Live ticker Andy Murray – Taro Daniel 0: 3 (Australian Open 2022, 2nd round)


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Andy Murray eliminated in the second round of the Australian Open! The Scot was beaten 4:6, 4:6 and 4:6 against Taro Daniel from Japan. Murray is largely responsible for the end himself, as he made almost 50 mistakes without needing to. Daniel, on the other hand, played more patiently and could rely on his good footwork. Accordingly, the Japanese deserves a place in a third round of a Grand Slam for the first time.


A.Murray-T.Daniel 4:6 4:6 4:6

That’s it! Daniel goes to the net for his first match point for the serve and volley and sinks the ball with ease!


A.Murray-T.Daniel 4:6 4:6 4:5

Taro Daniel has two match points! The Japanese distributes the balls well and Murray obliges him with another mistake.


A.Murray-T.Daniel 4:6 4:6 4:5

There’s the break! Again Murray has to go over the second serve and can’t develop any pressure in the rally. To make matters worse, the 34-year-old makes an unnecessary backhand mistake that may finally cost him the match here.


A.Murray-T.Daniel 4:6 4:6 4:4

Now the preliminary decision could be made! Andy Murray’s stop is too short and Daniel is there in time. The Japanese gets two breakballs here!


A.Murray-T.Daniel 4:6 4:6 4:4

Andy Murray is upset. The Scot actually went to the net at the right moment, but was surprised by an outstanding backhand cross from the opponent. Daniel gets the 4:4!


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 4:6 4:3

Murray clenches his fist in determination. After the debut, the Scot can bring his serve through and make it 4:3. So the pressure is on the other side of the net again.


A.Murray-T.Daniel 4:6 4:6 3:3

It’s going into crunch time and in lockstep! Daniel holds his serve, even if he has to go over Deuce first.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 4:6 3:2

Is there a fourth sentence here? Andy Murray is at least doing everything he can and is now serving again after losing two games. The bulkhead is 3:2!


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 4:6 2:2

Daniel makes it 2:2! At the right moment, the Japanese serves better again and can hold his serve.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 4:6 2:1

However, he cannot use it for the time being. Daniel serves well and saves the breakball. It’s about debut again and again.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 4:6 2:1

The two fired 24 shots in the longest rally around the ears. In this case, Andy Murray has the better end on his side, who has another break ball.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 4:6 2:1

The Scot does the same to Taro Daniel in an inglorious way. Andy Murray also makes a double fault at breakball against himself. Now everything is back in order.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 4:6 2:0

Murray serves well, but then makes another blunder! The 34-year-old gives the next breakball here.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 4:6 2:0

Well then, yes! Andy Murray gets the break, but he can also thank Taro Daniel for it. The Japanese served a double fault on breakball against himself. His second of the match and at a bad time.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 4:6 1:0

At least not for the time being, because Daniel serves well and can make a debut with a service winner.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 4:6 1:0

And now Murray has a chance to break here! Can the Scot actually fight back?


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 4:6 1:0

Of course Andy Murray will not stick his head in the sand here. The Scot starts the sentence well again and completes his service.


A Murray-T Daniel 4:6 4:6

Murray makes his 33(!) unforced error here and so the second set also goes to Daniel, who of course now has all the trumps in his hand.


A Murray-T Daniel 4:6 4:5

With a great forehand longline, Daniel gets the set balls and clenches his fist. The Japanese can now open the door wide to the third round!


A Murray-T Daniel 4:6 4:5

Murray can also follow up with a sovereign service game. Now the Scot is under a lot of pressure again, as he urgently needs the break.


A Murray-T Daniel 4:6 3:5

Daniel doesn’t allow much more here with his own service and can also bring this service game home quite safely. He takes the lead with 5:3!


A Murray-T Daniel 4:6 3:4

Again Murray faces a critical situation at 0:30. This time, however, he manages to free himself from this situation with some good serves and to shorten the lead to 3:4.


A Murray-T Daniel 4:6 2:4

In this phase, however, Taro Daniel is the better player. Not only does he serve better, he has better footwork and makes fewer mistakes.


A Murray-T Daniel 4:6 2:3

Murray can and must take a deep breath! With a lot of effort, the Scot gets the 2: 3 and thus the connection. That keeps him in the second set and probably also in the match.


A Murray-T Daniel 4:6 1:3

Murray fights back as best he can! The Scot can fend off a first and also a second breakball. Nevertheless, the 34-year-old walks on the “precipice” when it comes to this service game.


A Murray-T Daniel 4:6 1:3

Now this second sentence could decide! Daniel hits another really good return right at Murray’s feet, who hits the ball wide and faces another break ball.


