LeBron or Curry would have to wait: Nets clarify what Durant trade process will look like

The Brooklyn Nets have clarified the terms of trade they will handle regarding Kevin Durant and his request to leave the team.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is aware of what will happen with Kevin Durant and his future, because the player asked Brooklyn Nets be exchanged, generating deep interest in multiple organizations.

Of course, all this reaction from the league was to be expected, as a high-caliber player like ‘KD’ would catch everyone’s eye. Nevertheless, What remains to be answered is what happened to make him decide to leave.

Clearly, Durant the project leader and stood firm against the departure of James Harden and Kyrie Irving’s refusal not to play during the previous campaign. When the 11 jersey asked to be traded but it was later revealed that he would exercise his player option, it seemed that everything was back to normal in Brooklyn.

The future of Kevin Durant

Everything seems to indicate that the future of Kevin Durant is only one: to be exchanged. Faced with this unforeseen scenario, Rumors of interest from the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriorswho would have to wait a while due to the position of the Brooklyn Nets.

According to Brian Lewis, a journalist for The New York Post, the Nets will take all the time in the world to calmly analyze the offers received for the services of ‘KD’, ensuring a good deal that benefits them.

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry (Photo: Getty Images)

Even, it is mentioned that they would have no problem waiting until the 2022-2023 NBA preseason in order to make a good decisionso whether LeBron James, Stephen Curry or any other player would have to wait to find out who Durant will play with.

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