Live ticker Alexander Zverev – Radu Albot (Australian Open 2022, 3rd round)


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Zverev – Albot 6: 3, 0: 1

Zverev then brings the ace in, but Albot finds a great return, moves well, comes to the net and stays cool, pushes the volley into the field against the running direction.


Zverev – Albot 6: 3, 0: 1

Now Zverev has to ponder a little for the first time, after a forehand and then the double fault before 0:30.


Zverev – Albot 6: 3, 0: 1

Except for a small inaccuracy with the forehand inside-in, Albot starts strong this time, continues where he left off in the first set and is first on the scoreboard after a backhand mistake by Zverev into the net.


2nd sentence

Albot opens the second set and Zverev falls in love with a Moldovan forehand, almost stops playing and pushes the forehand sideways. He points to the line, but the electronics clearly show the ball was on target.


sentence conclusion

In all respects, it was an impressive and easy performance of the number three in the world, Alexander Zverev, in the first set. He was wide awake from the start, started with the early break against his overwhelmed opponent and ended up taking it home. But Albot was part of the game from his second service game and will continue to be respected in the second set.


Zverev – Albot 6: 3

Albot cannot bring a forehand cross back into the field and Zverev confidently secures the first round.


Zverev – Albot 5: 3

The double fault is not a good start on the way to winning the set, but Albot’s frame hit puts Zverev in the service game and then the next one fits through the middle, the ace out gives the German two set balls.


Zverev – Albot 5: 3

Zverev has to serve the sentence himself. Albot sends another ace through the middle and shortens.


Zverev – Albot 5: 2

With new balls and a new racket, the third in the world rankings returns. But Albot has now arrived, the serve works better and after the second ace the service winner crashes through the middle.


Zverev – Albot 5: 2

The German’s arm is at least as loose, serves two aces through the middle and only two careless mistakes with the forehand inside-out, cloud the otherwise very solid service game – the Hamburg player makes it 5: 2 with a service winner to the outside and is still one Game removed from first set win.


Zverev – Albot 4: 2

That’s a sovereign answer from Albot. In just 76 seconds he shortened to 2:4. The first serve comes four times and with three direct points from the service he gets the game to zero against a Zverev who has no chance on the return.


Zverev – Albot 4: 1

The Hamburger starts the next service game strong, brings two first for direct points. But then you can see that Albot can become a danger on the baseline if Zverev acts too passively. With an ace and another service winner, Zverev effortlessly restores the old gap and makes it 4: 1.


Zverev – Albot 3: 1

The underdog is on the scoreboard. He puts a little more pressure on, also hinting at the serve and volley, but Zverev’s return is already flying into the net.


Zverev – Albot 3: 0

Albot’s next serve fits, but Zverev secures the deuce and then determines the rally for breakball against Albot’s second serve. Hamburg’s forehand is excellent today and is causing Albot a lot of problems.


Zverev – Albot 3: 0

Zverev gives away the chance for the breakball, plays the acceptable lob against Albot, who is forced to go to the net after a German net roller – and collects the Moldovan’s smash. The Hamburger counters with his forehand longline into the net.


Zverev – Albot 3: 0

Albot hasn’t gotten into the match at all yet and is already getting a bit frantic, making two very easy forehand mistakes and already facing the next 0:30.


Zverev – Albot 3: 0

A forehand combination of cross and longline gives Zverev a cool 3-0. Albot is rolled over in the first few minutes.


Zverev – Albot 2: 0

The arena is standing! Albot counters Zverev’s stop perfectly, puts the forehand softly past the German, but somehow he wipes the forehand on the line while running back.


Zverev – Albot 2: 0

The German immediately follows up on his own serve, continues to look for the way to the net and aggressively attacks Albot’s returns – and with success.


Zverev – Albot 2: 0

Zverev acts cool, finds a strong angle with the forehand cross and then slams the forehand longline straight into the corner to break.


Zverev – Albot 1: 0

And soon the break chances are there! Albot serves the double fault and then acts overly motivated on the net, although Zverev’s net roller actually jumps up and slowly to his advantage. At full speed, however, he hits the topspin well behind the baseline.


