LeBron James proclaims himself a GOAT over Michael Jordan… out of the NBA

For years, one of the debates that keeps alive the passion for National Basketball Association (NBA) is one that involves Lebron James Y Michael Jordan in the eternal discussion to know who is the best of all time.

For some, what Michael Jordan did will be unattainable on the American boardscompletely changing the game and establishing a golden age of absolute dominance, which also served to give the league international fame.

Secondly, LeBron’s playing skillshis recognized talent since college and his great ability to remain competitive despite his longevity, They rank him as the best. However, each head is a world, and therefore, everything seems to indicate that the debate will be eternal.

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan

In San Francisco, LeBron James has proclaimed himself a GOAT, above Michael Jordan in a competition where NBA basketball had nothing to do with it, because it was about finding out which of the two has the best tequila.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan (Photo: Jason Miller | Getty Images)

Yes, tequila, because during the World Spirits Competition held in the city mentioned above, the mark of ‘Bron (Lobos 1707) prevailed in the final against that of ‘MJ’ (Cincoro)where another 100 competitors participated, according to the media board room

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