Live ticker 2nd stage: Roskilde – Nyborg (Tour de France 2022)



Current race situation

This is how it looks on the 2nd stage of the Tour de France at the moment: Cort Nielsen (Denmark) and Bystrom (Norway) are two breakaway riders at the front. 40 seconds later, the Frenchmen Rolland and Barthe follow, who initially cycled together with the leading duo in a quartet until the first climb and are now left behind. The field is now three minutes behind and must therefore keep an eye on the leading duo.



Nielsen lets the Danes cheer!

Cort Nielsen is unbeatable again! On the second climb Bystrom goes into the attack again first and even surprises Nielsen with a very early attack. After the last right turn before the summit, however, Nielsen shows his strength on the mountain and pulls past with a powerful acceleration. The Dane has secured the mountain jersey – home win!



Second mountain classification

Only a few kilometers after the first climb, the second ascent follows immediately. If this mountain classification also goes to Nielsen, the Dane already has the mountain jersey for sure. At around 800 meters it goes at 6 percent on the Côte d’Høve Stræd.



The runaways deliver!

Interesting race situation: The sprint for the mountain classification now gets things moving. The two new breakaway duos are chasing each other at full throttle and are therefore almost three minutes ahead of the field. If the deserters continue like this, the stage victory might be possible after all.



Outliers split up

The duel between Cort Nielsen and Bystrom has led to a split in the breakaway group. The two competitors have now left the two Frenchmen Rolland and Barthe behind with their mountain sprint. There is currently a gap of almost 15 seconds between the two groups.



Nielsen wins confidently!

The Dane countered Bystrom’s attack without any problems and immediately moved several meters away with a quick start. With just 100 meters to go before the Côte d’Asnaes, Cort Nielsen has an unassailable lead and, as the local hero, gets the first climb of the day.



Who gets the first mountain point?

Almost 800 meters before the first summit of the day, the attacks in the breakaway group started. Bystrom is the first to get out of the saddle and pushes!



The first mountain classification is approaching

Around ten kilometers before the first mountain classification of the tour, the four escapees are already starting to play their first mind games. Nielsen makes a brief appearance, whereupon the veteran Rolland immediately follows suit. On smaller climbs without many meters of altitude – like today – the Dane Nielsen is probably stronger.



Van Aert wants the yellow jersey

…Attack Yellow! Because yesterday in the time trial, Wout Van Aert was just five seconds short of the yellow jersey. Today, the Belgian could start a new attack and aim for the so-called bonus seconds: The day’s winner in Nyborg will receive a double award and an additional ten-second time bonus for his victory. Should Van Aert sprint for the stage win, the maillot jaune also beckons. However, Van Aert has to be patient until the final and help out in the field for the two jumbo captains Primoz Roglic and Jonas Vingegaard.


1:47 p.m

Wout van Aert in the picture

Wout van Aert is currently taking a short break in the peloton. The Belgian cycling star falls back to the team car. If everything goes according to plan today, maybe the Belgian could…



Tribute for racing driver who died in an accident

On a sports field, the TV comrade discovered a large portrait in memory of Chris Anker Sørensen, who died in an accident. In 2021, the Danish professional cyclist died as part of the World Cycling Championships after an accident on a training ride.



30 kilometers to the first “mountain”

The chances of the mountain jersey increase for the escapees. With almost 30 kilometers to go before the first climb, the quartet’s lead is now constant at 100 seconds. In the three mountain classifications of the day there is a mountain point to be won today.



Old star Pierre Rolland wants to know again

The most well-known driver in the breakaway group at the front is Pierre Rolland. At 35, the Frenchman is one of the oldest riders in the peloton and is also completing his last Tour of France this year. Rolland won his two stages on the Tour ten and eleven years ago. Today the Frenchman could attack the mountain jersey again.



Yellow Party in Denmark

In Holbaek, too, there are numerous fans on the streets and cheering on the racers. Many viewers have even bought a yellow outfit and are waving yellow flags.



