Live ticker Angelique Kerber – Elise Mertens 0: 2 (Wimbledon Women 2022, 3rd round)


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 5:7

That was it! Kerber fights again, but then the next forehand lands in the net and Mertens on the other side celebrates the 7:5 in the second set.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 5:6

And now match point! Kerber pulls the forehand through, but is not good and aims just wide.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 5:6

cue ball, but she leaves it lying around! Mertens scratches a ball over the net and Kerber is actually there. But the timing is wrong and she hits the ball too late. break ball!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 5:6

26:14 is the Unforced Errors from Kerber’s point of view, the gap has increased significantly again. Kerber is shaking again, 3:30 p.m.!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 5:6

But then she’s a bit late again twice in the rallies, hitting the ball too late and making unnecessary mistakes with the forehand. So Mertens is 6: 5 and is in a tie-break. Kerber must now score!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 5:5

Kerber is still here! Mertens has two balls, but the German goes all out and plays the forehand winner cross from the backhand corner with a loud scream. debut!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 5:5

Incomprehensible! The ball gets caught on the edge of the net, double fault, break Mertens! Instead of equalizing sentences, everything is now back in line, 5:5.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 5:4

With the first serve, Kerber is now on the safe side due to the weak rate. Then she builds up the point well, has the forehand side open – and warps! Breakball Mertens!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 5:4

Mertens is in the field with 64 percent of the first serves, which from her point of view helps her with the next smooth game win to 4: 5. Kerber’s rate is still below 50 percent, but now has the chance to get the sentence equalization. Can you hold your nerves?


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 5:3

And she confirms! It was finally a sovereign service game by the Germans again. Now Mertens is serving against the equalizer, what a tension!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 4:3

What a fool! The wind plays a major role when a high ball from Mertens blows so hard that Kerber has to complete an awkward hit directly to the body. Mertens then catches him, but the ball bounces off the edge of the net back into her field. With the third chance, Kerber gets the break to 4: 3. But now she has to confirm it!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 3:3

The body language is right with Angie! She cheers herself on as she scrapes out a serve wide out and then catches Mertens on the wrong foot at the net with a forehand cross. Three break chances, that just worked!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 3:3

The rate on the first serve is shockingly low at Kerber in the second set, only bringing 29 percent of the attempts into the field. Nevertheless, she can now play her service game safely home, she equalizes to 3:3.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6, 2:3

Kerber only manages a brief revolt by winning a nice point with the return by forehand cross. But Mertens can use the next game ball with an ace and make it 3:2. Now the signs have turned and Kerber almost has to get her serve through, otherwise it will be difficult.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4: 6, 2: 2

No! Kerber has to make the point several times, but plays too hesitantly and doesn’t dare to go through with it. Mertens fights hard and then benefits from a mistake by Kerber with the forehand. That was unnecessary from the point of view of the Kieler, who conceded the rebreak. 2:2


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4: 6, 2: 1

But Mertens caught himself quickly. She plays a very nice stop with the backhand, which makes a nasty turn after the impact and is therefore unattainable for Kerber. Two breakballs for the Belgian!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4: 6, 2: 1

Mertens has a small low, two double faults in a service game lead to a break for Kerber! She clenches her fist, because now she’s in the lead and can submit.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4: 6, 1: 1

Great forehand from Kerber! It’s her sixth winner with the forehand, slapping right on the line. Three break chances for the German, there has to be one!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4: 6, 1: 1

But that doesn’t happen, because Kerber also has no problems with their service. Everything stays in line, 1:1.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4: 6, 0: 1

Mertens brought the game to 1-0 without any problems and made it 1-0. Now Kerber has to step up. An early break would not be effective for the intended race to catch up.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4: 6, 0: 0

Mertens also served in the second set at the start!


sentence conclusion

Elise Mertens deservedly won the first set 6: 4 against Angelique Kerber. It took the German a long time to find the match, she made too many mistakes at first and was unable to counter Mertens in their service games. When the Belgian served for the first time, Kerber thawed and earned the break, but then shifted down a gear and allowed Mertens to rebreak. That was too passive overall, Kerber has to improve if she still wants to turn the game around.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:6

There it happened! Kerber’s fire goes out too quickly and she gives up her service game to zero with a forehand error, that’s bitter!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:5

But the pressure is still there, because Mertens can still close the sentence with this score. Promptly, Kerber’s hand shakes and it produces a double fault. 0:30!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 4:5

Class! Kerber dictates the rally and has visibly gained security. With a well-placed forehand cross into the corner, which Mertens just looks after without a chance, Kerber makes it 4: 5, everything back in line!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 3:5

The best rally so far! Kerber sends Mertens to the net, who comes up with a great sprint. After that, the field is open and Kerber is sure to have an advantage! Can she grab it now?


