‘Let me die out there’: Kevin Durant

Undoubtedly, Kevin Durant He is one of the best players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Brooklyn nets He is fortunate to have him in their ranks with the intention of fighting for great things in each season played.

In the previous harvest, they were nowhere near Las Finales. Now, they are in the middle of the race and calm in the second box of the Eastern Conference, although under no circumstances should they relax for the rest of the regular season commitments.

Precisely, to ensure that he contributes as much as possible to his teammates and under Steve Nash’s scheme, ‘KD’ accumulates on his shoulders a considerable load of minutes on the best boards in the world.

This is Kevin Durant

At a Brooklyn Nets postgame press conference, Kevin Durant received a direct question He decided to drive with a touch of humor, but at the same time showing that he will do whatever it takes to help the Nets.

KD was asked a question about whether he was worried about the number of minutes who has played on the court, taking into consideration that he comes from a delicate injury suffered in the Achilles heel: ‘Let me die out there. ‘


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