Lennard Kämna wants to start the comeback

Lennard Kämna deals with the past in two sentences. “If I were completely dry, I would say I didn’t feel like it anymore. But I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” says the professional cyclist.

Kämna is only 25 years old and is still considered the greatest German tour talent. Despite the past, which was not even a year ago.

In May 2021, the pro from Bora-hansgrohe got off his bike and took a break. First physical problems were communicated. It later transpired that the head in particular played a role.

He had problems “getting satisfaction outside of sport”, as Kämna later reported to the “Weser Kurier”.

After an episode mountain biking in South Africa, Kämna is now ready to hit the road again. On February 1st, he wants to curl up for the season on the Saudi Tour. The desire is back.

“I’m definitely a passionate cyclist,” emphasizes the man from Fischerhude near Bremen. To ensure that this passion does not become a burden, Kämna has changed. “I try to keep myself busy – in every way. Spending time with friends and family has definitely helped me. But there is no immediate solution. I enjoy cycling the most and I enjoy cycling when I have a goal have in mind.”

Kämna wants to attack the Giro d’Italia

The first big goal is Italy. At the Giro d’Italia, Kämna is scheduled to help captain Emanuel Buchmann. And if his legs and the racing situation allow it, he can certainly set off on his own from time to time.

Just like in 2020, when he won the mountain stage of the Tour de France to Villard-de-Lans with a clever attack on the penultimate climb. The success was all the more remarkable since four days earlier Kämna had only just been beaten after a long run at the top of the Puy Mary. You have to digest something like that first. Especially in the head.

At the same time as Kämna’s restart, his Bora-hansgrohe team has also repositioned itself on a sporting level. Rolf Aldag is now in charge, with three new sporting directors. This can be an advantage for Kämna.

Because for Aldag he is practically a blank slate. “I don’t have any history with him, so I can’t and won’t judge. He’s very personable and wants to know a lot,” says the 53-year-old. And Kämna says that he sees the work of the new management as “very positive so far”.

Kämna drives for the contract extension

Sooner or later, however, the former junior world champion in time trials has to deliver results and be measured by them. After all, Kämna still does competitive sports and his team charges a lot for his services.

The professional is well aware of this – and he doesn’t give himself that much start-up time. “I won’t be uprooting any trees in February,” says Kämna. “I’m concentrating on April and May. Results are not an issue at the moment, but if the legs are right, I don’t have to hold back.”

Especially since it is also about his future as a professional cyclist. His contract ends at the end of the year. Last year, the team extended the working paper ahead of schedule, allowing it to take a long break with the leap of faith. He has the support in and from the team. “People are happy that I’m back. I’ve never been looked at askance.”


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