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 3:5

But that’s too passive from Kerber, who only pushes back the return, there’s also the frame in play. Mertens sees that Kerber runs into the backhand corner and plays in the opposite direction. debut!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 3:5

Aha! Suddenly Mertens wobbles because she also notices that her opponent seems to have overcome the initial problems in time. breakballs!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 3:5

Kerber’s forehand is better now! It’s great how she opens the field crosswise and then puts the backhand longline out of reach in the field. 15:30!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 3:5

Kerber passes the ball to Mertens! The German gets a service game for the first time, rounded off with an ace. Now Mertens has to keep his nerve and serve the sentence. Can you do it?


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 2:5

At 3:30 p.m., Kerber is at least on the trigger, but then puts the backhand into the net. At 30 both there is the next chance, this time with the backhand cross, which hisses just wide. Ultimately, the game goes to 5:2 to Mertens. The pressure increases for Kerber, who immediately serves against the loss of the set.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 2:4

Good reaction from Kerber! She creates a quick service game with service winner and only one point from the opponent, that will have done her good. She shortened to 2: 4, but now she has to counter something when Mertens serves.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 1:4

Kerber wants to try something new and conjures up a stop from the wrist. But unfortunately she doesn’t get that over the edge of the net either. A bit symbolic for the previous appearance of the woman from Kiel, who tried hard but acted unsuccessfully and incorrectly. Mertens has everything under control and is 4-1.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 1:3

1:3! Kerber is able to fend off a breakball, but then has to go over the second serve and ultimately puts the forehand just behind the baseline. Can Mertens now confirm the advantage of the break?


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 1:2

This is not unexpected! Kerber tries to put pressure on, but the mistake with the forehand longline still comes into the net. That’s a bit too much with the mistakes, two break points for Mertens!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 1:2

The Belgian’s next service game also passes Kerber too quickly. She doesn’t find the right rallies and makes too many simple mistakes. Mertens makes it 2-1.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 1:1

That went well again. Kerber bites in and benefits from a mistake by the opponent on the ball, who is not good with the backhand and only hits the ball with the frame. 1:1!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 0:1

Kerber has problems at the start! Mertens seems more active, goes to the net early and scores there with the volley. But Kerber churns out a strong first serve in response, 30 both!


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 0:1

Confident start for the Belgian: She keeps the rallies short and gets the game to zero. Mertens leads 1-0, now Kerber is serving for the first time.


A. Kerber – E. Mertens 0:0

Here we go, Elise Mertens serves!


Direct comparison

In the only duel on the tour so far, Mertens had the upper hand. She won the 2019 Qatar semifinals in three sets against Kerber. With a win, Mertens could match her best result of 2019, where she also reached the 4th round in singles. In 2021 she won the final in doubles alongside Su-wei Hsieh. Kerber, winner of 2018, was in the semi-finals last year and would like to achieve or even top this result.


Mertens with comeback qualities

Elise Mertens received significantly more resistance in her first two games. She needed 3 sets against Camila Osorio, but it was even harder against Panna Udvardy. The Hungarian won the first set and already had match point in the second round before Mertens fought back and won the tie-break. The match was then stopped due to darkness and continued on Thursday, where Mertens secured the third set 7:5.


Kerber without any effort

Angelique Kerber started the tournament without any problems. In round 1, she literally swept over Frenchwoman Kristina Mladenovic in the first set, who was only able to defend herself in the second round, but had no chance (6:0, 7:5). Also in the 2nd round the Pole Magda Linette caused little danger with 6:3, 6:3. So Kerber goes into the third round confidently and without losing a set.


Wimbledon 2022: Round 3

Welcome to the 3rd round at Wimbledon 2022! Angelique Kerber meets Belgian Elise Mertens. The match starts on Court 1 following the game between Heather Watson and Kaja Juvan, which is in the final stages of the 2nd set!

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