A Murray-T Daniel 4:6 1:3

Daniel now lets a very sovereign service game follow. What the Japanese shows in this phase looks really good!


A Murray-T Daniel 4:6 1:2

Now it’s getting bitter from Andy Murray’s point of view! The Scot, who had previously just missed the break himself, now loses his serve. Daniel returns very well and forces the 34-year-old into more mistakes.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 1:1

Daniel urgently needs his serve here and finds it again. The Japanese gets the 1-1 after more than ten minutes.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 1:0

This exhausting service game has already lasted almost ten minutes. Murray is about to get the break here, but Daniel fights back and makes another debut here.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 1:0

Daniel is fighting for his serve here. The Japanese unpacks two really strong forehands and prevents the break. It’s about debut!


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 1:0

Daniel now makes two unnecessary mistakes and twice puts a backhand just wide. The Japanese gives his opponent the chance to break.


A Murray – T Daniel 4:6 1:0

Undeterred by the loss of the set, Andy Murray starts the second round with a good service game. The Scot makes it 1-0!


A. Murray-T. Daniel 4:6

Daniel serves well and also has the courage to go to the net. With a strong volley, the Japanese gets three set balls, the first of which he can use directly.


A. Murray-T. Daniel 4:5

Although Murray is already 0:30 behind, the Scot still finds his rhythm on his own serve and turns the game in his favor. But now he urgently needs the break.


A. Murray-T. Daniel 3:5

Very important service game for Taro Daniel, who again profits from an opponent’s mistake! The Japanese can thus make it 5: 3 and have it in their own hands to bring in this first set.


A. Murray-T. Daniel 3:4

The Japanese serves well against the break and can fend off both of the Scot’s options here. It’s about debut!


A. Murray-T. Daniel 3:4

It seems to keep going back and forth here. Murray now has great length back into the game, forcing Daniel to make mistakes. Because he also doesn’t serve well, there are now breakballs for Murray.


A. Murray-T. Daniel 3:4

Murray blunders again! The Scot does not serve well and then makes the unnecessary mistake. This is how the former Grand Slam winner conceded the next break here.


A. Murray-T. Daniel 3:3

Very strong from Daniel, who with nimble legs fights a backhand cross from Murray. The veteran does him a favor and gives the breakball with a slight mistake.


A. Murray-T. Daniel 3:3

Murray gets the break! The Scot plays a dangerous slice, which Daniel wants to counter with the longline. However, the ball gets stuck on the edge of the net.


A. Murray-T. Daniel 2:3

With a good stop, Daniel brings Murray to the net and because he can’t sink the volley there, Daniel has the chance to pass the Scot.


A. Murray-T. Daniel 2:3

Very good return now from Andy Murray, who puts the ball in front of his opponent and after his mistake he has his first break point!


A. Murray-T. Daniel 2:3

This time the Scot has a lot less trouble getting through his serve. Murray is able to secure the fifth game of the match with a clean sheet and so he reduces to 2:3.


A Murray-T Daniel 1:3

In addition, Daniel serves really well and can confirm his break without any problems. All in all, this is a more than decent start for the Japanese.


A. Murray-T. Daniel 1:2

After almost ten minutes, Taro Daniel has the break! The Japanese is very clever at the moment, keeping the ball in play, showing strong footwork and patiently waiting for his chance or Murray’s mistake.


A Murray-T Daniel 1:1

The two deliver a hotly contested game. Murray was able to fend off the breakball with a service winner, but he is still unable to close the game afterwards.


A Murray-T Daniel 1:1

Murray has problems on his serve, even makes a double fault that gives his opponent a breakball.


A Murray-T Daniel 1:1

Daniel serves really well, scores several direct points and can quickly equalize to 1:1.


A Murray – T Daniel 1-0

In the first longer rally, Daniel is courageous and goes to the net. But Murray is on his guard and passes his opponent with a backhand cross.


A Murray 0-0 T Daniel

Here we go! Murray starts the game with his own service and secures the first point of the game with a service winner.


Qualifier has big plans!

Opposite him is Taro Daniel, a qualifier who is only seven places down in the world rankings. Daniel is in the second round of a Grand Slam for the fifth time, but couldn’t do much in his first four second-round games. That should change today!


Big fighter heart

In round one Andy Murray, who has been struggling for consistency and form since his comeback, once again showed great fighting spirit. He defeated Basiashvili in five sets and is in the second round of the Australian Open for the first time in four years.


Warm welcome!

Good morning and hello to the Australian Open 2022! The last games of the second round are on the program in Melbourne on Thursday. Among others, Andy Murray and Taro Daniel meet, who will duel around 7:30 a.m.



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