Zverev – Albot 1: 0

Zverev immediately looks awake and ready, follows the return strongly and pulls the forehand inside into the corner, forcing the mistake.


Zverev – Albot 1: 0

Albot countered Zverev’s volley strongly, but Zverev stayed in front and remained stable again on the second volley, putting it right on the line. The serve then fits, Zverev follows the net and forces the lob error.


1 sentence

Zverev opens and it is immediately apparent what is important for the German again today: the first serve. With two service winners, he immediately makes up for the first lost point.


Dinner is served

Zverev and Albot meet on the net for the first time. Albot wins the coin toss and gives the first serve to the German.


It is finished

The unseeded doubles Linette/Pera surprisingly beat the four of the seed list, the doubles Stosur/Zhang, with 6:7, 6:1, 7:5 and advances to the next round. This also means that the John Cain Arena will be free in a few minutes.


Double in the decisive phase

The doubles pairing Linette/Pera and Stosur/Zhang have been facing each other for more than two hours, now the decider is 5:5 and the match is coming to an end. Until then, Zverev and Albot will have to be patient.



The start of the match will be delayed a little due to the women’s doubles, it will not start before 7:00 a.m. CET.



Nevertheless, Alexander Zverev should be warned, because he was able to win the only duel with Radu Albot so far, but at the US Open he needed five sets against the Moldovan. After a little more than an hour, the German was comfortably ahead after 6: 1 and 6: 3 in the sets before he collapsed for two sets and was only there again in the decider.



His opponent Radu Albot is an old hand on the tour and should not be underestimated, but is surprising to find in the third round of a Grand Slam. The Losfee meant well with the qualifier and gave the Moldovan two feasible opponents at the start. First it was against the Japanese Yoshihito Nishioka (world ranking 119), whom he clearly beat 6:3, 6:2, 4:6 6:2 despite losing a set, then against the Australian Aleksandar Vukic: 6:4, 7:6 , 6:4 Albot also let the local hero rebuff and made it into a third round of a major for a long time. However, he has never reached a round of 16 at this level. Last year he failed on the spot against Casper Ruud in four sets – but before the Norwegian celebrated his breakthrough on the tour.



So far, however, the Hamburger has made his way at this year’s Australian Open quite easily. At the start, Zverev won in the German duel with Daniel Altmaier and had to go into the tie-break twice, but ultimately won confidently in just over two hours. In the second round he then played against John Millman and the whole crowd, because the Australian was of course the fan favorite in this match. With 6: 4, 6: 4, 6: 0 the German ensured clear conditions and did not let the audience deter him. After the match, he emphasized that although he understood the fans, he was hoping for some support from the ranks for his upcoming match. And after the third round was considered a stumbling block in his first three appearances in Melbourne, Zverev has always reached at least the round of 16 in the last three editions, and in 2020 it even went to the semi-finals.


On the way to number 1

In the absence of defending champion Novak Djokovic, both Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev not only have the best chances for the titles in Melbourne, but also for the top of the world. Because the Serb will lose his 2000 world ranking points and thus Medvedev and Zverev have the chance to become number 1 in the world with the title – albeit with a slight delay, because due to the postponement of the tournament last year, the Serb only loses his points in mid-February . Zverev could become the first German since Boris Becker to lead the world rankings. It would also be two birds with one stone, since he would also bag his first Grand Slam title at the same time. But there is still a long way to go before the final and the hand on the trophy.


Last (German)man standing

The year begins with a debacle for the DTB pros. Of the twelve starters in Melbourne, only one is left: Alexander Zverev. Admittedly, the world number three was and still is the big hope of this tournament, but some performances by his compatriots were not highlights. Among other things, Jan-Lennard Struff failed surprisingly clearly in the first round, Philipp Kohlschreiber retired after his opening win yesterday in the second match without a murmur. Among the women, Angelique Kerber was particularly disappointing, who actually reported back after a strong year in 2021 and who was believed to be capable of something in Australia. But she joined Tatjana Maria and Andrea Petkovic and immediately lost her first match and also packed her bags after the first round.



Good morning and welcome to the 3rd round of the Australian Open 2022. The round of 16 is already being sought and on the way Alexander Zverev will meet Radu Albot at 6:15 a.m. CET.



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