Sprinter teams step on the gas

The race situation is constant at the moment: the four breakaways are now being controlled by the peloton and only have a lead of around 90 seconds. In the field, the sprinter teams Quick-Step and Lotto-Soudal in particular are now setting the pace.



Coastal highlight: Holbaek

The race is now slowly moving towards the first longer passage along the water. The first sightseeing highlight at kilometer 30 is the port town of Holbaek. The sun on the Isefjord and the white sandy beach make Holbaek Denmark’s Saint-Tropez.



Denmark celebrates Le Tour!

On the Danish roads there is again full enthusiasm for the Tour de France. Thousands of fans stand on the side of the road and create a great atmosphere. Appropriately enough, the sun is now greeting Denmark as a holiday destination.


12:58 p.m

hustle and bustle in the field

At first, the field showed little interest in a chase and gave the leading quartet a two-minute lead. In the meantime, however, things are getting hectic in the peloton because the crosswind is getting stronger. Many teams of top riders show up at the front of the peloton and increase the pace. The lead of the breakaways shrinks to 90 seconds.



A Dane in a mountain jersey?

…the mountain jersey! The Dane is the strongest climber in the breakaway group and probably has his sights set on the climbs that will soon follow. On the actual flat stage, between kilometers 62-84, there are three smaller mountain classifications in the 4th category. If Nielsen is the first to get over the hills, the Danes have something to celebrate tonight…


12:48 p.m

The group of the day?

After the start, the front runners get down to business quickly. A group of four around Pierre Rolland, Cyril Barthe (France), Sven Erik Bystrom (Norway) and Magnus Cort Nielsen (Denmark) quickly break away and are not followed by the field. Dane Nielsen seems to have a plan and wants…




Now the race is on! Are there immediate attacks? It’s time for the first breakaway of this year’s Tour de France…

12:40 p.m

Another defect, relaxed atmosphere

There is the next defect: Adam Yates from Ineos also has problems with his bike and needs a new bike. Meanwhile, there is a relaxed mood in the peloton. The riders are enjoying the far better weather conditions today and enjoying the sun.


Fair play to start with

Before it starts, tour boss Prudhomme has to intervene again. The race director postpones the sharp start because Tim Wellens has a defect in the field. As soon as the Belgian can continue, the second stage starts.


12:33 p.m

The field is rolling!

The official opening ceremony is already taking place in the starting point of Staendertorvet. Tour director Christian Prudhomme addressed a few words to the riders and then the Danish and French national anthems sounded. In around four kilometers, the race begins with the official and sharp start.


The 2nd stage: wind and sprint?

On the 2nd stage, the class riders can expect a deceptive ride today. On the one hand, the 200 kilometers through Denmark look flat and easy. On the other hand, the race runs almost entirely along the Danish coast and could become complicated and dangerous due to strong crosswinds. Classification drivers in particular have to be particularly careful. The finale will also be tricky and exciting: the last 18 kilometers take you over the Storbaelt Bridge through the open sea to your destination in Nyborg.

12:20 p.m

Review: Tour start in the rain

Yves Lampaert caused a surprise at yesterday’s start in the individual time trial. In the rainy battle in Copenhagen, the 31-year-old Belgian took the day’s win ahead of compatriot Wout van Aert and unexpectedly slipped into the yellow jersey: “I was hoping for the top 10 and now I’ve beaten the best drivers in the world,” said Lampaert visibly moved after his victory. The Belgian also beat the competition thanks to his late start time in better road conditions. Before that, continuous rain caused falls and mirror-smooth asphalt. Tour favorite Tadej Pogacar didn’t take any risks on a wet road and only finished third with a seven-second lead. Jonas Vingegaard and Primoz Roglic, who are also hoping for the maillot jaune, ended up even further behind, already losing eight and nine seconds to their rival Pogacar.

12:00 p.m

Tour de France: 2nd stage

Bonjour and welcome to the Tour de France! After the time trial at the start, the tour continues today with the first flat stage and continues to roll through Denmark. On the 200 kilometers from Roskilde to Nyborg, the drivers almost always breathe in the fresh sea air and above all have to watch out for the wind. The race starts at 12:45 p.m.

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