Live Ticker Cori Gauff – Mihaela Buzarnescu (Wimbledon Women 2022, 2nd round)


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Gauff – Buzărnescu 6: 2, 1: 0

A relaxed service game for Buzărnescu is now in the offing. The Romanian appears at the net, sinks the forehand and has three balls.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 6: 2, 1: 0

With his own serve, Gauff continues to be very focused and once again pulls it through cleanly. With the fifth ace, that’s quickly done. As a server, the American only gave up six points in the entire match.


2nd sentence

Gauff also serves to open the second round – and quickly scores the point with the first serve.


interim conclusion

Cori Gauff throws her greater potential into the balance, is able to hit a higher tempo and thus radiate dominance. To keep up at this level, Mihaela Buzărnescu would have to play at the performance limit. But the Romanian does not succeed due to a high error rate.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 6:2

Gauff puts her forehand into the net, but gets a second chance shortly after. And now the 18-year-old takes action and gets active help from her opponent. Their backhand comes into contact with the ground too late.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 5:2

Buzărnescu’s forehand sails out without need. The challenge does not save the Romanian either. That means a break ball, which is also a set ball for Gauff.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 5:2

Then Buzărnescu unpacks a winner, pulls the forehand down the line. The left-hander does not know how to use the game ball she has won. Gauff now plays the backhand return longline.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 5:2

A badly hit backhand does not improve the situation of the Romanians either. 0:30! After that, however, Gauff fails a backhand stop completely.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 5:2

Now Buzărnescu is required, has to serve against the loss of the set, does it with new balls. And so the 34-year-old made the first double mistake of the evening.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 5:2

With its own service, the comparatively powerful Gauff does not show any weaknesses, it is almost 200 kilometers per hour on the first. With her fourth ace, the American brings the game through to zero.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 4:2

Buzărnescu uses this second game ball thanks to a forehand error by Gauff. The outsider thus shortened to 2: 4.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 4: 1

Buzărnescu fights for her moments, of course she wants to sell herself as expensively as possible. Now the Romanian appears at the net, executed with the backhand.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 4: 1

And so it is with Buzărnescu’s backhand, the cross-ball sails wide and the ball is gone. For the first time in this match it’s about debut.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 4: 1

Buzărnescu sees himself forced to take too many risks to gain control of the rally himself. But that is now constantly going wrong. The 34-year-old makes too many mistakes. Gauff is currently adapting to this level a little, making two mistakes himself without need.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 4: 1

Gauff seems more and more confident, closes the next unproblematic service game with a service winner and rushes to 4:1.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 3: 1

Gauff also serves very stable, but does so with significantly more speed. And that is now becoming more and more evident in the rallies. Sometimes it goes a bit too fast for Buzărnescu, which leads to mistakes.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 3: 1

Right now the Romanian has to go with the second for the first time. And promptly Buzărnescu comes under pressure, misses a backhand and gives her service.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 2:1

Then Buzărnescu recognizes the chance to attack. The 34-year-old also hits the backhand volley well. Nevertheless, a slight backhand error shortly afterwards meant that Gauff had two break opportunities.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 2:1

Buzărnescu consistently brings the first serve into the field, the Romanian has not had to try the second at all.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 2:1

Ultimately, after 0:30, Gauff scores four points in a row, pulls the game to their side and thus submits again.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 1:1

Then Gauff unpacks a strong angle, plays the backhand very briefly cross and precisely. The American also manages the whole thing longline.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 1:1

Gauff is still a little lacking in concentration. Unnecessarily, her forehand ends up in the net. The French Open finalist reacted to the 0:30 with her third ace of the match.


Gauff – Buzărnescu 1:1

This is exactly what is confirmed in the sequel. IN a rally, the 18-year-old misses two chances and doesn’t get the high volley pushed into the field at the end. Then Buzărnescu creates her first ace and equalizes to 1:1.


Gauff 1-0 Buzărnescu

In the meantime, the Romanian has to walk more from time to time. This promptly forces the forehand error. But after that, Gauff plays with the handbrake on.


Gauff 1-0 Buzărnescu

Now Buzărnescu can serve. A rally develops over the first serve. This ends when Gauff hits the felt ball with a forehand with the frame.


Gauff 1-0 Buzărnescu

Gauff keeps his nerves, throws in a backhand slice. The opponent can’t cope with that, carelessly throws her forehand into the net. Then the American ignites her second ace and wins the first game.


Gauff 0-0 Buzărnescu

Buzărnescu didn’t have to wait long for her first point, thanks to a forehand mistake by her opponent. And this is repeated in the form. 15:30!


1 sentence

Now Gauff opens the match – and does it with an ace, unattainably served to the outside.


Entry and coin toss

At this moment our protagonists enter the square under the closed roof. After a few steps of preparation, you meet with the French chair umpire Aurélie Tourte to vote at the net. The coin falls in favor of Gauff, who decides to serve. Then both play a little.


