Live ticker FC Bayern Munich – ALBA BERLIN (EuroLeague 2021/2022, 23rd matchday)



The important player doesn’t let that upset him, pulls from a central position in the next attack and punches the layup under pressure. On the other side, 艩i拧ko then passes L么 on the right without any major problems, no longer experiences help defense and puts the ball in without any problems.



On such a day, Maodo L么 also has such a rare free-throw weakness. Before the game he hit 91% from the line, today it’s four out of eight.



And once again, it seems the Albatrosses are about to hand down a strong game of their own… We’ll see!



Absolute highlight move! With his heel on the logo, 沤an 艩i拧ko serves Vladimir Lu膷i膰, who pulls towards the basket from the right and accepts the alley-oop pass dunking! What an eye!



The veteran got a taste for it, immediately followed up with a two and the lead changed again.



Four and a half minutes into play, Sikma’s fadeaway jump shot to the right of the zone gives the Albatross their first points in the fourth quarter.



Maodo L么 throws on the turbo after the opponent’s basket success and can only be stopped with a foul on the lay-up – but unusually he misses both on the line.



A short update on the turnover figures: Munich has 14, Berlin 17 on the account. The statistics show once again how nervous the players are.



The next leadership change! Bayern has taken the helm again and the hall is becoming more and more active. Even if not many are allowed in the Audi Dome, the manageable crowds of fans create a good atmosphere and are fueled by their team’s 16:3 run.



Early in the quarter, Walden has foul problems again after his blocking foul on passing L么 – it was his fourth.



It goes into the decisive ten minutes!



Quarter conclusion:
The final quarter is coming up and again you have to worry: it is still completely open and extremely exciting! In the third quarter the albatrosses were gone to twelve, thanks to a final sprint there are only three. It’s 44:41 for the capitals.



A little to the right of the zone, Thomas actually only wants to pull the throwing foul, but does not get the whistle. Instead he hits the wild throw and Bayern Basketball is only three points away.



Now it’s another phase in which not much falls overall. Again, it’s the last minute before the end of the quarter that could possibly be enormously important.



It seems as if the momentum could change at any moment. Munich does a little run, shortens to six points and then of course the head comes on too…



Lu膷i膰 takes responsibility. It’s ten points behind again and the forward thinks he’ll take matters into his own hands and, starting from the pear, energetically pulls past Thiemann on the right, penetrates the zone and climbs up. Christ Koumadje starts to block from the left, but cannot prevent the successful layup high above the board. Instead there is +1, which the Serb leaves behind.



Ruby with the block against Smith! On the right side of the baseline, about a meter away from the zone, the Berliner is running out of time and starts to fade away. But Rubit smelled the rat and blocked the attempt without any problems.



ALBA pulls away! At least something, and grabs the first double-digit lead in the game. Jaleen Smith throws the three from slightly half right.



And the Berliner continues to take over. From the half-left outside he sees from the corner of his eye that Lammers is playable for a moment under the basket on the left and puts him in the limelight perfectly with a powerful ground pass with the left over seven meters. The layup is seated!



Lo follows up! The strong point guard threatens to overheat. After his speed advance, he sinks his step-back attempt from outside from half left in the next attack.



The albatrosses come out of the cabins well. After Sikma’s early equalization, L么 follows up with a fast-break, only hesitating against his defender and escaping the blocking with his extended right arm, with which he places the leather over the board from below with great feeling -Attempt from the chasing Lu膷i膰.



The second half has started!



Mid-term conclusion:
With the home side leading 26:24, both EuroLeague encounters between FC Bayern Munich Basketball and ALBA Berlin go into the half-time break. Yes, you read that right: After 20 minutes of play, neither team has broken the 30 mark. Bayern won the second quarter 10:8, so Berlin didn’t even score double digits here and Munich only just. As can be concluded, the game is extremely defensive. Both work extremely disciplined and hard (but fair) against the ball and against the man. Accordingly, the throw rates are of course in the basement: ALBA hits 33.3% of the two and 27.3% of the three attempts. In Munich it is 40% and 30%. The top scorers are Lu膷i膰 on nine and Walden and Smith on six. So Nick Weiler-Babb has more steals at halftime with six count than most players have points. You don’t see that every day either. Nevertheless, the game is anything but bad, on the contrary: it is very exciting and extremely balanced.



Nothing has fallen out of the field since 3:46 minutes. Maodo L么 added a point with a free throw.



The game is currently back at a point break of more than two minutes. As I said, nothing is given for free.



Jaleen Smith and Ben Lammers together! The American energetically moves past Ognjen Jaramaz and serves his center at just the right moment. Lammers climbs up and darns the leather with Alley-Oop!



