in the Bundesliga. Overall, the French come to the city on the Isar with a winning streak of three games in a row, but have only played one game this year, so they are less in the flow, but possibly more rested.


Stressful days are ahead for FC Bayern Basketball. On January 9th they lost in the Bundesliga against Chemnitz in front of their home crowd with 63:65, but celebrated a 74:65 in the EuroLeague against Zalgiris Kaunas and reported back in the top European league. Today is the third match in just five days, again in the EuroLeague, again in the Audi Dome. The second leg is coming up against AS Monaco and it’s a very important one to stay in the top 8. Because only the eight best teams in the 18-strong EuroLeague qualify for the final round. With 16 points, Bayern are currently in 11th place, two points behind Anadolu Efes in eighth place.


Hello and good evening to the 21st matchday in the FIBA ​​EuroLeague. The basketball players from FC Bayern Munich meet the French representative AS Monaco at 8:30 p.m.


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