Live Score Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Los Angeles Rams (NFL 2022 Playoffs, Divisional Playoffs)


Fumble before the end zone!

In fact, the Bucs provoke the second turnover just before the end zone! Cam Akers runs close to the end zone on the right when he meets Winfield and involuntarily drops the leather as he falls. Tampa Bay recovers and at least prevents an even higher deficit!


There’s the rally!


Interception against Brady!

Brady has to overcome 17 yards after a sack and throws deep towards Gronkowski. But Safety Rick Scott is on the right wing and grabs the leather in front of the tight end! Now it could be really bitter for the Bucs before the break!


Kupp makes a few more yards

After the timeout, the Rams 3rd & 15 face off. Stafford throws a short right to Kupp, who can get a few yards after the catch. It’s not enough for a first down, but Gay kicks between the posts for a third field goal. The Rams pull away to 3:20!

10:15 p.m

Rams timed out

Of course, the Bucs fans make a lot of noise while the Rams prepare their plays. So Stafford can’t hear the play the coordinator is trying to tell him and the offense takes a short time-out.


A good O-Line and a lot of variability

Again and again, Stafford has time and space to choose his targets. His pre-blockers do an excellent job there. In addition, the Rams with Cupp, Beckham and Co. serve a large number of receivers. Tampa Bay, on the other hand, has not yet found a remedy.


If a movie is planned…


Rams stay tuned!

Brady walks off the field with a bloody lip after Miller’s late hit. Despite three important first downs, he cannot lead his team into the end zone. Instead, Succop tries his luck at a field goal from 48 yards, but the ball is about a meter wide of the right post! It stays at 3:17 for the Rams!


Unsportsmanship by Brady!

Von Miller comes into the tackle on Brady a little late and the quarterback then yells at the ref. He gets a 15-yard penalty for that, but that doesn’t bother the veteran at all. On 2nd & 17 he throws out to the right to Fournette who runs out a new first down!


This is for statisticians


Stafford has to go down too

For the first time, the Bucs can stop Stafford early. After three attempts it’s over for the quarterback and Hekker is allowed to kick.


Off the field again

Annoyed, Brady shakes his head as he leaves the seat. Again he has to go down after three snaps because the Rams didn’t allow more than three yards to gain space.


A very long thing


Kupp for a touchdown!

Suddenly, Stafford surprised the Buccaneers’ defense with a deep pass to Kupp, who was completely blank on the right wing. So he can just run into the end zone with a lot of green grass in front of him. 70 yards are counted. Davis had previously signaled his safety for Kupp to cover, but he ran to the middle instead! 3:17 for the Rams!


The best tight end of all time?


end of the first quarter

There were already 13 points in the first quarter. The early stages clearly went to the Rams, giving them a 10-0 lead. In the third drive, however, the Bucs at least got into the dangerous zone and were able to shorten it with a field goal.


Who’s up for Brady and Gronk?


Penalty at kickoff

Tampa Bay’s subsequent kickoff fails and flies sideways. There is a flag for this and LA is allowed to start from its own 40-yard line.


Again no touchdown!

Although they threw up a lot of yards, the Buccaneers again didn’t have enough for a touchdown. Kicker Succop’s 45-yard attempt finds his target, making it 3:10.


Brady on Gronk!

In his pocket, Brady somehow escapes Von Miller, who touches his shoulder with his right hand, and then throws low to Gronkowski, who also has a few yards to go. Great play by the Bucs!


A surprising target


Rams touchdown!

Stafford fakes the running game and goes out of the pocket to the left before throwing briefly at Kendall Blanton. The Rams’ third tight end is left completely alone and can easily run half-left into the end zone. Gay’s kick also hits the spot. 0:10! How are the Bucs reacting?


Defense trash talk!

Ndamukong Suh nearly sacks Stafford and throws himself at the quarterback. He then kicks out while falling, which really enrages the defensive lineman. The umpires interpret this as taunting and punish the defense for the second time in this drive.


Progress by Flag

Pass interference from Jamel Dean puts the Rams ahead despite being on their third try. Tampa Bay cannot afford such mistakes.


Three and out!

No chance for the Bucs! With Fournette they want to keep investing in the running game, but again the running back is blocked early on. Brady then throws the started Gronkowski over before the 43-year-old is disturbed during the third attempt, which is why he throws uncontrollably on the ground. The Rams’ offense is allowed to run again!


First points for the Rams

Three attempts are not enough for the Rams when it comes to the touchdown. Finally, wide receiver Van Jefferson is thrown over on the outside right. Matt Gay is allowed to play from a short distance and kicks the ball between the posts. 0:3!


To the red zone!

A flag on Brian Allen earns a 10-yard penalty, but the Rams won’t stop! Akers, Kupp, Odell Beckham Junior and Higbee present themselves as reliable offensive forces against a battered Bucs defense! Now they are in the red zone!


Playoff Lenny returns


That’s it

The Rams can stop Fournette’s third run after two yards. On the second attempt, Brady throws to the outside, but his receiver can only catch the thing on the side. On the third try, Brady’s receiver drops the ball and Matthew Stafford’s offense enters the field!


Fournette is back

The Bucs let the ball run twice at the beginning. Leonard Fournette grabs the leather and carries it straight for two new first downs. He already has more yards than Tampa Bay’s leading runaway in the first game between these two teams, and it’s the running back’s first rush in over a month!


Kick off the Rams!

Matt Gay will kick off the Rams. Jaelon Darden catches the egg and runs to the 15-yard line. This is Tom Brady and his offense coming onto the field for the first time!


The table is set!

Both teams stormed the field. It will not be long!


Revenge for the Bucs?

The Rams and Buccaneers met in September. The Rams won 34-24 in front of 73,000 spectators at SoFi Stadium. Back then, the Bucs just couldn’t establish their running game, allowing the Rams to pull away in the second and third quarters. Since then, however, the Bucs have improved again and are now looking for revenge.


Good day Mr Stafford!


dominance in California

The Los Angeles Rams were also able to pull off a dominant performance last week. Matthew Stafford kept leading his team down the field while the defense only allowed a single touchdown. The Rams won even more clearly than Tampa Bay with 34:11 against the Arizona Cardinals.


Always Brady

Two of Wild Card Weekend’s most dominant teams clash today in Tampa. Tom Brady and his team gave the Philadelphia Eagles almost no chance last week. Although Tom Brady was in a good mood, it was primarily the defense that was convincing. With constant pressure, they pulled the tooth from Jalen Hurt, so that the franchise from Philadelphia only made it onto the scoreboard in the fourth quarter. At this point, the Buccaneeers were already leading 31-0. It will take a similar performance today to win against the Rams.

Welcome to the NFL Playoffs

After the start last weekend, it’s now time for the divisional playoffs. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Los Angeles Rams at 9 p.m. Sunday night. We report live in the ticker!


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