Live ticker Angelique Kerber – Magda Linette 2: 0 (Wimbledon Women 2022, 2nd round)



A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 6: 3

That’s it! Again Linette has to go over the second serve and returns with good depth. Linette slips on the backhand and gives away the last point.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 5: 3

There is the match point for Angelique Kerber! After a double fault by the opponent, the 34-year-old now has the chance to end the match.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 5: 3

Very well served by Kerber! The German can get the 5: 3 with two service winners in a row and is only one game win away from entering the next round.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 4: 3

There’s the break! Kerber plays a great angle with the backhand cross and makes life very difficult for the opponent. The Pole makes the mistake and the 4:3 goes to Angie Kerber.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 3: 3

What a return game from Angie Kerber! The German is extremely present and has great footwork. The 34-year-old secures three breakballs!


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 3: 3

Take a deep breath with Angelique Kerber! The German gets her serve here and makes it 3:3.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 2: 3

However, Linette misses the chance to break and shows real frustration for the first time. There was a lot more in it for the 30-year-old.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 2: 3

And Angie Kerber now has a lot of pressure, because the German faces a breakball! Linette attacks here several times with the backhand cross and has very good precision there.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 2: 3

Magda Linette holds her serve. The 30-year-old makes it 3: 2 and pushes the pressure back to the other side of the net, where Kerber will now serve.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 2: 2

Hard-fought serve game again by Magda Linette, who had to go through the debut several times and now even has breakball against. However, the Pole fends it off with a very good first serve.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 2: 2

When the score is 30:30, Kerber has to go to the front of the net, but plays the ball very well over it. Out of necessity, Linette counters with a moon ball, which lands right on the line.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 2: 2

From Kerber’s point of view, it’s very important that the girl from Kiel recovers very quickly. After two lost games, the German can now definitely bring her serve through.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 1: 2

Linette actually has a lot of points in her own hands here. If the Pole doesn’t make any mistakes here, she’s quite capable of annoying Kerber. So also in this case, the 30-year-old gets her service game.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 1: 1

Easy come easy go! Kerber suddenly wobbles in her basic strokes and allows too much. After a weak backhand, the German collects the unnecessary re-break here.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 1: 0

Very strong return from Kerber, who plays the lines really well several times and actually gets the quick break.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6: 3, 0: 0

Now Kerber has a great opportunity here to take an important step. The woman from Kiel has a breakball again.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 6:3

Yes indeed! Angelique Kerber wins set number one. The player from Kiel also needs her second set ball, but serves very well to the body and forces the opponent to make a return error.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 5:3

After another return error from Linette, Angie Kerber has her first set points here!


A. Kerber – M. Linette 5:3

Linette has to go over the second serve and is put under direct pressure by Kerber. Finally, the Pole messes up her forehand and gives up the break.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 4:3

Again there is breakball for Kerber and this time it is a very important one in the late phase of set one. With a great backhand cross, the woman from Kiel made it 40:30.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 4:3

Take a deep breath with Angie Kerber! The 34-year-old grabs this hard-fought service after Linette’s return error.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 3:3

What footwork from Kerber, who runs Linette’s stop really hard and counters with the cross. Made strong by the Germans!


A. Kerber – M. Linette 3:3

Kerber serves very well in this important phase and thus also fends off this breakball. Of course, this service game is not yet won.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 3:3

Kerber has to be careful now! Despite a really strong serve and the upper hand in the rally, the player from Kiel is faced with a breakball after a slight backhand mistake.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 3:3

At first it looked like this was going to be a breather for Linette, who previously had to fend off break points twice. After 40:15 it’s still a debut here, but in the end the Pole wins the game.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 3:2

Now, however, the 34-year-old shows a very sovereign service game. Without problems and to zero, Kerber is 3: 2 here.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 2:2

Kerber also doesn’t have bad length in her shots, but plays too often in the opponent’s forehand in this phase. Linette gets the 2:2 here!


A. Kerber – M. Linette 2:1

Mentally, however, the Pole is very strong. Linette serves well and takes risks with the forehand under pressure. Again, the 30-year-old fends off all breakballs.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 2:1

Linette actually shows good length in her groundstrokes, but Kerber always finds the right answer. The woman from Kiel secures three more break opportunities!


A. Kerber – M. Linette 2:1

Two more strong points from the former world number one follow. Angelique Kerber makes it 2-1.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 1:1

Kerber distributes the balls very well and then serves better. Even the 34-year-old cannot be broken here for the time being and is making a debut.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 1:1

Now, however, Angie Kerber is also wobbling, who is behind at 0:30 in the morning and now also at 15:40. The woman from Kiel now has to defend herself against two breakballs.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 1:1

Four points in a row from Magda Linette ensure that the Pole also wins her first service game here.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 1:0

However, Linette serves very well in the important phase and fends off both breakballs. This is now about debut.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 1:0

The German quickly stabilized on the backhand and did a lot of things right. There are quick break chances for Kerber, who could get off to a lightning start again.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 1:0

Although Kerber has a weak backhand in the “program”, the 34-year-old nevertheless gets the opening game in this match very relaxed.


A. Kerber – M. Linette 0:0

Kerber starts the game with his own serve and starts very well. After two good services, the first two points belong to the Germans.


That was fast!

Wow! That’s what the viewers on Court No. 2 probably not expected. Greetje Minnen shoots Garbine Murguruza off the court in 19 minutes in the second set. This means that he is now free and it will probably start for Kerber and her opponent in 10-15 minutes!


Patience is required!

As is so often the case, events in south-west London have been delayed again. Before Kerber and Linette, Muguruza and Minnen are now playing their interrupted game from the previous day on Court No. 2 to the end and start with it in a few minutes. So it will probably not be possible for Kerber to start before 5:45 p.m.


Success as an underdog

Today’s opponent Kerber walked through the first round, but that was also due to opponent Fernanda Contreras Gomez, who was no real competition with only six winters and 27 unforced errors. Nevertheless, one should not underestimate Linette. The Pole could survive the first two rounds for the third time and played in the foreground last year with victories against Svitolina and Anisimova.


Optimal start at the start

In her opening match, Angie Kerber got off to a flying start. The German won the first eight games against Kristina Mladenovic and finally advanced to the second round in straight sets. After a weak start to the season, the Kiel native is in better shape anyway and will try to reach the third round of the tournament for the ninth time in her career, which she won in 2018.


Good day!

Hello and welcome to Wimbledon 2022! The legendary lawn tournament in south-west London is now gaining momentum and is now in the second round. This is where Angelique Kerber meets Magda Linette from Poland this Wednesday. Due to some delays, the game is currently scheduled for 5 p.m.


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