Live ticker FC Augsburg – Eintracht Frankfurt (Bundesliga 2021/2022, 19th matchday)



No, Jablonski is called out and rules that the handball was not punishable. A reasonable decision.



the VAR in the person of Pascal Müller reports again from Cologne because Lindstrøm touches the ball with his arm in an aerial duel. Is there a late penalty here?



Even in the last minutes of the first half, the outsider is pushing for the opening goal.



The first round is extended by 120 seconds.



Official injury time (minutes): 2



After Frankfurt earned it in the minutes for the opening goal, the South German equalizer is anything but undeserved. The goals here reflect the best phases of the teams quite well – Frankfurt at minute 25, FCA just before half.



The Fuggerstädter are currently on top here, even if Zeqiri’s cross with a low cross this time – from an even more acute angle than the goal – is intercepted by Ramaj.



Yellow card for Timothy Chandler (Eintracht Frankfurt)

Chandler comes too late on the center line and sees the third yellow card of the current game.



Augsburg continue and get their next chance in the person of Zeqiri, but the striker gets stuck on the block of the SGE defenders from close range.



Michael Gregorych

Tooor for FC Augsburg, 1:1 by Michael Gregoritsch

Substitute keeper Diant Ramaj hasn’t had much to do yet – and now he looks unhappy with one of his first actions… Gregoritsch is staged half-left with a half-high pass from Iago and almost thunders from the baseline and from an acute angle with a turning shot . Ramaj speculates on a cross, is caught by the shot on the wrong foot and the ball whizzes past him into the net in the goalkeeper’s corner.



Andi Zeqiri

Yellow card for Andi Zeqiri (FC Augsburg)

Nevertheless, the referee is asked to the screen to look at what exactly? A potential red card after getting in really hard? Or did the referee make something unmistakable when he blew his whistle and wanted to whistle something else? Difficult to judge, but after a bit of confusion Zeqiri gets a deserved yellow card and SGE free-kick.



Wow – what a look from Jablonski! You just have to praise the referee: Zeqiri picks up the pace and, after a deep through ball, pushes to the edge of the penalty area. Hasebe catches up with the opponent and then gets hit in the ankle by the striker. The referee immediately decides correctly and whistles, even if Pepi pushes past Ramaj into the goal seconds later.



Incidentally, the opening goal of the Hessians had not really started. After the attack just now, the Mainstadters have more and more earned the 1-0 lead.



A great SBU attack ends on outer post! Sow sends a world-class volley from the halfway line straight down Lindstrøm’s run, who bursts into the box from the left and shakes off his opponent with a hook. Twelve meters from the goal he can practically choose the corner, decides to go short and also overcomes Gikiewicz with this decision. Fortunately, a few centimeters are missing.



Chandler extends a second cross after a failed corner with the heel steeply upwards, so that the marble flies towards the empty stands.



Jesper Lindstrøm thunders the ball low but too unplaced from the second row past the left post.



How is the FCA reacting? With an attack on the right side: Vargas circles the leather blindly to the center, where Frankfurt’s Touré clears something impetuously into the feet. The defender straightened out his own technical error by blocking Pepi’s follow-up shot from the left half.



Daichi Kamada

Tooor for Eintracht Frankfurt, 0:1 by Daichi Kamada

Suddenly the SBU leadership! And again due to an individual error, Dorsch loses the ball with an extremely unnecessary pass on the center line. Lindstrøm shifts the fastest, but does not have a direct view of the left side, but instead lays out to Borré on the right. But he keeps an eye on Kamada, who started on the left, puts the ball through to the Japanese, who circles Rafał Gikiewicz and then, with presence of mind, slides into the empty goal in front of the rushing FCA captain Gouweleeuw on the bottom left.



N’Dicka’s header from a Lindstrøm corner kick at the first post rises far too high, weakly hit.



Substitute keeper Diant Ramaj has had a rather easy first twenty minutes of his Bundesliga debut. He has just intercepted a cross that came too close to the goal and hasn’t had to do much more.



If Eintracht gets into the opposing half, which has rarely been the case so far, the attacking efforts are of a fairly harmless nature. The FCA defense has not yet had any major problems with these tender efforts.



Michael Gregorych

Yellow card for Michael Gregoritsch (FC Augsburg)

dark yellow! Gregoritsch tries to poke at the ball, but instead hits Tuta’s heel with an open sole. Sven Jablonski immediately pulls out the yellow box, rightly so!



The midfielder showed that Dorsch has a brilliant long-range shot in his quiver with his dream goal against Cologne. He also tries it here from a little over twenty meters, but this time he aims with the inside instep halfway up next to the Frankfurt box.



