Live Scores Kansas City Chiefs – Cincinnati Bengals (NFL 2022 Playoffs, Conference Championships)


extra point after

Harrison Butker goes for the extra point and converts safely. 7-0 for the Chiefs!


First touchdown!

Of course Tyreek Hill does it! Mahomes gets a lot of space in the backfield and seems to run again before he throws directly to the free Tyreek Hill just before the line of scrimmage. Right in the end zone, the star wide receiver gets too much room and catches that thing!


Mahomes is free!

Mahomes suddenly breaks free under pressure and runs diagonally to the right until he’s gone ten yards and is out.


New first down

After checking the pictures, the referees quickly agree with the chiefs and Kansas City gets a new first try.


Referee, attention!

At 3rd & 1, Michael Burton runs and appears to narrowly get a new first try, but the umpires put the ball in front of the line. Before it comes to the fourth try, the Chiefs time out and finally throw the red flag to have the decision reviewed.


Left is free

The Chiefs’ first run is already good and brings seven yards. After that, Mahomes finds a free receiver on the left, who runs out the first new first down of this matchup.


Early pressure

The Bengals are only allowed to play three plays before the ball is gone again. Mixon gets three yards on the first run. Ja’Marr Chase does the same thing when he is first thrown on. However, the next throw is blocked by Burrow and remains unfinished. So Mahomes is allowed on the field!


In the end zone

This game begins without a kickoff return. The Chiefs kick the leather back into the end zone so Cincinnati will start at the 25 yard line.


Chiefs kick first!

Kickoff goes to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bengals will carry the ball back!


It’s about to start!

The players rush onto the field. The teams are ready. Only the anthem and the coin toss are left. It will not be long!


Second duel in January

It’s only been 28 days since the Chiefs last met the Bengals. At Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati also won the game in the last second to secure the playoff spot, although they were 17:28 behind at the break. So viewers can expect a surprising comeback today.


Young versus old on the bench


Suspense until the last second

Last weekend got on the nerves of NFL fans. On Saturday, the Bengals won 16-19, despite only conceding the equalizer with 15 seconds to go. With a lightning-fast drive, Evan McPherson was able to score the decisive field goal with four seconds on the clock. It was even more dramatic in Kansas City, where three touchdowns were scored in the last two minutes. Gabriel Davis provided the supposed win for Buffalo, but Harrison Butker equalized three seconds before the end. The Chiefs took the momentum and won in overtime with a touchdown by Travis Kelce.


Tyrant Mathieu is ready!


The underdog

For the first time in 33 years, the Cincinnati Bengals can win an AFC Championship and advance to the Super Bowl. The franchise around quarterback talent Joe Burrow has been considered an underdog since the start of the playoffs and would like to finally shed this title by defeating the Chiefs. So who will make Super Bowl LVI?


All good things come in threes

Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl two years ago. Today they are playing for the Conference Championship once again and want to go to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row. After a disappointing finale last season, the Chiefs are looking for revenge. Only the Bengals stand in their way.


Who is going to the Super Bowl?

The Kansas City Chiefs host the Cincinnati Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium! The AFC Championship is at stake and the winner, of course, goes to the Super Bowl! Warm welcome!


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