Live ticker Arminia Bielefeld – SpVgg Greuther Fürth (Bundesliga 2021/2022, 19th matchday)



Mid-term conclusion:
With a performance-based 1:1 draw, it’s off to the cabins on the Alm! Bielefeld got off to a better start and took the lead in the eighth minute. However, Greuther Fürth was not unsettled by this. The shamrock fought back and equalized through a powerful action from Jamie Leweling. So anything is possible in the second section. See you soon!



There are 60 seconds in the first round on top. That’s perfectly fine, since there were no longer interruptions.



Official stoppage time (minutes): 1



Yellow card for Andrés Andrade (Arminia Bielefeld)

Leweling is making steam on the right and is again faster than Andrade. The left-back unluckily catches the 20-year-old on the right heel and is penalized for the foul with the yellow card.



Wimmer takes a free kick from the right half field and finds Nilsson in the middle. The central defender nods to the right with a diving header.



From the course of the game, the equalization of the francs is by no means undeserved. However, they scored their goal in a phase in which Arminia was getting better again.



Sebastian Vasiliadis

Sebastian Vasiliadis (Arminia Bielefeld) is shown a yellow card.

Vasiliadis kicks Tillman, who starts a promising counterattack, in the feet from behind. The central midfielder rightly sees yellow for this.



Jamie Leveling

Tooor for SpVgg Greuther Fürth, 1:1 by Jamie Leweling

The first Fürth shot on goal is also right there! The guests conquer the ball on the left in midfield and switch very quickly. Hrgota serves Leweling and the 20-year-old then shows a great individual performance. At top speed he sprints from the center circle to the left of the penalty area. On the way he doesn’t let Andrade stop him either. From half left in the box, Leweling then also overcomes Ortega and executes with his left into the far corner.



Bielefeld is getting a little more active again and has a direct opportunity. From the left, just in the sixteen, Florian Krüger aims at the upper left corner with his left. However, the bullet roars just over the crossbar.



Luca Itter

Yellow card for Luca Itter (SpVgg Greuther Fürth)

Patrick Wimmer picks up speed on the right and makes his way into half of the SpVgg. Itter works back and pulls the tactical foul. But the left-back sees the first warning of the game.



In front of the gates there is really little going on. Fürth hasn’t scored a shot yet and Bielefeld’s only shot on goal made it 1-0.



Greuther Fürth is simply too harmless on the offensive. Almost nothing comes out of the game and the home team also defends the standards relatively easily.



Dudziak is imprecisely played in the build-up and is therefore unable to secure the ball. This creates a little space for Arminia, who plays purposefully forward. In the end, Wimmer heads a cross from the left from eleven yards well over the box.



There’s not much going on on the lawn at the moment. Bielefeld has withdrawn a little and is waiting for a counterattack. Fürth tries a lot, but doesn’t really find the way in front of the opposing goal.



The stationary ball from the right side does not cause any danger. Instead, the DSC counterattack runs immediately. However, Sascha Burchert can defuse a very deep pass before his sixteen.



The guests are exceptionally on the offensive. Leweling starts to flank on the right wing. Nilsson stands in the way and blocks the corner.



The first moments were still relatively balanced. At least since the 1-0, Bielefeld is the clearly superior team and has everything under control.



In the lightning table, Arminia jumps to a non-relegation zone for the first time since the fifth match day.



It’s Masaya Okugawa’s seventh goal of the season. This makes the Japanese clearly the top scorer in his squad.



Masaya Okugawa

Tooor for Arminia Bielefeld, 1:0 by Masaya Okugawa

Arminia goes in front early! Brunner is not attacked at all on the right in the Fürth half and then plays the ball halfway up between the chains. Krüger then cleverly claps Okugawa 25 meters from the goal. The Japanese picks up speed, dribbles his way half-right into the penalty area and pushes the ball with his right inside instep from a tight angle into the far corner.



From the beginning it shows the expected intense game. Both teams are venomous in duels.



The subsequent corner from the left flag occurs again Patrick Wimmer. The cross does not end up with any teammate and therefore remains harmless.



Wimmer brings the first standard of the game from the right half field to the first post. There Okugawa extends. In the middle, however, Griesbeck is careful and can clarify.



Bielefeld plays in black jerseys and Fürth counters in completely light blue jerseys.



Here we go! Bielefeld bumps and tries it directly with a very wide shot. But the guests watch out and clear the throw-in.


In the Bundesliga, the first leg was the only meeting between the two teams so far. Fabian Klos put Arminia in front. Branimir Hrgota was able to equalize from the point. This provided the cloverleaf with its first point of the current season. However, they could have won as well, since they were outnumbered from the 68th minute.


The SpVgg even have the same starting XI that scored 0-0 against Stuttgart. Accordingly, new signing Afimico Pululu is back on the bench, although the Fürth team remained goalless for the third time in a row.


Frank Kramer only makes one change compared to the 2-2 win against Freiburg. Brian Lasme, who scored the equalizer last week, moves into the starting XI. But Janni-Luca Serra stays outside for the time being.


SpVgg Greuther Fürth’s shape curve has also been clearly on the up lately. The Franks have just six points on the account. However, they got five of them from the last four games. The cloverleaf has stabilized on the defensive in particular. In the last four matchdays they have not been without goals in Dortmund. As a result, they clinched a 1-0 win over Union and two goalless draws against Augsburg and Stuttgart. In order to get a real taste of hope in the relegation battle, the bottom team has to win their first away win today and finally win a basement duel.


Arminia Bielefeld is currently on a real run. The East Westphalia have lost only one of the last five encounters. Recently there were even three unbeaten games in a row. They defeated Leipzig and Bochum 2-0 and drew 2-2 in Freiburg. They showed great morale and caught up a two-goal deficit. As a result, the DSC has not yet been able to make up any places in the table, but they are only one point behind the relegation rank. With a threesome they could finally leave the direct relegation places again.

Hello and welcome to the last game of the 19th matchday. In the Bielefeld SchücoArena it comes to the end of the absolute relegation cracker. The Arminia welcomes the tail light from Fürth. Kick-off is at 5:30 p.m.


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