Head 2 Head

The two players have not yet dealt with each other. The age difference is certainly responsible for this. The Romanian Buzărnescu is almost twice as old. In addition, in recent years the level has been quite different, which is why the role of favorite is now clearly distributed to the American Gauff.



Rafael Nadal has just used his first match point with an ace, beating Ričardas Berankis after a good three hours, excluding a 50-minute rain break, 6: 4, 6: 4, 4: 6 and 6: 3. This means that Center Court is now free for our women’s match, which we can expect around 21:15 CEST.


flying balls

Game operations are now being resumed on the covered courts, but Center Court is lagging behind. Rafael Nadal leads 3-0 in the fourth round. Should the king of clay courts set a higher tempo on the holy turf, we might be able to get a chance before 21:00 CEST.


roof closed

Now the roof construction is set in motion. In any case, it all takes time. Our wait for Cori Gauff and Mihaela Buzărnescu will continue to stretch. We are moving towards 8:30pm.


What now?

Apparently, one doesn’t expect prolonged rain, the organizers want to do it with the roof open. And so we await the things that are to come. The sky doesn’t look particularly threatening. There are blue spots, but it’s still raining.



Quite unexpectedly it suddenly starts to pour. That was not predicted in the form. It is correspondingly hectic. The tarpaulin has to be pulled over the lawn quickly. It’s probably just a short but heavy shower. Of course, we also have a roof on Center Court, which should now be closed.



In fact, as in the first round, Rafael Nadal did not get through without losing a set, giving up the third round against the Lithuanian Ričardas Berankis at this moment. So the match will be continued, which means that we will have to wait until around 8:10 p.m.


Gauff already in many finals

Gauff had won her two finals before Roland Garros 2022 – as happened in Linz 2019 and at the Emilia-Romagna Open 2021. In doubles, the US girl is even a bit more successful with seven finals and four titles – the last one she won in February doha With a partner at her side, Gauff has also played Grand Slam finals in Paris and New York. She won both tournaments at the juniors in 2018, the one in Roland Garros in singles.


Gauff 2022

Gauff caused a sensation early in the year at one of the two tournaments in Adelaide as a semi-finalist, but failed immediately afterwards in the 1st round of the Australian Open. In the meantime, the right-hander played the quarter-finals in Doha. Most recently, the 18-year-old trumped really well, celebrating her high point of the season so far as a finalist at the French Open, but had no chance against Iga Świątek there. Gauff recently reached the semi-finals on the lawn in Berlin. As twelfth in the world rankings, she is higher than ever.


Buzărnescu 2022

Buzărnescu is currently listed as number 127. This season, the left-hander mainly played ITF tournaments, more than the round of the last eight was not possible. In addition, she was at WTA level only in Karlsruhe (round of 16) and also at the French Open in the main draw.



Rafael Nadal is not particularly in a hurry. The record Grand Slam champion has just won the second set 6: 4 – again with the decisive break at the end. So the matter drags on for a while. Our women will have to wait until around 7:30 p.m. CEST – and of course we too.


A tournament victory for Buzărnescu

At major level, Buzărnescu only performed better in Roland Garros 2018 as a round of 16. In addition, the now 34-year-old played three finals on the WTA tour. She only won the last one at the Silicon Valley Classic. All these finals took place in 2018. At that time, the Romanian reached her highest ranking position as 20th.


Buzărnescu at Wimbledon

Mihaela Buzărnescu is in the main draw for the fourth time at Wimbledon, having previously failed to qualify twice. In 2018, the left-hander made it to the 3rd round. At the beginning of the week, the unseeded Romanian had no trouble in her opening match, swept the German Nastasja Schunk off the field in two sentences.


Gauff at Wimbledon

For the third time since debuting in 2019, Cori Gauff, aka Coco, serves on the sacred turf at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. So far, the American has always reached the round of 16. This year the 11th seeded right-hander had a hard start to the tournament, needing two and a half hours to win against Elena-Gabriela Ruse after falling behind in the set. And now it’s against a Romanian again.


Center Court

With three scheduled games, this schedule wasn’t that far off the mark. However, the first match between Katie Boulter and Karolína Plíšková went over three sets – with the better ending for the British wildcard player. The 6th seeded Czech had to give up after winning the first set. Ričardas Berankis and Rafael Nadal are currently facing each other on the pitch. The Mallorcan has just won the first round. We have to assume that the two pros will have at least an hour left. So we certainly won’t get a chance before 18:45 CEST.



Welcome to the Championships in Wimbledon! The match between Cori Gauff and Mihaela Buzărnescu takes place on Center Court as part of the women’s individual competition at the end of the day and at the end of the second round. It was originally planned to start around 18:00 CEST.


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