LeBron James Wants Him ‘More Than Anyone’: Kyrie Irving Approaches Lakers, Russell Westbrook Approaches Nets

The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets advance in negotiations, and LeBron James pushes to land Kyrie Irving. Russell Westbrook would be the bargaining chip.

It gets closer and closer. Los Angeles Lakers wants to be relevant again National Basketball Association (NBA)and for that, Lebron James believes the best chance they have is back with Kyrie Irving as the base of a team commanded by the King.

the world of NBA was paralyzed this Thursday. When no one expected Kevin Durant asked for an exchange Brooklyn Nets to have a new team in the next season. In this way, Irving, who had exercised his player option to keep KD, no longer had a reason to do so.

Thus, the rumors, reports and conversations between teams were reopened. One more time, the favorites to keep Kyrie are the Lakers. But now, that ceases to be speculation and becomes reality, because a recent report puts this agreement on the verge of realization.

Kyrie Irving for Russell Westbrook, at LeBron’s request

According to Chris Haynes, ofYahoo! Sports,The Lakers and Nets are actively engaged in discussions about a trade that sent Irving to Los Angeles and Russell Westbrook to Brooklyn.. There is palpable optimism that a deal can be done this offseason, but there are still some hurdles to overcome.

Meanwhile, NBA correspondent Marc Stein reports that LeBron wants to see Kyrie Irving in Los Angeles “More than anyone” and it is “supporting strong” for the Lakers to acquire. Now it’s a matter of time until they finalize the deal, or the matter falls.

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