That changes after an unnecessary SGE ball loss in midfield. The southern Germans switch quickly and make their way to the opposing goal with a lot of speed and space. Pepi is served with a deep vertical pass, who finishes weakly towards Ramaj alone and stumbles the ball next to the goal. However, the flag was up anyway, the offside position of the newcomer should have been very close.



There is not much to report from the WWK Arena. Both teams showed the move to the goal correctly. The Fuggerstädter have more ball possession at the beginning, but they don’t act quickly enough. So far, the neutral viewers have had a boring start.



It’s a start with the handbrake on – for both teams. Just off the left corner of the penalty area, Arne Maier is allowed to try a stationary ball for the first time from a promising situation after a handball. However, it remains a weak attempt.



Niklas Dorsch is a little careless with the ball just before his own sixteen and loses it. Lucky for the six, as Lindstrøm didn’t take advantage of the situation and only found opponents with his sharp cross pass in front of the goal.



Incidentally, FCA new signing Ricardo Pepi plays down the right flank and is blocking a long-range shot from his own teammate Ruben Vargas.



The Augsburgers bring the first halfway dangerous advance, but play the action halfway left in the penalty area too little purposefully.



Here we go! The domestic challenger plays in red and green striped jerseys, Frankfurt plays in black outfits.

3:30 p.m

The game’s referee is Sven Jablonski, who is currently leading the two teams onto the pitch and will open the game in a few seconds. The video assistant referee Pascal Müller provides support from Cologne.


Because keeper Trapp and Kostić are out due to positive PCR tests and Hinteregger and Hrustić are sent to the bench, Oliver Glasner sends four new players into the starting XI: Diant Ramaj replaces Trapp in goal, Hasebe in defense and Sow in midfield Form a column, Touré begins on the far right. At FC Augsburg the personnel situation was a little easier for Markus Weinzierl, so that he only sent Uduokhai and Hahn to the bench compared to 1: 3 in Hoffenheim. In their place are Oxford and new signing Ricardo Pepi, who is making his starting XI debut!


In eight home games this season, the Augsburgers scored a solid eleven points and have an overall balanced record. However, a look at the away table doesn’t really increase hopes of a win at home: Eintracht is the fourth strongest away team of the season, who, in addition to the surprise win in Munich, were able to get three more three-pointers abroad.


In the last four direct duels, however, Augsburg looked bad: There was only one draw in three defeats, and the Fuggerstadt team didn’t score a single goal in these games. Can Frankfurt extend the unbeaten series against favorite opponents FCA?


Fun fact: Only three teams have beaten FC Bayern Munich this season. Two of them are dueling with each other today. In addition to FCB nemesis Gladbach, both Frankfurt, who have become Bayern’s “lesser nemesis” in recent years, and (as already mentioned) FCA clinched a 2-1 win over the record champions.


They were also on the right track for a long time against BVB, their difficult opening opponent in the second half of the season, before Dortmund turned up the heat from the 70th minute and turned a 2-0 lead for Eintracht into a defeat – from an SBU point of view. Frankfurt wants to recover from these twenty minutes today and needs an away win to do so.


The Frankfurters under Oliver Glasner put in an even stronger series before the winter break. While the SBU was still level on points with today’s opponent on the tenth match day, the Adlerträger have built up a nine-point lead over the hosts – although they also played a solid second half of the first half of the season. Since the beginning of November, Eintracht has won six out of seven league games and also comfortably stayed overnight in the Europa League. If that wasn’t even an announcement to the top teams – the Hessians are marching in big steps!


However, the Weinzierl squad did not get off to a good start in the new year, losing 3-1 at TSG Hoffenheim. In order not to worry too much, she would like to defeat Eintracht today and could thus relegate VfB Stuttgart to 16th place.


Before the turn of the year, the world in the Fugger city looked relatively in order. Although the FCA could not seriously distance themselves from the relegation place, the form curve of the southern Germans pointed in the right direction. Although the defeat against Bochum and the point-sharing against Fürth were a bit sobering, they scored a strong twelve points in the second half of the first half of the season – for comparison: in the first nine games there were only six. This was also due to the fact that they personally defeated Bayern Munich 2-1 and stole a point from the Leipzigers, who were strengthening under Tedesco.


Hello and welcome to the Sunday afternoon game in the Bundesliga! While Augsburg is stuck in the table cellar, Frankfurt’s eyes should be directed upwards. At 3:30 p.m. the two teams will meet in the WWK Arena.


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