Lewandowski strike? FC Bayern has these opportunities

Should FC Bayern not let Robert Lewandowski, who is willing to change, go, a strike by the Polish superstar cannot be ruled out. Should it actually come to that, the people of Munich are threatened with some horror scenarios.

“It cannot be ruled out that Lewandowski is considering a strike. He could no longer appear in training and hope that Bayern will let themselves be put under pressure and agree on a transfer with Barcelona more quickly,” estimated lawyer Dr. Andrei Dalinger the situation at “sports1” a.

Should Lewandowski actually stay away from training on July 12, FC Bayern would be entitled to withdraw the striker’s wages. “The law here is clear: no work – no wages. If he does not fulfill his contractual obligation to work, FC Bayern can withhold his salary,” Dalinger continued.

In addition, the Munich are authorized to pronounce a contractual penalty. This is usually equivalent to one or two months’ salary. With an annual salary of an estimated 22 million euros, that would be a fine of 1.8 to 3.6 million euros that Lewandowski faces in the event of a strike.

Termination would also be possible. However, it is impossible for FC Bayern to suspend the contract with Lewandowski. After all, the veteran would then be available for free.

Another scenario would be a transfer to the stands. But that is also considered unlikely. “Bayern’s aim will always be to have the best possible team – and Robert Lewandowski is undoubtedly part of that team,” emphasized Dalinger.

The German record champions would be “insane if you banned a player of such caliber to the stands despite 100 percent willingness to perform,” said the lawyer.

Ex-consultant can imagine Lewandowski strike

Most recently, Lewandowski’s ex-adviser Maik Barthel revealed to “Bild” that it is quite possible that the 33-year-old will stay away from training.

A similar scenario presented itself to Lewandowski in 2013 when he wanted to switch from Borussia Dortmund to FC Bayern, but the district club refused him an early move.

“It was already considered that he would not come to training,” reveals Barthel about the situation at the time. In the end, however, Lewandowski showed up for training and fulfilled his contract rather than moving to Munich on a free transfer.

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