Corey Walden is substituted for three personal fouls. The guard now has to be more careful in the duels.



In these moments, the guests manage to force a few defensive stops in a row for the first time. This keeps Munich within striking distance.



Augustine Rubit gets well centered under the basket from Nick Weiler-Babb, who by the way is now at six steals stands, serves and hits with a foul. The bonus throw also works and Bayern increases the gap to five points.



After Trinchieri took a very early break, ALBA coach Gonz谩lez now draws his first in this quarter. Both coaches must have noticed something specific in their opponent’s tactical orientation.



Vladimir Lu膷i膰 has the perfect answer ready and in turn punches the first from outside from the right corner on the second try.



Is that strong! Lammers is doubled under the basket and has to get rid of the leather. Zoosman cuts into the zone from the left outside and is served with a dirty pass. Quick-witted, he directs it with his fingertips as best he can to the left, where he correctly suspects the free man. Tamir Blatt has all the time in the world and sinks the open three from the left.



Quarter conclusion:
After the first quarter, one thing is clear: The game keeps what it promised us! It’s very balanced, hard-fought and the players’ tension underscores the importance of the game. With a 16:16 it goes into the second ten minutes!



Interesting side fact: Nick Weiler-Babb has already recorded four (!) steals coming off the bench.



With just over a minute and a half left in the first ten minutes, the match couldn’t be more even: it’s 14-14.



Bayern take the lead for the first time, mainly due to a better defense compared to the game’s opener. In other words, ALBA already has seven turnovers, which was also a decisive factor against Maccabi.



After the first changes after almost half of the first quarter, the home side come into play better. But it is a starter who just takes control of the game. Corey Walden nets both of his first attempts from Downtown!



Even the very first duels under the basket are hotly contested. Nothing is given for free here! Overall, the pace is extremely high at the beginning.



Jaleen Smith follows up, and how! On the pear, the forward from the dribble steps back behind the line and sinks the fadeaway three-pointer! Strong start of the albatrosses.



Both teams got off to a cold start. Lammers scored the first two points after two minutes had already passed. L么 breaks through on the right, tears apart the defense and serves the center under the basket. He doesn’t hesitate, climbs up immediately, gets fouled – but hits anyway! And one! And also the free throw is sitting.



As usual, Lammers, L么, Olinde, Sikma and Smith start at Berlin.



Regarding the ‘starting lineups’: In the home team, the ailing Corey Walden got fit in time and was on the floor from the start. So did Leon Rado拧evi膰, Vladimir Lu膷i膰, Augustine Rubit and Ognjen Jaramaz.



It goes into the German top duel!


A decisive duel should be that of the two Big Men Vladimir Lu膷i膰 and Luke Sikma. The Serb, who started all of his 17 games this season, is Bayern’s second best scorer with 12.6 points. Luke Sikma, on the other hand, is averaging 10.1 points, 6.9 rebounds and 4.5 assists in just under 26 minutes. The leadership qualities of the two experienced players will also be important.


Another aspect that makes Munich one of the favorites is the fact that they have won all five matches between the two clubs in the EuroLeague. Head coach Andrea Trinchieri’s team is also clearly ahead in a direct comparison: Bayern Munich Basketball’s 37 wins are offset by 24 for the albatross. On the other hand, Berlin has won the last two national championships and is the most successful German club with ten titles. Even if the home side probably have the better cards in their hands today, it is impossible to predict who will have the better end in this prestigious ‘classical’. But one thing is clear from the past: It will be a hard-fought game!


The hosts are also ahead on international soil and in this case a little more clearly. While he has the same record as Anadolu Efes in the last play-off place after 21 games with 20 points, Berlin is six places behind him in 16th place with twelve points after 20 games.


The situation in Munich is completely different. They win five of their last six games, which gives them the sole lead in the BBL at the moment. ALBA, on the other hand, is currently “only” seventh in the national league, but still has two or three more games to play than the competition and would come within two points of Bayern with two wins.


In the 63rd competitive match, the two top clubs are once again facing each other today at international level. In the first leg, ALBA lost relatively clearly at home with 69:82 and accordingly has something to make up for today. However, the capital city have had to struggle with corona infections in recent weeks and may therefore be in their low form, which is reflected in a current loss series of four games in a row.


Welcome to the 23rd game day of the EuroLeague this Friday evening and the clash between the two best German basketball teams of the past few years! FC Bayern Munich Basketball hosts the albatrosses from Berlin in their home Audi Dome. Tip-off is at 8:30 p.m.


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